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Vice Reine (NZ) 1977

Foaling date: 08/10/1977
Death: 08/08/2000
Family: 3
DNA Typed: N
Microchip: None
Life no: None
Left shoulder: J IN C
Right shoulder: 2 OVER 7
Breeder: E W Cameron & J W Campin
Season DOB Colour Sex Name Sire Breeder
1981-brcolt(died)Taipan II (USA)J C & Est late M H Van Den Brekel
1982-grfillyVice EditionSovereign Edition (IRE)"
1983---(not served)- 
198401/10/84brcoltSky ChaseStar Way (GB)Epsom Breeding Ltd & Co & Mr & Mrs N E Schick
1985-bcolt[aus] Another SirSir Tristram (IRE)"
198625/11/86b or brcoltTottenham CourtGrosvenor"
198717/12/87brfillyKindnessStar Way (GB)Epsom Breeding Ltd & Co, N E & Mrs S D Schick
1988---(not served)- 
198901/10/89b or brfillyInvocationStar Way (GB)"
199008/11/90brcolt[aus] Space MissionStar Way (GB)"
1991---(missed)Star Way (GB) 
199211/11/92brfillyRuneStar Way (GB)"
1993---(missed)Star Way (GB) 
199422/10/94brfillyReining StarsStar Way (GB)Windsor Park Stud Ltd
199508/11/95brfillyLaceStar Way (GB)"
199618/11/96b or brfillySugarbirdCasual Lies (USA)"
199725/11/97bfilly(died)Volksraad (GB)"
1998---(missed)Volksraad (GB) 
1999---(missed)Wallenda (USA) 
2000---Tale of the Cat (USA) and Volksraad (GB)"
Covered in '99 by Tale of the Cat (USA) & Volksraad (GB) but destroyed in August '00.