Nominated Horse Index

Horse Day Race Number Club
Aalaalune 14/12/2019 R1 Manawatu RC
Aalaalune 11/01/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Aalaalune 08/02/2020 R3 Waikato RC
Aalaalune 29/02/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Aalaalune 14/03/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Abbey Road 14/12/2019 R7 Manawatu RC
Accidental Offside 14/12/2019 R3 Southland RC
Acting Up 15/12/2019 R5 Auckland RC
Acutus (AUS) 12/12/2019 R4 Auckland RC
Acutus (AUS) 26/12/2019 R7 Auckland RC
Aeroette 13/12/2019 R8 Racing Tauranga
Age Of Fire (AUS) 26/12/2019 R7 Auckland RC
Age Of Fire (AUS) 18/01/2020 R2 Wellington RC
Age Of Fire (AUS) 08/02/2020 R3 Waikato RC
Agey Babe 12/12/2019 R1 Auckland RC
Agey Babe 15/12/2019 R1 Auckland RC
Agey Babe 14/03/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Aigne 01/01/2020 R2 Auckland RC
Aigne 18/01/2020 R3 Wellington RC
Aigne 07/03/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Aileen Grace 13/12/2019 R1 Racing Tauranga
Air Centre 01/01/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Akela Belle 18/01/2020 R3 Wellington RC
Akoya Pearl 14/12/2019 R8 Waikato RC
Alamo 29/02/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Alexandrite 11/12/2019 R6 Hawke's Bay RI
Alexandrite 11/12/2019 R7 Hawke's Bay RI
Alexandrite 14/03/2020 R1 Wellington RC
All About Magic 11/01/2020 R1 Wellington RC
All About Magic 14/03/2020 R1 Wellington RC
All Black Magic 14/12/2019 R7 Southland RC
All In Mana 14/12/2019 R7 Manawatu RC
All In Stitches 14/12/2019 R6 Manawatu RC
All In Vogue 14/12/2019 R4 Manawatu RC
All Roads 14/12/2019 R2 Waikato RC
Aloft 14/03/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Alovelybrownhorse 14/03/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Alpine Charm 14/03/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Altar Boy 29/02/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Altar Girl 12/12/2019 R2 Auckland RC
Always On Call 14/12/2019 R2 Southland RC
Always Sacred 11/12/2019 R6 Hawke's Bay RI
Always Sacred 12/12/2019 R1 Auckland RC
Always Sacred 15/12/2019 R1 Auckland RC
Amal Rose (AUS) 11/01/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Amal Rose (AUS) 14/03/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Amano 14/12/2019 R8 Manawatu RC
Amano 15/12/2019 R3 Auckland RC
Amasecoya 13/12/2019 R4 Racing Tauranga
Amazon Goddess 14/03/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Ambitious Showgirl 13/12/2019 R2 Racing Tauranga
American Princess 14/12/2019 R9 Waikato RC
Americo (AUS) 11/12/2019 R6 Hawke's Bay RI
Americo (AUS) 11/12/2019 R7 Hawke's Bay RI
Americo (AUS) 11/01/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Amorata 18/01/2020 R3 Wellington RC
Amusez Moi 15/12/2019 R5 Auckland RC
Amusez Moi 11/01/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Amusez Moi 29/02/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Angaria 29/02/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Anjameme 12/12/2019 R6 Auckland RC
Anna Cecelia (AUS) 12/12/2019 R6 Auckland RC
Anna Cecelia (AUS) 14/03/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Annie Okay 12/12/2019 R4 Auckland RC
Annie Okay 26/12/2019 R7 Auckland RC
Annie's Song 15/12/2019 R5 Auckland RC
Annie's Song 29/02/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Apellido 12/12/2019 R6 Auckland RC
Apellido 15/12/2019 R8 Auckland RC
Apellido 26/12/2019 R7 Auckland RC
Aquattack 13/12/2019 R7 Otago RC
Aqueduct 29/02/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Aratai 29/02/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Aricina 14/03/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Aridity 14/12/2019 R5 Manawatu RC
Arnage 13/12/2019 R4 Otago RC
Aromatic 14/03/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Artic Warrior 13/12/2019 R8 Otago RC
