Never say never: The CatWalk Trust and Lot 313

23 January, 2020
What is The CatWalk Trust?    Founded by Catriona Williams MNZM in 2005, the CatWalk Trust is a charity whose mission is to get people ou

Racing Traditions - Where did they originate?

8 January, 2020
With a sport dating back thousands of years, there’s bound to be a few traditions. Many of us have heard the famous bugle call or adhered to the black and white dress code of Derby D

60 Seconds with Sam Collett

13 December, 2019
  From her biggest inspiration to gardening, check out what we covered in  60 seconds with group 1 winning jock Sam Collett…   

60 Seconds with Jasmine Fawcett

25 November, 2019
What made you want to pursue a career in racing? I love horses and the adrenaline. 

60 Seconds with Holly Andrew

19 November, 2019
From unfinished business to motocross riding, check out what we covered in 60 seconds with Central District Jockey Holly Andrew.    What made you

Hot to Trot: Racing’s Best Looking Horses

13 November, 2019
More often than not, racehorses are judged on their appearances - good head, kind eye, natural muscle, strong hindquarters, straight legs, although not too straight … you get the po

Ron Taylor: 56 Years on from winning the Melbourne Cup

31 October, 2019
On the first Tuesday of November 1964, Ron Taylor’s life changed forever - all thanks to a single phone call he made for a ride in the Woodville Cup.   

A chat with FITF royality: Milano Imai

17 October, 2019
Milano Imai can be considered the ‘Winx’ of the Fashion in the Field world. Her maiden appearance was at the Melbourne Cup seven years ago (talk about jumping into the deep end

Racing's Craziest Moments

13 October, 2019
Jocks, thoroughbreds and speed - there’s bound to be a few crazy moments in this sport of ours! Check out these pearlers that really have to be seen to be believed: 

The best (or worst) racehorse names

3 October, 2019
Photo images: Racing Desk   When it comes to naming a racehorse, ‘Star’ just won&rsq