Nominated Horse Index

Horse Day Race Number Club
Abbey Kay 20/04/2019 R2 Riverton RC
Abbey Kay 20/04/2019 R9 Riverton RC
Abbey Kay 22/04/2019 R4 Riverton RC
Ablaze 22/04/2019 R7 Riverton RC
Accidental Offside 20/04/2019 R6 Riverton RC
Accidental Offside 22/04/2019 R7 Riverton RC
Adequacy 22/04/2019 R1 Riverton RC
Adriatic Pearl 22/04/2019 R7 Racing Rotorua
Al Haram (FR) 22/04/2019 R5 Racing Rotorua
Alaskan Gold 22/04/2019 R1 Racing Rotorua
Alesund 20/04/2019 R5 Auckland RC
Alesund 20/04/2019 R8 Auckland RC
All Paid Up (AUS) 20/04/2019 R1 Auckland RC
All The Drama 20/04/2019 R9 Riverton RC
All The Rage 20/04/2019 R4 Auckland RC
Amarula 22/04/2019 R4 Racing Rotorua
Ambitious Winner 22/04/2019 R7 Racing Rotorua
Amour La Vie 20/04/2019 R5 Riverton RC
Amour La Vie 22/04/2019 R4 Riverton RC
Amun Ra 20/04/2019 R4 Riverton RC
Amun Ra 22/04/2019 R6 Riverton RC
Amun Ra 22/04/2019 R7 Riverton RC
Aniceta 20/04/2019 R8 Auckland RC
Anything But 20/04/2019 R8 Auckland RC
Attimo 20/04/2019 R4 Riverton RC
Attimo 20/04/2019 R5 Riverton RC
Azabeat 22/04/2019 R8 Racing Rotorua
Azaboy 22/04/2019 R5 Racing Rotorua
Baby Menaka 22/04/2019 R2 Riverton RC
Back In A Flash 22/04/2019 R7 Racing Rotorua
Bakela 20/04/2019 R4 Riverton RC
Banbury Lad 20/04/2019 R8 Riverton RC
Banbury Lad 22/04/2019 R1 Riverton RC
Banbury Lad 22/04/2019 R9 Riverton RC
Barabas 20/04/2019 R6 Riverton RC
Baranoo 22/04/2019 R4 Riverton RC
Beam Me Up Scotty 22/04/2019 R10 Riverton RC
Beauden 22/04/2019 R5 Racing Rotorua
Beaufighter 20/04/2019 R8 Riverton RC
Beaufighter 22/04/2019 R9 Riverton RC
Beefeater 20/04/2019 R7 Auckland RC
Bella Pronto (AUS) 20/04/2019 R1 Auckland RC
Belle Hope 20/04/2019 R4 Riverton RC
Beneficial 20/04/2019 R5 Riverton RC
Bet She Is 20/04/2019 R8 Auckland RC
Bewitched 22/04/2019 R6 Racing Rotorua
Big Mike 20/04/2019 R7 Auckland RC
Black Lizzie 20/04/2019 R9 Riverton RC
Blue On Black (AUS) 20/04/2019 R6 Auckland RC
Bluey's Chance 20/04/2019 R9 Riverton RC
Bluey's Chance 22/04/2019 R2 Riverton RC
Bluey's Chance 22/04/2019 R4 Riverton RC
Bobby Dee 20/04/2019 R6 Auckland RC
Bojangles 22/04/2019 R8 Racing Rotorua
Boyslightup 20/04/2019 R2 Riverton RC
Boysway 22/04/2019 R2 Riverton RC
Bring To The Block 22/04/2019 R7 Racing Rotorua
Buck Shellfish 20/04/2019 R1 Riverton RC
Bullitt 20/04/2019 R9 Riverton RC
Buster Bolt 22/04/2019 R3 Riverton RC
By Magic 22/04/2019 R3 Riverton RC
Cabernet 20/04/2019 R2 Riverton RC
Caribbean Rose 22/04/2019 R1 Racing Rotorua
Carson River 20/04/2019 R4 Riverton RC
Casaquinman 22/04/2019 R4 Racing Rotorua
Cashel 22/04/2019 R1 Riverton RC
Celtic Wonder 20/04/2019 R9 Riverton RC
Checkers 20/04/2019 R4 Auckland RC
Chiquitita 22/04/2019 R6 Racing Rotorua
Choice du Jeu 22/04/2019 R2 Riverton RC
Chowder 20/04/2019 R2 Riverton RC
Chowder 22/04/2019 R4 Riverton RC
Cin Cin 22/04/2019 R6 Racing Rotorua