Artiste 14/12/2019 R2 Manawatu RC
Artiste 01/01/2020 R2 Auckland RC
Artiste 18/01/2020 R3 Wellington RC
Artiste 07/03/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Asathought (AUS) 14/03/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Ata Rangi 15/12/2019 R8 Auckland RC
Ata Rangi 01/01/2020 R2 Auckland RC
Ata Rangi 01/01/2020 R7 Auckland RC
Athena Baby 14/12/2019 R4 Waikato RC
Atlanta Peach 14/12/2019 R1 Waikato RC
Atomic Kitten 14/03/2020 R1 Wellington RC
August Edition 12/12/2019 R5 Auckland RC
August Edition 13/12/2019 R1 Racing Tauranga
August Edition 15/12/2019 R6 Auckland RC
Aulyn Star (AUS) 14/12/2019 R6 Southland RC
Avadane 29/02/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Avadane 14/03/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Avantage (AUS) 01/01/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Avantage (AUS) 18/01/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Avantage (AUS) 18/01/2020 R2 Wellington RC
Avantage (AUS) 08/02/2020 R3 Waikato RC
Aya Sofya 11/12/2019 R5 Hawke's Bay RI
Azafran 12/12/2019 R1 Auckland RC
Azafran 15/12/2019 R1 Auckland RC
Azafran 14/03/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Azuro (FR) 07/03/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Babiche 01/01/2020 R7 Auckland RC
Back Hut 13/12/2019 R9 Otago RC
Bahamas 15/12/2019 R3 Auckland RC
Bakela 14/12/2019 R3 Southland RC
Balham 14/12/2019 R2 Manawatu RC
Bavella (AUS) 18/01/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Bayeux 12/12/2019 R3 Auckland RC
Beam Me Up Scotty 14/12/2019 R6 Southland RC
Beauden 14/12/2019 R2 Manawatu RC
Beauden 01/01/2020 R2 Auckland RC
Beauden 18/01/2020 R2 Wellington RC
Beauden 08/02/2020 R3 Waikato RC
Beauden 07/03/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Beaune (AUS) 14/12/2019 R9 Waikato RC
Beauty Star (AUS) 01/01/2020 R2 Auckland RC
Beauty Star (AUS) 01/01/2020 R7 Auckland RC
Beauty Star (AUS) 18/01/2020 R3 Wellington RC
Beauty Star (AUS) 07/03/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Beefeater 14/12/2019 R3 Manawatu RC
Beefeater 14/12/2019 R4 Manawatu RC
Bella Mente 11/01/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Bella Noche 14/03/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Belle Plaisir 14/12/2019 R1 Manawatu RC
Belle South 14/12/2019 R9 Southland RC
Benny Lincoln 11/01/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Benny Lincoln 29/02/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Bergamot 15/12/2019 R7 Auckland RC
Bergamot 14/03/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Bevan Street 13/12/2019 R1 Racing Tauranga
Beyond The Fort 14/12/2019 R2 Manawatu RC
Beyond The Fort 01/01/2020 R2 Auckland RC
Beyond The Fort 07/03/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Big Blue (GB) 07/03/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Big Mike 01/01/2020 R2 Auckland RC
Big Mike 07/03/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Birdsong 14/03/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Bit Lippy 15/12/2019 R3 Auckland RC
Bit Lippy 01/01/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Bitethebullet 12/12/2019 R6 Auckland RC
Blackmagicwoman 14/12/2019 R6 Waikato RC
Blackrocksdetox 15/12/2019 R5 Auckland RC
Blackrocksdetox 29/02/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Blue Breeze 14/12/2019 R2 Waikato RC
Blue Breeze 01/01/2020 R2 Auckland RC
Blue Breeze 07/03/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Blue Rata Eligius 29/02/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Bonny Ezra 18/01/2020 R2 Wellington RC
Boogie Easy 12/12/2019 R4 Auckland RC
Boogie Easy 12/12/2019 R6 Auckland RC
Boogie Easy 26/12/2019 R7 Auckland RC
Book Smart 14/12/2019 R5 Southland RC
Border Leicester 15/12/2019 R7 Auckland RC
