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Without Fear (FR) 1967

Foaling date: 01/01/1967
Death: -
Family: 4
DNA Typed: N
Microchip: None
Life no: None
Left shoulder: Unknown
Right shoulder: Unknown
Breeder: Unknown
Adenandra (AUS) 1977 from Dryandra (NZ) 1968
Better Cat (AUS) 1978 from Little Pussycat (AUS) 1966
Bold Of Choice (NZ) 1988 from Cattivo (NZ) 1980
Bravely (AUS) 1979 from So Clear (AUS) 1972
Brief Courtship (AUS) 1985 from Runaway Bride (AUS) 1975
Clearly Brave (AUS) 1977 from Clear Queen (AUS) 1969
Clearness (AUS) 1974 from Clearaway (NZ) 1959
Crawfie (AUS) 1984 from Palace Gossip (NZ) 1975
Desirable (AUS) 1973 from High Desire (NZ) 1961
Emirate (AUS) 1983 from Living Oil (FR) 1974
Fear Burst (AUS) 1980 from Rainburst (AUS) 1971
Fear Of Diamonds (AUS) 1979 from Coroune (IRE) 1975
Fearless Blush (AUS) 1985 from She's Blushing (AUS) 1978
Fearless Girl (AUS) 1982 from Sealine (FR) 1971
Fearless Honey (AUS) 1979 from Tulla Honey (NZ) 1973
Fearless Steps (AUS) 1982 from Downstairs (NZ) 1968
Home Voyage (AUS) 1983 from Breakwater (NZ) 1964
How Amusing (AUS) 1983 from Joking (NZ) 1973
In Peace (AUS) 1974 from Clear Queen (AUS) 1969
Intrepid Storm (AUS) 1977 from Storm Jewel (NZ) 1968
Long Weekend (AUS) 1978 from Tuesday's Child (AUS) 1970
Magic Pearl (AUS) 1980 from Millefleurs (AUS) 1969
Miss Capital (AUS) 1977 from Capital (USA) 1971
Moon Madness (AUS) 1981 from Moonlight (AUS) 1973
Outward Bound (AUS) 1977 from Breakwater (NZ) 1964
Personality Miss (AUS) 1980 from Our Goldie (AUS) 1974
Pichon Lalande (AUS) 1984 from Chiaro (AUS) 1977
Proceed (AUS) 1974 from Rely (NZ) 1959
Sausalito Sal (AUS) 1984 from Sal II (IRE) 1974
Show No Fear (NZ) 1987 from Toy Show (AUS) 1972
Shuttle Off (AUS) 1988 from Sally Ryde (NZ) 1983
Solo Performance (AUS) 1980 from Star of the Show (AUS) 1971
Star Style Girl (AUS) 1981 from Clystalla (USA) 1969
Suiti (AUS) 1977 from Summer Beacon (GB) 1970
Truly Brave (AUS) 1973 from Bona Fide (NZ) 1960
Well Clear (AUS) 1975 from Clearaway (NZ) 1959
Witchy Way (AUS) 1973 from Morenita (AUS) 1962
Without Effort (AUS) 1975 from Eloquent (AUS) 1964
Without Omen (AUS) 1974 from Bona Fide (NZ) 1960
    Foaling Date Colour Sex Horse Last Service Date Dam
    Season Mares Covered Foals Living Foals Dead & Slipped Mares Exported No Returns Mares Dead Missed Mares Indeterminate Results Fertility %
    Total 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0.00%

    Fertility Rate: This is worked out as the total number of foals (live, dead or slipped) as a percentage of total mares covered less exported, not returned, dead or indeterminate results.

    Indeterminate Result: This exists where a mare is covered by more than one stallion and the result of these services is unable to be accurately credited to either of the respective stallions.