Civilised 20/04/2019 R8 Auckland RC
Claiborne 22/04/2019 R3 Racing Rotorua
Classic Warrior 20/04/2019 R2 Riverton RC
Classic Warrior 22/04/2019 R4 Riverton RC
Cochise 20/04/2019 R2 Auckland RC
Cochise 20/04/2019 R8 Auckland RC
Colour Me Red 22/04/2019 R8 Riverton RC
Come Fly With Me 20/04/2019 R7 Riverton RC
Come Fly With Me 22/04/2019 R9 Riverton RC
Copper Fox (AUS) 20/04/2019 R8 Auckland RC
Cossack Warrior 22/04/2019 R5 Racing Rotorua
Creative Genius (AUS) 20/04/2019 R5 Auckland RC
Crispin 22/04/2019 R6 Riverton RC
Dama Zorro (AUS) 20/04/2019 R7 Auckland RC
Darci Mac 20/04/2019 R6 Riverton RC
Darci Mac 22/04/2019 R7 Riverton RC
Dawn Jessie 22/04/2019 R6 Racing Rotorua
Decadence 20/04/2019 R6 Auckland RC
Deebeewiththestars 20/04/2019 R3 Riverton RC
Delacroix 22/04/2019 R1 Riverton RC
Demonetization (AUS) 20/04/2019 R3 Auckland RC
Demonetization (AUS) 20/04/2019 R7 Auckland RC
Devious 20/04/2019 R9 Riverton RC
Diamondsandbubbles 20/04/2019 R8 Auckland RC
Doctor Eden 20/04/2019 R2 Riverton RC
Doctor Eden 22/04/2019 R4 Riverton RC
Donna Anne Billy 22/04/2019 R4 Racing Rotorua
Dontputyafootinit 20/04/2019 R3 Riverton RC
Double Down 22/04/2019 R4 Riverton RC
Dowry Duty 20/04/2019 R8 Riverton RC
Dowry Duty 22/04/2019 R2 Riverton RC
Dragon Glass 22/04/2019 R3 Riverton RC
Dragon Storm 20/04/2019 R2 Auckland RC
Dreaming Easy 20/04/2019 R4 Riverton RC
Dreaming Easy 20/04/2019 R5 Riverton RC
Dreaming Easy 22/04/2019 R6 Riverton RC
Dreaming Easy 22/04/2019 R7 Riverton RC
Duellicious 22/04/2019 R7 Racing Rotorua
Dynamic 20/04/2019 R6 Riverton RC
Dynamic 22/04/2019 R7 Riverton RC
Eager Beaver 22/04/2019 R8 Riverton RC
Elana Rose 20/04/2019 R4 Riverton RC
Elate 20/04/2019 R6 Auckland RC
Eleanor Rigby 20/04/2019 R8 Auckland RC
Elfee 20/04/2019 R5 Riverton RC
Elusive Meteor (AUS) 22/04/2019 R8 Racing Rotorua
Endean Express 22/04/2019 R8 Racing Rotorua
Endean Lass 22/04/2019 R1 Racing Rotorua
Endless Drama (IRE) 20/04/2019 R7 Auckland RC
Epic Dreamer 20/04/2019 R4 Riverton RC
Epic Dreamer 22/04/2019 R6 Riverton RC
Espresso Martini 22/04/2019 R7 Racing Rotorua
Ever So Clever 22/04/2019 R3 Racing Rotorua
Excelsior Island (AUS) 20/04/2019 R8 Auckland RC
Excelsior Island (AUS) 22/04/2019 R8 Racing Rotorua
Exemplar 20/04/2019 R2 Riverton RC
Fairway Flight 20/04/2019 R1 Riverton RC
Falkirk Lass 22/04/2019 R6 Racing Rotorua
Fascino Lass 20/04/2019 R2 Riverton RC
Fascino Lass 22/04/2019 R4 Riverton RC
Fast And Furious 22/04/2019 R6 Racing Rotorua
Feelin The Love 20/04/2019 R6 Riverton RC
Finbarr 20/04/2019 R6 Riverton RC
Finbarr 22/04/2019 R7 Riverton RC
Fire Show 20/04/2019 R4 Riverton RC
Firoden 20/04/2019 R1 Auckland RC
Flicka Of Gold 20/04/2019 R6 Riverton RC
Flicka Of Gold 22/04/2019 R7 Riverton RC
Flying Agent 20/04/2019 R8 Riverton RC
Flying Grand (AUS) 20/04/2019 R1 Auckland RC
Flying Grand (AUS) 22/04/2019 R1 Racing Rotorua