Border Leicester 29/02/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Born To Fight (AUS) 11/12/2019 R3 Hawke's Bay RI
Born To Fight (AUS) 26/12/2019 R7 Auckland RC
Borondino Dream (AUS) 29/02/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Bostonian 18/01/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Bothered 15/12/2019 R3 Auckland RC
Bouffant 13/12/2019 R5 Racing Tauranga
Boyslightup 13/12/2019 R4 Otago RC
Brahma Sunset 11/12/2019 R4 Hawke's Bay RI
Bravissimo 11/12/2019 R8 Hawke's Bay RI
Bravissimo 26/12/2019 R7 Auckland RC
Brian Boru 14/12/2019 R7 Manawatu RC
Bronsteel 14/12/2019 R2 Manawatu RC
Buck Shellfish 29/02/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Bully Boy 07/03/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Butterfield 13/12/2019 R4 Racing Tauranga
Butterfield 15/12/2019 R4 Auckland RC
Byzantine 11/12/2019 R3 Hawke's Bay RI
Byzantine 26/12/2019 R7 Auckland RC
Caballero 01/01/2020 R2 Auckland RC
Caballero 01/01/2020 R7 Auckland RC
Caballero 18/01/2020 R3 Wellington RC
Caballero 07/03/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Cabasset 11/12/2019 R2 Hawke's Bay RI
Cabernet 13/12/2019 R4 Otago RC
Call Me Evie 13/12/2019 R6 Racing Tauranga
Callsign Mav 11/01/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Callsign Mav 29/02/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Callyrose 14/03/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Campari 14/12/2019 R3 Waikato RC
Campari 26/12/2019 R7 Auckland RC
Campari 18/01/2020 R2 Wellington RC
Campo 13/12/2019 R4 Otago RC
Can't Find One 29/02/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Capital Gains 29/02/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Captain Newzealand 29/02/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Captive 14/12/2019 R7 Waikato RC
Captive 01/01/2020 R7 Auckland RC
Caramel Popcorn (AUS) 11/12/2019 R7 Hawke's Bay RI
Caribbean Rose 14/12/2019 R7 Manawatu RC
Caribbean Rose 15/12/2019 R8 Auckland RC
Casaquinman 01/01/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Cash Me Ousside 15/12/2019 R2 Auckland RC
Casino El Jay 14/12/2019 R6 Waikato RC
Casino El Jay 18/01/2020 R3 Wellington RC
Caught The Eye 13/12/2019 R4 Racing Tauranga
Cautious Approach (AUS) 13/12/2019 R7 Racing Tauranga
Cautious Approach (AUS) 29/02/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Cead Mile Failte 18/01/2020 R3 Wellington RC
Ceardai 13/12/2019 R4 Racing Tauranga
Celestial Nymph 15/12/2019 R7 Auckland RC
Celestial Nymph 11/01/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Celestial Nymph 29/02/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Celestial Nymph 14/03/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Celtic Cross 14/12/2019 R5 Southland RC
Cerys 13/12/2019 R5 Racing Tauranga
Cha Siu Bao (AUS) 26/12/2019 R7 Auckland RC
Cha Siu Bao (AUS) 07/03/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Chachi Arcola 14/12/2019 R7 Waikato RC
Chairman's List 29/02/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Chalk 11/12/2019 R4 Hawke's Bay RI
Chalk 11/12/2019 R6 Hawke's Bay RI
Challa (AUS) 13/12/2019 R3 Racing Tauranga
Challa (AUS) 14/12/2019 R8 Manawatu RC
Challa (AUS) 11/01/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Charles Road (AUS) 08/02/2020 R3 Waikato RC
Charles Road (AUS) 07/03/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Charli Rose 12/12/2019 R6 Auckland RC
Charlie Brown 13/12/2019 R6 Otago RC
Charlie Zulu 13/12/2019 R3 Otago RC
Charlie Zulu 13/12/2019 R4 Otago RC
Charred 12/12/2019 R2 Auckland RC
Checkers 29/02/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Cheptegei (AUS) 29/02/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Chevychaser (AUS) 29/02/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Chiaretta 11/01/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Chiaretta 18/01/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Chief Sequoyah 07/03/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Chocante 18/01/2020 R2 Wellington RC
