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13 March 2019
Fashion in the Field insider's insight: Eleanor Campbell
Eleanor Campbell started her Fashion in the Field (FITF) journey at 14 and hasn't looked back since! Check out her insights into the world of FITF. 
How did you first get involved with Fashion in the Field?
I got involved in FITF watching my mum compete. The first time I entered was at Matamata races when I was 14, as they didn't an age limit back then. I won which was amazing but I couldn't go to Ellerslie to compete in the regional final because of my age, so it was a long wait till I turned 18 and could enter again!
What do you enjoy most about FITF?
Getting dressed up! I work with animals (dogs) everyday so it's great to wear a dress and heels for a change.
Eleanor at Wellington Cup Day, where she won the Classic Lady of the Carnival. 
How would you describe your style?
I like to look classy and feminine. I do appreciate contemporary style but I think it suits my sister more than me. In saying that, I have worn a plastic snake on a headpiece before! 
How do you prepare for a competition?
I like to get a spray tan to hide my tan lines from work (I have a permanent sock tan!) I have lash extensions which I get refilled regularly, so that saves the hassle of using false lashes.
Eleanor won the beauty prize at Christchurch Cup Day. 
Do you have any go-to places to hunt for new raceday outfits?
I'm an online shopper and love Australian brands. The iconic always has great options.
No good raceday outfit is complete without…?
Matching lipstick and a great headpiece. 
Your hair and makeup is always so immaculate! Do you have any secret tips or tricks you can share with us?
I always wear liquid lipstick so I don't have to worry about touching up throughout the day or getting lipstick on my teeth. I always have touch up powder in my clutch.
Eleanor at Doomben racecourse, Brisbane. 
What sets a winning Fashion in the Field outfit apart from the rest?
A winning outfit stands out and has the 'wow factor.' My family is all about matching colours and accessories but it's not everyone's taste.
What advice would you give to someone looking to enter a Fashion in the Field Competition?
Wear what suits you, no matter the current trends. Make sure you feel great in what you're wearing, it will show when you're on stage. 

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