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Seraphic (NZ) 1985

Foaling date: -
Death: 01/05/2008
Family: SYBIL
DNA Typed: Y
Microchip: None
Life no: None
Left shoulder: O OVER CURVE
Right shoulder: 1 OVER 5
Breeder: O C Goodwin
Season DOB Colour Sex Name Sire Breeder
1993---(missed)Centaine (AUS) 
199424/08/94brcoltAggressorKinjiteO C & P R Goodwin
199506/10/95brfillyCenphicCentaine (AUS)"
200117/10/01bcoltAresHurricane Sky (AUS)A W, Mrs V A & W K Pike
2002---(missed)Danasinga (AUS) 
200402/10/04bfillyProminentZabeelSir Patrick & Lady Hogan, A W, Mrs V A & W K Pike
200507/11/05chcoltMadagascar, [sin] Smart VentureDanasinga (AUS)A W, Mrs V A & W K Pike
2006---(missed)Stravinsky (USA) and O'Reilly 
200704/11/07bfillyPenny WhistleO'Reilly"
Covered in '95 by Zabeel & sent to Australia in July '96. Returned in June '01 covered by Hurricane Sky (AUS), date of last service 1st November '00. Covered in '07 by Falkirk but died without further produce.