Chookie's Girl 13/12/2019 R3 Otago RC
Chuck A Luck 29/02/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Church Road 15/12/2019 R8 Auckland RC
Church Road 26/12/2019 R7 Auckland RC
Church Road 01/01/2020 R7 Auckland RC
Civilised 12/12/2019 R6 Auckland RC
Clever Approach (AUS) 12/12/2019 R2 Auckland RC
Clever Approach (AUS) 29/02/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Clubcard 13/12/2019 R7 Otago RC
Clubcard 14/03/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Clutha Queen 13/12/2019 R5 Otago RC
Cocee 13/12/2019 R4 Otago RC
Coco Baci (AUS) 14/03/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Colette 13/12/2019 R4 Otago RC
Collinstreet 14/12/2019 R2 Manawatu RC
Collinstreet 07/03/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Colour Me Red 14/12/2019 R7 Southland RC
Combat Queen (AUS) 11/12/2019 R5 Hawke's Bay RI
Combat Queen (AUS) 11/01/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Combat Queen (AUS) 29/02/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Combat Queen (AUS) 14/03/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Come Fly With Me 14/12/2019 R1 Southland RC
Coming Up Roses 14/03/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Communique 14/03/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Concert Hall 01/01/2020 R2 Auckland RC
Concert Hall 08/02/2020 R3 Waikato RC
Confectionery 29/02/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Contessa Vanessa 14/12/2019 R1 Waikato RC
Contessa Vanessa 18/01/2020 R2 Wellington RC
Contessa Vanessa 08/02/2020 R3 Waikato RC
Cottoneva 14/12/2019 R5 Manawatu RC
Count Conti 11/12/2019 R2 Hawke's Bay RI
Countess Ruby 13/12/2019 R3 Otago RC
Country Boy 13/12/2019 R6 Otago RC
Crafty Jess 14/12/2019 R4 Waikato RC
Craigievar 13/12/2019 R4 Racing Tauranga
Credit Manager 14/12/2019 R5 Manawatu RC
Crispin 13/12/2019 R2 Otago RC
Cristal Bubble (AUS) 11/12/2019 R2 Hawke's Bay RI
Crowning Star (AUS) 11/01/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Crowning Star (AUS) 14/03/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Cyber Attack 14/12/2019 R5 Waikato RC
Dal Harraild (GB) 07/03/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Dalmatia 29/02/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Dam Reliable 14/12/2019 R7 Manawatu RC
Dam Reliable 15/12/2019 R8 Auckland RC
Dama Zorro (AUS) 01/01/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Dama Zorro (AUS) 18/01/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Dana's Prophecy 14/12/2019 R8 Manawatu RC
Dance Card 01/01/2020 R7 Auckland RC
Danger Dee 14/12/2019 R8 Waikato RC
Darcee Que 12/12/2019 R3 Auckland RC
Darcee Que 14/03/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Darci Mac 14/12/2019 R2 Southland RC
Dark Princess 18/01/2020 R2 Wellington RC
Dark Princess 08/02/2020 R3 Waikato RC
Darscape Princess 18/01/2020 R2 Wellington RC
Darscape Princess 08/02/2020 R3 Waikato RC
Dawn Patrol 01/01/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Dawn Patrol 18/01/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Dawon (AUS) 15/12/2019 R4 Auckland RC
Daytona Red 14/12/2019 R4 Waikato RC
Daytona Red 07/03/2020 R1 Auckland RC
De Koning 14/12/2019 R6 Waikato RC
De Koning 01/01/2020 R7 Auckland RC
Dee And Gee 18/01/2020 R3 Wellington RC
Dee And Gee 07/03/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Deels Done 12/12/2019 R6 Auckland RC
Deels Done 15/12/2019 R8 Auckland RC
Deels Done 26/12/2019 R7 Auckland RC
Deels Done 01/01/2020 R7 Auckland RC
Deep Beauty (AUS) 29/02/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Deep Blue 14/12/2019 R7 Manawatu RC
