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Gate Keeper (GB) 1961

Foaling date: 01/01/1961
Death: -
Family: 2
DNA Typed: N
Microchip: None
Life no: None
Left shoulder: Unknown
Right shoulder: Unknown
Breeder: Unknown
Aldersgate (NZ) 1971 from Clutha Lady (NZ)
Anna's Girl (NZ) 1974 from Alloa (NZ)
Annenic (NZ) 1968 from Rap (NZ) 1963
Artifice (NZ) 1966 from Innuendo (NZ) 1957
Baby Stape (NZ) 1975 from Exciting Bell (NZ)
Cebere (NZ) 1977 from Our Ruby (NZ) 1968
Chapel Gate (NZ) 1971 from Lady Chapel (NZ) 1953
Chatterley Lass (NZ) 1977 from Okara Lass (NZ)
Commend (NZ) 1977 from Cinita (NZ) 1961
Coral Gate (NZ) 1969 from Coral Maid (NZ) 1957
Cottage Gate (NZ) 1973 from Subtrist (NZ) 1956
Doreen Chimes (NZ) 1974 from Garnish Belle (NZ)
Double Gate (NZ) 1974 from Subdual (NZ) 1963
Europium (NZ) 1970 from Aoudo (NZ) 1960
Fire Gate (NZ) 1975 from Kindle (NZ) 1964
Gae Alcide (NZ) 1975 from Bustler (NZ) 1953
Gaffa Gate (NZ) 1975 from Dawn Belle (NZ)
Gate Lucky (NZ) 1972 from Four Leaf Clover (NZ) 1963
Gates Galore (NZ) 1972 from Subdual (NZ) 1963
Gateways (NZ) 1967 from Waterloch (NZ)
Horane (NZ) 1966 from Away Laughing (NZ) 1954
Italian Rose (NZ) 1975 from Rose of Italy (NZ) 1965
Keepers Joy (NZ) 1972 from Marie Ann (NZ) 1955
Lucky Gate (NZ) 1975 from Red Stole (NZ) 1961
Mahdid (NZ) 1974 from Tellerette (NZ) 1968
Margate (NZ) 1974 from Wee Tap (NZ) 1963
Michelle Dee (NZ) 1974 from Our Susie (NZ) 1957
Open Sesame (NZ) 1969 from Marie Ann (NZ) 1955
Pearly Gates (NZ) 1974 from Regal Birth (NZ) 1960
Polly Porter (NZ) 1974 nsb from Carron Howe (NZ) 1959 nsb
Queen's Gate (NZ) 1972 from Llangwm (NZ) 1960
Queen's Keeper (NZ) 1970 from Queen Neptune (NZ) 1963
Red Ruby (NZ) 1969 from Kurdrille (NZ) 1958
Royal Gate (NZ) 1973 from Innuendo (NZ) 1957
Rustic Gate (NZ) 1972 from Wood Imp (NZ) 1963
Security Note (NZ) 1976 from Khairuzan (NZ) 1961
Show Glow (NZ) 1974 from Minglow (NZ) 1955
Snib (NZ) 1976 from Benita (NZ) 1967
Spruce (NZ) 1977 from Pin (NZ) 1960
Star Keys (NZ) 1969 from Magic Rose (NZ) 1961
The Fantasy (NZ) 1974 from The Pixie (NZ) 1968
The Twinkle (NZ) 1975 from The Pixie (NZ) 1968
Tui's Lass (NZ) 1975 from Tuiway (NZ) 1966
Yaganeh (NZ) 1973 from Ocsapa (NZ) 1966
    Foaling Date Colour Sex Horse Last Service Date Dam
    Season Mares Covered Foals Living Foals Dead & Slipped Mares Exported No Returns Mares Dead Missed Mares Indeterminate Results Fertility %
    Total 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0.00%

    Fertility Rate: This is worked out as the total number of foals (live, dead or slipped) as a percentage of total mares covered less exported, not returned, dead or indeterminate results.

    Indeterminate Result: This exists where a mare is covered by more than one stallion and the result of these services is unable to be accurately credited to either of the respective stallions.