Flying Meg 22/04/2019 R2 Racing Rotorua
Flying Sardine 20/04/2019 R5 Riverton RC
Flying Sardine 22/04/2019 R7 Riverton RC
Forseeable 22/04/2019 R8 Racing Rotorua
Fort Knox 22/04/2019 R8 Racing Rotorua
Fox In Socks 20/04/2019 R2 Riverton RC
Fox In Socks 20/04/2019 R5 Riverton RC
Francis Drake 22/04/2019 R5 Racing Rotorua
Franconi 20/04/2019 R8 Riverton RC
Franconi 22/04/2019 R2 Riverton RC
Friar Tuck 20/04/2019 R4 Riverton RC
Friar Tuck 20/04/2019 R6 Riverton RC
Friday Knight 20/04/2019 R8 Riverton RC
Friday Knight 22/04/2019 R2 Riverton RC
Friday Woolfe 20/04/2019 R8 Auckland RC
Full Fury 22/04/2019 R3 Riverton RC
Fulltothebrim 20/04/2019 R9 Riverton RC
Fulltothebrim 22/04/2019 R2 Riverton RC
Fulltothebrim 22/04/2019 R4 Riverton RC
Gabriel 20/04/2019 R2 Auckland RC
Galway Garry 20/04/2019 R4 Riverton RC
Galway Garry 22/04/2019 R6 Riverton RC
Game Of Love 22/04/2019 R6 Racing Rotorua
Gehrig 20/04/2019 R6 Auckland RC
Gelibolu 20/04/2019 R3 Riverton RC
Gelibolu 22/04/2019 R10 Riverton RC
Gemstone Jewels 22/04/2019 R4 Riverton RC
Glendalough 20/04/2019 R8 Auckland RC
Glinda Goodwitch 20/04/2019 R4 Auckland RC
Go Go Goal (AUS) 22/04/2019 R3 Racing Rotorua
Go Go Gonzo 22/04/2019 R2 Riverton RC
Go Nicholas 20/04/2019 R7 Auckland RC
Gobstopper 22/04/2019 R5 Racing Rotorua
Haka Star 20/04/2019 R3 Riverton RC
Haka Star 22/04/2019 R10 Riverton RC
Hammer King 20/04/2019 R3 Auckland RC
Hanger 20/04/2019 R7 Auckland RC
Happy Hitter 20/04/2019 R2 Riverton RC
Hasabro 20/04/2019 R6 Auckland RC
Hasahalo 20/04/2019 R7 Auckland RC
Hatton Garden 22/04/2019 R6 Racing Rotorua
He Ain't Heavy 20/04/2019 R8 Riverton RC
He Ain't Heavy 22/04/2019 R9 Riverton RC
He's Got Power 20/04/2019 R1 Riverton RC
Heberite 20/04/2019 R9 Riverton RC
Hee's Our Secret 20/04/2019 R4 Riverton RC
Helena Baby 22/04/2019 R3 Racing Rotorua
Higher Authority 22/04/2019 R4 Riverton RC
Hinerangi (AUS) 22/04/2019 R5 Racing Rotorua
Holy Loch (AUS) 20/04/2019 R8 Auckland RC
Hot Tap 20/04/2019 R1 Riverton RC
I See Red 22/04/2019 R8 Racing Rotorua
Ignored 20/04/2019 R6 Auckland RC
In Fashion 20/04/2019 R4 Auckland RC
Incantesimo 20/04/2019 R5 Auckland RC
Incantesimo 20/04/2019 R8 Auckland RC
Indulgent 22/04/2019 R3 Riverton RC
Intrigue 20/04/2019 R6 Auckland RC
Iridessa 20/04/2019 R6 Auckland RC
Irish Dude 22/04/2019 R1 Riverton RC
Irish Excuse 20/04/2019 R6 Riverton RC
Ishinktaatledo 20/04/2019 R5 Riverton RC
It's Pandemonium 20/04/2019 R4 Riverton RC
It's Pandemonium 20/04/2019 R5 Riverton RC
It's Pandemonium 20/04/2019 R9 Riverton RC
It's Pandemonium 22/04/2019 R2 Riverton RC
It's Pandemonium 22/04/2019 R4 Riverton RC
Its Destinys Child 20/04/2019 R3 Auckland RC
Jackfrost 22/04/2019 R6 Riverton RC
Jessie Janet 20/04/2019 R4 Riverton RC
Jim's Gift 20/04/2019 R4 Riverton RC
Jim's Gift 20/04/2019 R5 Riverton RC