Den Bosch (AUS) 29/02/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Desert Mirage 14/03/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Desert Storm 14/12/2019 R7 Waikato RC
Desert Storm 01/01/2020 R7 Auckland RC
Desert Storm 18/01/2020 R3 Wellington RC
Deshi 13/12/2019 R6 Racing Tauranga
Deshi 15/12/2019 R2 Auckland RC
Dezella 14/12/2019 R2 Waikato RC
Dezella 18/01/2020 R3 Wellington RC
Diamonds Galore 15/12/2019 R5 Auckland RC
Diamonds Galore 14/03/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Diorissimo 18/01/2020 R3 Wellington RC
Diorissimo 07/03/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Direct Flight 13/12/2019 R7 Otago RC
Direct Flight 13/12/2019 R8 Otago RC
Direct Flight 14/03/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Doha 13/12/2019 R8 Racing Tauranga
Doha 14/03/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Dolcetto 18/01/2020 R2 Wellington RC
Don't Doubt Choux 13/12/2019 R7 Otago RC
Donna Anne Billy 14/12/2019 R3 Waikato RC
Donna Anne Billy 14/12/2019 R4 Waikato RC
Dontputyafootinit 14/12/2019 R7 Southland RC
Double Impact 11/01/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Double Impact 29/02/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Dough Boy 13/12/2019 R8 Otago RC
Dough Boy 14/12/2019 R9 Southland RC
Dr Hank 13/12/2019 R3 Racing Tauranga
Dr Watson 14/12/2019 R2 Manawatu RC
Dragon Leap (AUS) 11/01/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Dragon Leap (AUS) 08/02/2020 R3 Waikato RC
Dragon Leap (AUS) 29/02/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Dragon Storm 14/12/2019 R6 Waikato RC
Dragon Storm 01/01/2020 R2 Auckland RC
Dragon Storm 01/01/2020 R7 Auckland RC
Dragon Storm 07/03/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Drake Bay 12/12/2019 R3 Auckland RC
Dream 15/12/2019 R4 Auckland RC
Dubious (AUS) 18/01/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Duplicity 18/01/2020 R3 Wellington RC
Durham Lad 11/12/2019 R4 Hawke's Bay RI
Durham Lad 11/01/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Eavesdrop 13/12/2019 R8 Otago RC
Ego Fast 15/12/2019 R2 Auckland RC
Ego Fast 15/12/2019 R4 Auckland RC
Egotistic 14/12/2019 R9 Southland RC
El Coolio 13/12/2019 R1 Racing Tauranga
El Coolio 14/12/2019 R8 Waikato RC
El Coolio 26/12/2019 R7 Auckland RC
El Nymph 13/12/2019 R8 Racing Tauranga
Elder Hall 29/02/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Elisa Carolina 15/12/2019 R1 Auckland RC
Elisa Carolina 11/01/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Elisa Carolina 29/02/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Elisa Carolina 14/03/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Elle D'Berry 13/12/2019 R5 Racing Tauranga
Emma's Chance 13/12/2019 R8 Otago RC
En Soie 12/12/2019 R6 Auckland RC
Endless Drama (IRE) 01/01/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Endless Drama (IRE) 18/01/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Endless Drama (IRE) 18/01/2020 R2 Wellington RC
Enrichment 11/01/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Enrichment 29/02/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Enzo's Lad (AUS) 18/01/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Equinox 01/01/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Equinox 11/01/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Equinox 18/01/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Etah James 07/03/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Evalina (AUS) 01/01/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Evalina (AUS) 18/01/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Evana Rahma 01/01/2020 R7 Auckland RC
Evana Rahma 18/01/2020 R3 Wellington RC
Evana Rahma 07/03/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Even Chance 26/12/2019 R7 Auckland RC
Excalibur 14/12/2019 R2 Waikato RC
Excalibur 01/01/2020 R2 Auckland RC
Excalibur 18/01/2020 R3 Wellington RC
