Their Story - The Autridge Family

14 November, 2018
The Autridge boys have plenty of tales to tell about the racing game, their highs and lows, records and achievements, and more, but most importantly about their love of the sport. &nb

Lead Ponies Thriving in ‘Retirement’

7 November, 2018
They’re some of the busiest and possibly fittest horses in the racing industry but never need  to race any more. Some would say lead ponies have the best job in the busines

Fingers Crossed

31 October, 2018
Jockeys believe new colours to be highly unlucky, while upright horseshoes are thought to bring good luck.  

Unsung Hero - Sheryl McGlade

18 October, 2018
She’s not one to sugar coat anything, but with decades of experience in both racing and showjumping, Sheryl McGlade is someone who many turn to for advice and tips.  

Kiwi horses in flight to the Melbourne Cup

5 October, 2018
Horses being loaded onto an IRT flight   New Zealand bred horses have won the Melbourne cup a staggering 43 times

Living Legend - Xcellent

3 October, 2018
Brought to you by FastTrack Insurance   Michael Coleman doesn't expect to ride another one as good.   "He's one out of th

125th anniversary of Women's Suffrage

19 September, 2018
On September 19th 1893, New Zealand women became the first in a self-governing country to gain the right to vote. It came after a long campaign for women’s rights led by Kate Sheppar

A Family Affair – David Archer

18 September, 2018
Brought to you by FastTrack Insurance   A passion for racing tends to be something you inherit from an afflicted family member, and David Archer, owne

Thomsen living a melodious life

12 September, 2018
Brought to you by FastTrack Insurane On a blackboard at home, Shane Thomsen has written the words 'Living the dream'. It's his motto for life. And it's fair to say he is.

Unsung Hero - Sharon Johnson, a.k.a Ginge

5 September, 2018
Those at the Matamata Race Track pre-dawn can set their clocks by the gap lady, Sharon Johnson.    Ginge, as she is known by most, is there at 4.30am six days a