Jim's Gift 22/04/2019 R6 Riverton RC
Jip Jip Rock (AUS) 20/04/2019 R6 Auckland RC
Johnny Jones 20/04/2019 R6 Riverton RC
Joy Anna 20/04/2019 R3 Auckland RC
Junior 22/04/2019 R3 Racing Rotorua
Just Henri 20/04/2019 R1 Riverton RC
Just Kate 22/04/2019 R3 Racing Rotorua
Just Push Play 20/04/2019 R4 Riverton RC
Just Push Play 22/04/2019 R6 Riverton RC
Karm 'N' Easy 20/04/2019 R4 Riverton RC
Karm 'N' Easy 20/04/2019 R9 Riverton RC
Karm 'N' Easy 22/04/2019 R4 Riverton RC
Karm 'N' Easy 22/04/2019 R6 Riverton RC
Karm 'N' Easy 22/04/2019 R7 Riverton RC
Katango 20/04/2019 R2 Riverton RC
Katango 22/04/2019 R4 Riverton RC
Kate The Great 20/04/2019 R2 Riverton RC
Kate The Great 22/04/2019 R4 Riverton RC
Kilowatt 20/04/2019 R7 Riverton RC
King's Cross 20/04/2019 R5 Auckland RC
King's Cross 20/04/2019 R7 Auckland RC
Kingsguard 20/04/2019 R7 Auckland RC
Kitty Power 20/04/2019 R1 Riverton RC
Kiwi Ida (AUS) 20/04/2019 R5 Riverton RC
L'Escalier Rose 20/04/2019 R5 Auckland RC
Lady Lira 22/04/2019 R8 Racing Rotorua
Lady Shabeel 22/04/2019 R5 Racing Rotorua
Lady Style 20/04/2019 R5 Auckland RC
Ladynadel 22/04/2019 R7 Racing Rotorua
Lala Land 20/04/2019 R5 Auckland RC
Lauramia 22/04/2019 R7 Racing Rotorua
Le Castile 20/04/2019 R7 Auckland RC
Light Shadow (AUS) 20/04/2019 R5 Auckland RC
Lil Miss Swiss 20/04/2019 R7 Riverton RC
Lil Miss Swiss 20/04/2019 R8 Riverton RC
Lil Miss Swiss 22/04/2019 R9 Riverton RC
Liquid Inspiration 22/04/2019 R6 Racing Rotorua
Little Bossing 20/04/2019 R9 Riverton RC
Little Flick 20/04/2019 R2 Riverton RC
Lord Arthur (AUS) 20/04/2019 R6 Auckland RC
Lord Beaver 20/04/2019 R4 Riverton RC
Luuka 22/04/2019 R8 Riverton RC
Mac Murdoch 20/04/2019 R8 Riverton RC
Macpac 22/04/2019 R8 Riverton RC
Macy 20/04/2019 R5 Riverton RC
Madam De Soir 20/04/2019 R8 Riverton RC
Magic Of The Sun 22/04/2019 R7 Racing Rotorua
Makabar 22/04/2019 R6 Racing Rotorua
Maks Legend 22/04/2019 R3 Riverton RC
Malambo 22/04/2019 R4 Racing Rotorua
Mamba 22/04/2019 R2 Racing Rotorua
Mamma Sans 20/04/2019 R5 Riverton RC
Marzemino 20/04/2019 R3 Auckland RC
Master Oakleigh 22/04/2019 R3 Racing Rotorua
Master Painton 20/04/2019 R5 Auckland RC
Master Park 22/04/2019 R6 Racing Rotorua
McLaughlin 22/04/2019 R3 Riverton RC
Megablast 20/04/2019 R7 Auckland RC
Memories Only 20/04/2019 R3 Auckland RC
Mental Telepathy 22/04/2019 R5 Racing Rotorua
Mexican Tycoon 22/04/2019 R3 Racing Rotorua
Midnight Runner 20/04/2019 R3 Auckland RC
Midnite Kaos 22/04/2019 R4 Riverton RC
Mighty Colombo 22/04/2019 R8 Racing Rotorua
Mighty Connor (AUS) 20/04/2019 R6 Auckland RC
Mikjene 22/04/2019 R7 Racing Rotorua
Milano 22/04/2019 R3 Riverton RC
Miroslava 20/04/2019 R2 Riverton RC
Miroslava 22/04/2019 R4 Riverton RC
Miss Tanira 22/04/2019 R3 Riverton RC
Misstumut 20/04/2019 R2 Auckland RC
Moet Molly 22/04/2019 R6 Racing Rotorua
Molly Polly (AUS) 22/04/2019 R10 Riverton RC