Excalibur 07/03/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Excitonic 11/01/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Excitonic 29/02/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Exemplar 18/01/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Expedition 13/12/2019 R4 Otago RC
Expedition 14/12/2019 R8 Southland RC
Express Call 15/12/2019 R8 Auckland RC
Express Call 01/01/2020 R7 Auckland RC
Exquisita (AUS) 29/02/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Exquisita (AUS) 14/03/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Fair Dream 29/02/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Farm Boy 14/12/2019 R4 Waikato RC
Fascino Lass 14/12/2019 R8 Southland RC
Fast Summer Rock (AUS) 14/03/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Fattore Otto (AUS) 14/12/2019 R6 Manawatu RC
Fazioli (AUS) 14/12/2019 R7 Southland RC
Feel The Rush 13/12/2019 R1 Otago RC
Feel The Rush 14/03/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Feelin The Love 14/12/2019 R5 Waikato RC
Felaar 18/01/2020 R3 Wellington RC
Felaar 07/03/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Fiano 14/12/2019 R8 Manawatu RC
Fiddyafortnight 14/03/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Field Of Fire 13/12/2019 R3 Otago RC
Final Savings 14/12/2019 R4 Southland RC
Final Suggestion 01/01/2020 R2 Auckland RC
Finale 26/12/2019 R7 Auckland RC
Finbarr 14/12/2019 R3 Southland RC
Fine Bouquet 13/12/2019 R3 Otago RC
Fire Katyusha 13/12/2019 R7 Otago RC
Fired 12/12/2019 R3 Auckland RC
Firoden 12/12/2019 R4 Auckland RC
Firoden 26/12/2019 R7 Auckland RC
Fiscal Fantasy (AUS) 08/02/2020 R3 Waikato RC
Flickitova 13/12/2019 R8 Otago RC
Fluorobus (AUS) 15/12/2019 R8 Auckland RC
Fluorobus (AUS) 26/12/2019 R7 Auckland RC
Fly Without Wings 14/12/2019 R4 Southland RC
Flying Meg 14/12/2019 R6 Waikato RC
Flying Meg 01/01/2020 R7 Auckland RC
Flying Trapeze 13/12/2019 R3 Racing Tauranga
Flying Trapeze 14/12/2019 R8 Waikato RC
Folk Dress (AUS) 11/01/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Folk Dress (AUS) 14/03/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Foodie King 12/12/2019 R3 Auckland RC
Foodie King 26/12/2019 R7 Auckland RC
Foogayzee 15/12/2019 R4 Auckland RC
Forrest Red 12/12/2019 R3 Auckland RC
Forrest Red 15/12/2019 R4 Auckland RC
Fortune Wings 29/02/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Fox In Socks 14/12/2019 R7 Southland RC
Francis Drake 14/12/2019 R6 Waikato RC
Franklin 11/12/2019 R1 Hawke's Bay RI
Free And Easy 14/12/2019 R5 Southland RC
Free Thyme 11/01/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Free To Shine 11/01/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Free To Shine 29/02/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Friar Tuck 14/12/2019 R5 Southland RC
Friday 14/03/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Fromajack Toaking 13/12/2019 R5 Otago RC
Full Fury 14/12/2019 R8 Southland RC
Fun Fact (AUS) 07/03/2020 R1 Auckland RC
G'day Gorgeous 14/12/2019 R9 Southland RC
Gabriel 14/12/2019 R6 Waikato RC
Gabriel 14/12/2019 R7 Waikato RC
Gallardo 11/12/2019 R6 Hawke's Bay RI
Gallardo 11/12/2019 R7 Hawke's Bay RI
Gallic Chieftain (FR) 07/03/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Garados 13/12/2019 R3 Racing Tauranga
Garados 14/12/2019 R8 Waikato RC
Garment 14/12/2019 R8 Southland RC
Geejayroc 13/12/2019 R5 Racing Tauranga
Gemstone Jewels 13/12/2019 R3 Otago RC
Gemstone Jewels 14/12/2019 R7 Southland RC
Gerda (AUS) 14/12/2019 R5 Manawatu RC
Germanicus 18/01/2020 R2 Wellington RC
Get Hitched (AUS) 11/01/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Giant Gem 12/12/2019 R4 Auckland RC
Giant Gem 26/12/2019 R7 Auckland RC
Ginger Jane 14/03/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Ginger Too 11/01/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Ginger Too 08/02/2020 R3 Waikato RC
