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Idomeneo (GB) 1960

Foaling date: 01/01/1960
Death: -
Family: 2
DNA Typed: N
Microchip: None
Life no: None
Left shoulder: Unknown
Right shoulder: Unknown
Breeder: Unknown
Amourelle (NZ) 1973 from Just Regal (AUS) 1967
Andalea (NZ) 1971 from Dutch Mill (NZ) 1951
Baby Bear (NZ) 1972 from Goldie Lock (NZ) 1954
Cathy Lou (NZ) 1969 from Stellaria (NZ) 1965
Coshqueen (NZ) 1969 from Violets Blue (NZ) 1964
Dainty Ida (NZ) 1970 from Dainty Princess (NZ) 1961
Diebeneo (NZ) 1967 nsb from Kathy Filou (NZ)
Fabulon (NZ) 1969 from Raydella (NZ) 1958
First Curtsy (NZ) 1968 from Gay Deb (NZ) 1958
Flattering (NZ) 1967 from Calpurnia (NZ) 1951
Gold March (NZ) 1967 from Marchetta (NZ) 1957
Hinetai (NZ) 1968 from Noor Begum (NZ) 1950
Ida Jane (NZ) 1971 from Jane Filou (NZ) 1956
Idawin (NZ) 1968 from Derryvore (NZ) 1955
Ido Filou (NZ) 1968 nsb from Kathy Filou (NZ)
Idolation (NZ) 1968 from Marlation (NZ) 1957
Idorina (NZ) 1968 from Riverina (NZ) 1954
Ilia (NZ) 1969 from Nance (NZ) 1957
Jackwill (NZ) 1972 from Dilly Dally (NZ) 1962
Kudasai (NZ) 1970 from Tebessa (NZ) 1959
Lacaze (NZ) 1970 from Keep Along (NZ) 1954
Limoges (NZ) 1966 from Set Fair (NZ) 1950
Lorna Lou (NZ) 1967 from Province (NZ) 1958
Miss Bronwen (NZ) from Lady Honoria (NZ)
Miss Macky (NZ) 1969 from Park Aven (NZ) 1949
Party Girl (AUS) 1974 from What Fun (NZ) 1963
Polperro (NZ) 1968 from Zeta's Gold (NZ) 1956
Riverlight (NZ) 1969 from Sarissa (NZ)
Salamanca (NZ) 1969 from Talavera (NZ) 1962
Sale (NZ) 1970 from Jumble (NZ) 1958
Sallee (NZ) 1969 nsb from Hastie (NZ) 1961 nsb
Somerset Pride (NZ) 1971 from Samaritan (NZ) 1950
Storm Star (NZ) 1973 from Storm Queen (AUS) 1963
Sunneo (NZ) 1970 from Our Sunshine (NZ) 1960
Sweet Hayley (NZ) 1968 from Fair Edna (NZ) 1951
Tere Hine (NZ) 1968 from Te Ruahine (NZ) 1955
Tullamarine (NZ) 1967 from Lyndale (NZ) 1951
    Foaling Date Colour Sex Horse Last Service Date Dam
    Season Mares Covered Foals Living Foals Dead & Slipped Mares Exported No Returns Mares Dead Missed Mares Indeterminate Results Fertility %
    Total 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0.00%

    Fertility Rate: This is worked out as the total number of foals (live, dead or slipped) as a percentage of total mares covered less exported, not returned, dead or indeterminate results.

    Indeterminate Result: This exists where a mare is covered by more than one stallion and the result of these services is unable to be accurately credited to either of the respective stallions.