Mongolianconqueror 20/04/2019 R7 Auckland RC
Mont Ventoux 22/04/2019 R1 Racing Rotorua
Montoya Star (AUS) 20/04/2019 R5 Riverton RC
Montserrat 20/04/2019 R9 Riverton RC
Morena Roc 22/04/2019 R2 Riverton RC
Morris Lass 20/04/2019 R8 Auckland RC
Motuman 22/04/2019 R8 Racing Rotorua
Mrs Gee Eye 20/04/2019 R8 Riverton RC
Nerve Not Verve 20/04/2019 R6 Auckland RC
Nightcap 20/04/2019 R5 Riverton RC
Nightcap 22/04/2019 R6 Riverton RC
Nightcap 22/04/2019 R7 Riverton RC
Nomen Ludi 20/04/2019 R7 Riverton RC
Nomen Ludi 22/04/2019 R9 Riverton RC
Non Blonde 20/04/2019 R2 Riverton RC
Nopele 20/04/2019 R4 Riverton RC
Nordic 20/04/2019 R6 Auckland RC
Nordic 22/04/2019 R2 Racing Rotorua
Not Usual June (AUS) 20/04/2019 R1 Auckland RC
Notabadidea 20/04/2019 R1 Auckland RC
Nothing Trivial 20/04/2019 R2 Auckland RC
O'Angel 20/04/2019 R3 Auckland RC
Ocean Billy 22/04/2019 R1 Racing Rotorua
Ocean Billy 22/04/2019 R8 Racing Rotorua
Ocean Of Champagne 20/04/2019 R3 Riverton RC
Ocean Of Champagne 22/04/2019 R10 Riverton RC
Odisha 22/04/2019 R4 Riverton RC
Odysseus 22/04/2019 R8 Riverton RC
Ohceedee 20/04/2019 R3 Auckland RC
Olaf 20/04/2019 R9 Riverton RC
Olaf 22/04/2019 R4 Riverton RC
On The Rocks 20/04/2019 R7 Auckland RC
One Bakerstreet 20/04/2019 R3 Auckland RC
Orepuki Lad 20/04/2019 R7 Riverton RC
Our Boy Baz 20/04/2019 R9 Riverton RC
Our Boy Baz 22/04/2019 R4 Riverton RC
Our Boy Scotty 20/04/2019 R2 Riverton RC
Our Craftsman 22/04/2019 R3 Racing Rotorua
Our Rosette 20/04/2019 R1 Riverton RC
Our Teddy Boy 22/04/2019 R7 Riverton RC
Pableau 20/04/2019 R3 Riverton RC
Pableau 22/04/2019 R10 Riverton RC
Paddy Owen 22/04/2019 R1 Riverton RC
Palamedes 22/04/2019 R3 Racing Rotorua
Park Ranger 20/04/2019 R2 Riverton RC
Park Ranger 22/04/2019 R4 Riverton RC
Pasabahce 22/04/2019 R7 Racing Rotorua
Passing Shot 22/04/2019 R4 Racing Rotorua
Passito 20/04/2019 R5 Riverton RC
Passito 20/04/2019 R6 Riverton RC
Patsys Lass 20/04/2019 R8 Auckland RC
Patsys Lass 22/04/2019 R1 Racing Rotorua
Peaceful 22/04/2019 R7 Racing Rotorua
Peggy Stewart 22/04/2019 R3 Riverton RC
Pep Torque 20/04/2019 R5 Auckland RC
Persistence 22/04/2019 R3 Racing Rotorua
Peshawar 22/04/2019 R3 Riverton RC
Piazzetta 20/04/2019 R5 Auckland RC
Piazzetta 20/04/2019 R8 Auckland RC
Pierian Spring 20/04/2019 R2 Auckland RC
Pinched 20/04/2019 R1 Auckland RC
Pineapple Lump 22/04/2019 R1 Racing Rotorua
Pleeze Bee 22/04/2019 R8 Racing Rotorua
Poacher 22/04/2019 R1 Racing Rotorua
Point Proven 22/04/2019 R1 Riverton RC
Pop Star Princess 22/04/2019 R7 Racing Rotorua
Port Stephens 20/04/2019 R3 Riverton RC
Power O'Hata 22/04/2019 R4 Racing Rotorua
Power Punch 22/04/2019 R8 Riverton RC
Prodigal Son 22/04/2019 R8 Racing Rotorua
Project 20/04/2019 R5 Auckland RC
Prom Queen 22/04/2019 R4 Racing Rotorua
Qashqai 22/04/2019 R4 Riverton RC
Queen El Jay 20/04/2019 R8 Riverton RC