Ginger Too 29/02/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Ginny 13/12/2019 R4 Otago RC
Ginny 13/12/2019 R8 Otago RC
Gino Severini (IRE) 26/12/2019 R7 Auckland RC
Gino Severini (IRE) 08/02/2020 R3 Waikato RC
Glenhope 26/12/2019 R7 Auckland RC
Glorious Dream 01/01/2020 R7 Auckland RC
Glorious Dream 07/03/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Glorious Ocean 13/12/2019 R3 Racing Tauranga
Glory Days 07/03/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Gold Bracelet 14/03/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Golden Able 29/02/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Golden Valkyrie (AUS) 13/12/2019 R2 Otago RC
Gone West 29/02/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Gorbachev 14/12/2019 R2 Waikato RC
Gorbachev 01/01/2020 R2 Auckland RC
Gorbachev 18/01/2020 R3 Wellington RC
Gorbachev 07/03/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Gorgeous In Gold (AUS) 15/12/2019 R4 Auckland RC
Got The Call 14/12/2019 R8 Manawatu RC
Graceful Way 15/12/2019 R1 Auckland RC
Grand De Flora 14/12/2019 R1 Manawatu RC
Grand De Flora 11/01/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Grand De Flora 29/02/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Grand De Flora 14/03/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Grand Prospect 11/12/2019 R7 Hawke's Bay RI
Grand Prospect 29/02/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Grand Spirit 29/02/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Grand Spirit 14/03/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Green Bravo (AUS) 29/02/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Greyvee 12/12/2019 R6 Auckland RC
Greyvee 14/03/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Guillada 14/12/2019 R1 Waikato RC
Gumpert 14/03/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Hail Damage 14/03/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Hakuna Matata 13/12/2019 R7 Racing Tauranga
Haky (IRE) 07/03/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Hank Moody 18/01/2020 R3 Wellington RC
Harlech 11/01/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Harlech 08/02/2020 R3 Waikato RC
Harlech 29/02/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Harlow 13/12/2019 R3 Racing Tauranga
Harlow 15/12/2019 R3 Auckland RC
Harlow 11/01/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Harlow 14/03/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Hartley 14/12/2019 R4 Manawatu RC
Hasabro 12/12/2019 R5 Auckland RC
Hasabro 12/12/2019 R6 Auckland RC
Hasabro 15/12/2019 R8 Auckland RC
Hasabro 26/12/2019 R7 Auckland RC
Hasabro 01/01/2020 R7 Auckland RC
Hasstobegood 11/01/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Hattie Bee (AUS) 14/12/2019 R6 Waikato RC
Hattie Bee (AUS) 18/01/2020 R3 Wellington RC
Havana Heights 14/12/2019 R7 Southland RC
Hazelnut 14/12/2019 R5 Southland RC
He Ain't Heavy 13/12/2019 R1 Otago RC
He No Opilio 14/12/2019 R6 Manawatu RC
He's Done A Runner 14/12/2019 R8 Manawatu RC
He's Got Power 14/12/2019 R7 Southland RC
He's Mi Brother 14/12/2019 R8 Southland RC
He's The Man (AUS) 29/02/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Heart Of Puissance (AUS) 29/02/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Heart Of The Ocean 15/12/2019 R5 Auckland RC
Heart Of The Ocean 11/01/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Heart Of The Ocean 29/02/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Heart Of The Ocean 14/03/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Heat Seeker 13/12/2019 R3 Otago RC
Heaven Amore 14/03/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Heaven Knows 13/12/2019 R1 Otago RC
Heidi Hi 14/12/2019 R8 Southland RC
