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Enthral (NZ) 1980

Foaling date: -
Death: 12/08/2004
Family: 8
DNA Typed: Y
Microchip: None
Life no: None
Left shoulder: Unknown
Right shoulder: Unknown
Breeder: T R Lowry
Season DOB Colour Sex Name Sire Breeder
198502/11/85bfillyEnthusiastGrosvenorT R Lowry
1986-bcoltMark Of GloryStandaan (FR)"
1987-grcolt[aus] Rooster BoosterDanzatore (CAN)"
198919/09/89chcolt[aus] Sir HiliaSt Hilarion (USA)"
199003/11/90bcolt[aus] Hand Of FateStraight Strike (USA)"
199125/11/91chfillyNobleySt Hilarion (USA)"
1992---(not served)- 
1993---(not served)- 
1994---(slipped)Straight Strike (USA) 
199514/09/95bcolt(died)Jetball (AUS)"
1996---(missed)Festal (AUS) 
199711/10/97grcoltUnnamedParis House (GB)Mrs A J & R T Bishop
199826/10/98brfillyEnthralledCollege Chapel (GB)"
1999---(missed)College Chapel (GB) 
200009/09/00grfillyLil E LiltYachtie (AUS)"
2001---(missed)Gold Brose (AUS) 
200114/11/01bcoltO'Borio, [sin] SagittariusO'Reilly"
2002---(not served)- 
2003---(missed)Heroicity (AUS) 
2004---Heroicity (AUS)Mrs A J & Est late R T Bishop
Covered in '03 by Heroicity (AUS) but died in August '04.