Queen El Jay 22/04/2019 R2 Riverton RC
Quick Thinker (AUS) 20/04/2019 R4 Auckland RC
Raaj 20/04/2019 R2 Auckland RC
Raise Us 22/04/2019 R8 Riverton RC
Ranger 20/04/2019 R4 Auckland RC
Rangipo (AUS) 20/04/2019 R7 Auckland RC
Rebel Rose 20/04/2019 R2 Riverton RC
Red Sky At Night 20/04/2019 R2 Auckland RC
Reevederci (AUS) 20/04/2019 R8 Auckland RC
Regalo Reaal 20/04/2019 R9 Riverton RC
Regalo Reaal 22/04/2019 R4 Riverton RC
Regalo Reaal 22/04/2019 R6 Riverton RC
Regalo Reaal 22/04/2019 R7 Riverton RC
Reliable Glow 20/04/2019 R3 Riverton RC
Reliable Glow 22/04/2019 R10 Riverton RC
Remington 22/04/2019 R7 Racing Rotorua
Rendition 20/04/2019 R4 Auckland RC
Rich Habit 22/04/2019 R1 Riverton RC
Rich Habit 22/04/2019 R2 Riverton RC
Riding The Wave (AUS) 20/04/2019 R1 Auckland RC
Ringbolt 20/04/2019 R3 Riverton RC
Ringbolt 22/04/2019 R3 Riverton RC
Ristretto 22/04/2019 R6 Racing Rotorua
Road To Redemption 20/04/2019 R8 Riverton RC
Robusto 22/04/2019 R2 Racing Rotorua
Roc Wheeler 22/04/2019 R2 Racing Rotorua
Rocco Valenti 22/04/2019 R3 Racing Rotorua
Rock Solid 20/04/2019 R9 Riverton RC
Ronchi 20/04/2019 R7 Auckland RC
Rothacker 20/04/2019 R3 Riverton RC
Ruakiwi Blaze 20/04/2019 R8 Riverton RC
Rubira (AUS) 20/04/2019 R8 Auckland RC
Rubira (AUS) 22/04/2019 R1 Racing Rotorua
Ruby Marie 20/04/2019 R4 Riverton RC
Ruby Marie 20/04/2019 R5 Riverton RC
Ruby May 22/04/2019 R6 Racing Rotorua
Running Man 22/04/2019 R8 Racing Rotorua
Rusavy 20/04/2019 R8 Auckland RC
Salient 20/04/2019 R3 Riverton RC
Salient 22/04/2019 R8 Riverton RC
Salient 22/04/2019 R10 Riverton RC
Santa Catarina 20/04/2019 R1 Auckland RC
Savapak 20/04/2019 R2 Auckland RC
Savastep 22/04/2019 R1 Racing Rotorua
Save The Date 20/04/2019 R3 Auckland RC
Scaglioni (AUS) 22/04/2019 R2 Racing Rotorua
Scandalous 22/04/2019 R8 Riverton RC
Scandalous 22/04/2019 R10 Riverton RC
Seconds Out 22/04/2019 R2 Racing Rotorua
Secret Power 20/04/2019 R6 Riverton RC
Secret Power 22/04/2019 R7 Riverton RC
Secret Squirrel 22/04/2019 R8 Racing Rotorua
Seduttore 20/04/2019 R4 Riverton RC
Seduttore 22/04/2019 R6 Riverton RC
Sentient 20/04/2019 R4 Riverton RC
Sentient 20/04/2019 R6 Riverton RC
Sentient 22/04/2019 R7 Riverton RC
Shakespeare 20/04/2019 R4 Auckland RC
Shakti 20/04/2019 R7 Riverton RC
Shakti 22/04/2019 R9 Riverton RC
Shantav 20/04/2019 R7 Riverton RC
Shantav 22/04/2019 R9 Riverton RC
Sharp As 20/04/2019 R3 Riverton RC
Sharp As 22/04/2019 R3 Riverton RC
She Is Gold 20/04/2019 R3 Riverton RC
She'll Cat Choux 22/04/2019 R3 Riverton RC
She's Fearless (AUS) 22/04/2019 R1 Racing Rotorua
Sheezoff 22/04/2019 R1 Riverton RC
Shelby Devine 20/04/2019 R1 Riverton RC
Sherwood Forest (AUS) 20/04/2019 R4 Auckland RC
Sheza Hazzard 20/04/2019 R3 Riverton RC
Shezatoucha 20/04/2019 R7 Riverton RC
Shezatoucha 22/04/2019 R9 Riverton RC
Shipshape 22/04/2019 R3 Racing Rotorua
