The New Zealand thoroughbred industry is one of the most successful in the world, the secret of New Zealand's remarkable success as a thoroughbred breeding nation is high quality pasture, large open paddocks and a mild climate that encourage the natural development of strength, soundness and competitiveness in horses.  Complementing these natural resources is the deep bond between New Zealanders, the land and their horses, which creates outstanding horsemanship.

Alongside the human and environmental success factors is the New Zealand thoroughbred breeding industry's diversity and depth. International thoroughbred owners, breeders, agents and trainers are drawn to New Zealand as a source of quality racehorses who compete for the rich prize money of Australia, Asia, and beyond; as a five star base for broodmares; and as a nursery for young horses destined for sales.

The official record of New Zealand Thoroughbred bloodlines, premierships, stallions standing, and information about the New Zealand Stud Book is contained in this section. If you require more detailed information, or assistance, please email [email protected] or phone 04 576 6240.