The Four C’s of Autumn Racing Fashion

The Races
20 March 2019
Source: The Urban List
Dressing for the races during Autumn can leave the most seasoned racegoers scratching their heads. Not only do you have to think about what looks good, you also have to consider the cooler weather, which ultimately can leave you feeling a little restricted. Cue our four C’s to Autumn Racing Fashion…
With the majority of our larger race days happening during summer months, naturally we tend to pair bright colours and floral patterns with racing fashion. Come Autumn time, it’s appropriate to move away from these and reach for rich jewel toned colours instead (think navy, deep reds, emerald greens - and yes, even black has its place!) Touches of metallic tones can also play their part in Autumn racing fashion.
You want to be stylish, yet snug! During these cooler months, reach for fabrics that are slightly thicker to keep your body warm. Wool blends, leather and faux fur are all perfectly appropriate and choosing one of these warmer fabrics may be the difference between you enjoying your day or not!
The main aim here is to find a cut that is going to keep you warm but remain fashionably relevant. High necklines, long sleeves and midi skirts are all great options. A jumpsuit or pantsuit is also perfect during these cooler months and are both very on trend. In saying that, choosing a cut that suits your body type and will have you feeling confident come raceday is much more important than any seasonal trend!
Outerwear is an easy solution to making your outfit more Autumn appropriate and can take an outfit to the next level. Coats, capes and tailored suit jackets are all great options for Autumn. Make sure your outerwear compliments your out, rather than covering it.
See you on-course! 

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