Shock And Awe 20/04/2019 R3 Riverton RC
Shock And Awe 22/04/2019 R10 Riverton RC
Short Road 22/04/2019 R10 Riverton RC
Sir Ed 20/04/2019 R9 Riverton RC
Sir Ed 22/04/2019 R2 Riverton RC
Sir Ed 22/04/2019 R4 Riverton RC
Slammer 22/04/2019 R2 Riverton RC
Sleeping Beauty 22/04/2019 R4 Racing Rotorua
Smiling Assassin 20/04/2019 R7 Riverton RC
Smiling Assassin 20/04/2019 R8 Riverton RC
Smiling Assassin 22/04/2019 R9 Riverton RC
Smoke House Bay 22/04/2019 R9 Riverton RC
Smokem Up 20/04/2019 R8 Riverton RC
Smokem Up 22/04/2019 R2 Riverton RC
So Natural 20/04/2019 R9 Riverton RC
So Natural 22/04/2019 R4 Riverton RC
Solmization 20/04/2019 R3 Auckland RC
Son Of Surf 20/04/2019 R4 Riverton RC
Son Of Surf 22/04/2019 R6 Riverton RC
Spancilhill 20/04/2019 R8 Auckland RC
Speedy Meady 22/04/2019 R6 Racing Rotorua
Spider 22/04/2019 R7 Racing Rotorua
Spindle 20/04/2019 R5 Auckland RC
Spring Delight 20/04/2019 R6 Auckland RC
Squizzy 22/04/2019 R4 Riverton RC
Stacey Ann 22/04/2019 R7 Racing Rotorua
Star Karen (AUS) 20/04/2019 R6 Auckland RC
Starman 22/04/2019 R6 Racing Rotorua
Stellacanto 20/04/2019 R2 Riverton RC
Stellacanto 20/04/2019 R9 Riverton RC
Stellacanto 22/04/2019 R4 Riverton RC
Stirling Lady 20/04/2019 R3 Riverton RC
Stirling Lady 22/04/2019 R3 Riverton RC
Stirling Lady 22/04/2019 R10 Riverton RC
Storming The Tower 22/04/2019 R5 Racing Rotorua
Strolling Vagabond 22/04/2019 R5 Racing Rotorua
Suffice To Say 22/04/2019 R2 Racing Rotorua
Sultan Of Swing 20/04/2019 R7 Auckland RC
Sun Genes 20/04/2019 R2 Riverton RC
Supagili 22/04/2019 R4 Riverton RC
Supatwista 20/04/2019 R5 Riverton RC
Supatwista 22/04/2019 R6 Riverton RC
Super Tap 20/04/2019 R1 Riverton RC
Superstatic 20/04/2019 R2 Riverton RC
Superstatic 22/04/2019 R4 Riverton RC
Sure He Can 20/04/2019 R7 Riverton RC
Sure He Can 20/04/2019 R8 Riverton RC
Sweet Oak 20/04/2019 R4 Riverton RC
Sweet Time 20/04/2019 R8 Riverton RC
Sweet Time 22/04/2019 R2 Riverton RC
Sweet Time 22/04/2019 R9 Riverton RC
Sweet Treat 22/04/2019 R2 Racing Rotorua
Tai Ho 22/04/2019 R2 Riverton RC
Taieri Gem 20/04/2019 R5 Riverton RC
Takeitlikeaman 20/04/2019 R8 Auckland RC
Tantella 20/04/2019 R9 Riverton RC
Tantella 22/04/2019 R4 Riverton RC
Tap Tap 20/04/2019 R2 Riverton RC
Taponisme 20/04/2019 R7 Riverton RC
Tatters 20/04/2019 R2 Riverton RC
Tatters 22/04/2019 R4 Riverton RC
Te Toro Pearl 22/04/2019 R4 Racing Rotorua
Temple Tiger 22/04/2019 R7 Racing Rotorua
Thankyabrownie 22/04/2019 R3 Riverton RC
The Arabian Duke 22/04/2019 R2 Racing Rotorua
The Bumper 20/04/2019 R4 Riverton RC
The Bumper 20/04/2019 R9 Riverton RC
The Bumper 22/04/2019 R4 Riverton RC
The Bumper 22/04/2019 R6 Riverton RC
The Chief 20/04/2019 R9 Riverton RC
The Chief 22/04/2019 R2 Riverton RC
The Chief 22/04/2019 R4 Riverton RC
The Czar 20/04/2019 R4 Riverton RC
The Czar 22/04/2019 R6 Riverton RC
The De Boy 20/04/2019 R9 Riverton RC
The De Boy 22/04/2019 R6 Riverton RC
The Dom 22/04/2019 R6 Racing Rotorua
The Energizer 22/04/2019 R1 Riverton RC
The Fabulous Pearl 22/04/2019 R3 Riverton RC
The Faith (AUS) 20/04/2019 R1 Auckland RC
The Flagon 22/04/2019 R8 Riverton RC
The Gordonian 20/04/2019 R7 Riverton RC
The Gordonian 22/04/2019 R9 Riverton RC
The Heiress 22/04/2019 R5 Racing Rotorua
The Kipling Girl (AUS) 20/04/2019 R5 Auckland RC
The Kraken 20/04/2019 R8 Riverton RC
The Kraken 22/04/2019 R2 Riverton RC
The Man 20/04/2019 R7 Riverton RC
The Man 22/04/2019 R9 Riverton RC
The Midnight Shift 22/04/2019 R2 Racing Rotorua
The Mitigator (AUS) 20/04/2019 R7 Auckland RC
The Mole 22/04/2019 R3 Riverton RC
The Rebel Knight 20/04/2019 R5 Auckland RC
The Revenant 22/04/2019 R3 Racing Rotorua
The Sparkle 20/04/2019 R8 Riverton RC
The Style 20/04/2019 R9 Riverton RC
Tightlign 20/04/2019 R5 Auckland RC
Tightlign 20/04/2019 R7 Auckland RC
Tilly Dunnage 20/04/2019 R7 Riverton RC
Tilly Dunnage 20/04/2019 R8 Riverton RC
Tilly Dunnage 22/04/2019 R9 Riverton RC
Times Time (AUS) 22/04/2019 R4 Riverton RC
Timy Tyler 20/04/2019 R7 Riverton RC
Timy Tyler 22/04/2019 R9 Riverton RC
Tobilicious 22/04/2019 R3 Riverton RC
Tomelilla 20/04/2019 R7 Auckland RC
Tommy Tucker 20/04/2019 R7 Riverton RC
Top Actress (AUS) 20/04/2019 R8 Auckland RC
Trizac 20/04/2019 R3 Riverton RC
Trizac 22/04/2019 R3 Riverton RC
Trumpet (AUS) 20/04/2019 R6 Auckland RC
Two Of Us 22/04/2019 R3 Racing Rotorua
Upscale 20/04/2019 R4 Riverton RC
Valante 22/04/2019 R5 Racing Rotorua
Valetina Vittoria 20/04/2019 R4 Riverton RC
Valetina Vittoria 20/04/2019 R5 Riverton RC
Valetina Vittoria 20/04/2019 R9 Riverton RC
Valetina Vittoria 22/04/2019 R4 Riverton RC
Valetina Vittoria 22/04/2019 R6 Riverton RC
Valetina Vittoria 22/04/2019 R7 Riverton RC
Valhexa 22/04/2019 R3 Racing Rotorua
Van Diamond 22/04/2019 R8 Racing Rotorua
Vee Cece (AUS) 20/04/2019 R6 Auckland RC
Verbalizer 22/04/2019 R8 Racing Rotorua
Verify 20/04/2019 R2 Riverton RC
Verify 22/04/2019 R4 Riverton RC
Vichy 20/04/2019 R5 Auckland RC
Voler Pour Moi 22/04/2019 R5 Racing Rotorua
Waipipi Lad 22/04/2019 R7 Racing Rotorua
Watch This Space 20/04/2019 R7 Auckland RC
What's Up Alf 20/04/2019 R4 Riverton RC
What's Up Alf 22/04/2019 R6 Riverton RC
What's Up Alf 22/04/2019 R7 Riverton RC
Wild Jack 20/04/2019 R7 Riverton RC
Wild Jack 22/04/2019 R9 Riverton RC
Wild Like 22/04/2019 R3 Racing Rotorua
Wild Seas 22/04/2019 R8 Racing Rotorua
William Scott 22/04/2019 R3 Racing Rotorua
William Wallace 20/04/2019 R7 Auckland RC
Wilson 22/04/2019 R3 Racing Rotorua
Wisdom Patch (AUS) 22/04/2019 R6 Racing Rotorua
Yearn 20/04/2019 R7 Auckland RC
Yorkshire Dales (IRE) 22/04/2019 R4 Racing Rotorua
Za Za Gabor (AUS) 20/04/2019 R2 Auckland RC
Zabay 20/04/2019 R5 Riverton RC
Zenntari 20/04/2019 R2 Auckland RC