Heidi Hi 14/03/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Hello It's Me 08/02/2020 R3 Waikato RC
Hello It's Me 07/03/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Henley Road 13/12/2019 R5 Racing Tauranga
Henley Road 26/12/2019 R7 Auckland RC
Heza Big Hope 11/12/2019 R2 Hawke's Bay RI
Heza Big Hope 12/12/2019 R2 Auckland RC
Hibernia Sea 11/01/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Hibernia Sea 14/03/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Higher Power 11/12/2019 R8 Hawke's Bay RI
Highlad (AUS) 07/03/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Highland Dancer 26/12/2019 R7 Auckland RC
Highlighter 11/01/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Hillersden 13/12/2019 R5 Otago RC
Hinerangi (AUS) 14/12/2019 R1 Waikato RC
Hocico Blanco (AUS) 14/12/2019 R7 Manawatu RC
Holy Loch (AUS) 12/12/2019 R6 Auckland RC
Holy Loch (AUS) 15/12/2019 R8 Auckland RC
Holy Mongolemperor 11/12/2019 R6 Hawke's Bay RI
Holy Mongolemperor 11/12/2019 R7 Hawke's Bay RI
Holy Mongolemperor 29/02/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Honneur Noir 14/12/2019 R4 Manawatu RC
Hoofbeat 14/12/2019 R3 Southland RC
Hot Tap 14/12/2019 R8 Southland RC
Humble Pie 18/01/2020 R3 Wellington RC
Humbucker 12/12/2019 R1 Auckland RC
Humbucker 12/12/2019 R3 Auckland RC
Humbucker 15/12/2019 R4 Auckland RC
Humbucker 26/12/2019 R7 Auckland RC
Humbucker 29/02/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Hunter Villain 13/12/2019 R4 Racing Tauranga
Hvar 12/12/2019 R2 Auckland RC
Hypnos 14/12/2019 R4 Manawatu RC
Hypnos 26/12/2019 R7 Auckland RC
Hypnos 18/01/2020 R2 Wellington RC
I Got A Rock (AUS) 13/12/2019 R3 Otago RC
I Remember You 13/12/2019 R8 Otago RC
I See Red 13/12/2019 R2 Racing Tauranga
I See Red 15/12/2019 R8 Auckland RC
Iago 12/12/2019 R6 Auckland RC
Iago 14/12/2019 R7 Manawatu RC
Iago 15/12/2019 R8 Auckland RC
Iago 26/12/2019 R7 Auckland RC
Iffindoubt 12/12/2019 R4 Auckland RC
Ifithappensagain 29/02/2020 R1 Auckland RC
In A Twinkling (AUS) 14/12/2019 R2 Waikato RC
In A Twinkling (AUS) 01/01/2020 R2 Auckland RC
In A Twinkling (AUS) 18/01/2020 R3 Wellington RC
In A Twinkling (AUS) 07/03/2020 R1 Auckland RC
In Fashion 11/12/2019 R8 Hawke's Bay RI
In Fashion 12/12/2019 R4 Auckland RC
Incantesimo 12/12/2019 R5 Auckland RC
Incantesimo 26/12/2019 R7 Auckland RC
Indah (GER) 11/12/2019 R8 Hawke's Bay RI
Index 13/12/2019 R8 Otago RC
India (GB) 14/12/2019 R5 Waikato RC
Inscription 14/12/2019 R1 Waikato RC
Intrigue 14/12/2019 R4 Waikato RC
Intrigue 01/01/2020 R2 Auckland RC
Intrigue 18/01/2020 R3 Wellington RC
Intrigue 07/03/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Irish Excuse 14/12/2019 R2 Southland RC
Irish Express 18/01/2020 R2 Wellington RC
Irish Express 08/02/2020 R3 Waikato RC
Irish Girl 15/12/2019 R2 Auckland RC
Iron Eagle 14/12/2019 R8 Waikato RC
Iskander 01/01/2020 R2 Auckland RC
Island Bay 14/12/2019 R3 Manawatu RC
Island Bay 14/12/2019 R5 Waikato RC
Istina 11/12/2019 R7 Hawke's Bay RI
It's Doable (AUS) 12/12/2019 R5 Auckland RC
Itellyouonething 14/12/2019 R6 Manawatu RC
Its All Fake News 26/12/2019 R7 Auckland RC
Its Destinys Child 01/01/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Ivory Madonna 14/03/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Jacksstar 14/12/2019 R2 Manawatu RC
Jacksstar 18/01/2020 R3 Wellington RC
Jacksstar 07/03/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Jacquotte Delahye 13/12/2019 R8 Otago RC
Jakama Krystal 12/12/2019 R2 Auckland RC
Jakama Krystal 12/12/2019 R3 Auckland RC
Jakkalbomb 14/12/2019 R4 Waikato RC
Jakkalbomb 26/12/2019 R7 Auckland RC
Jakkalbomb 08/02/2020 R3 Waikato RC
James Barrie 29/02/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Jamieson's Tipple 14/12/2019 R9 Waikato RC
Jandles 13/12/2019 R7 Otago RC
Jaxx Be Nimble 14/03/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Je Suis Tiger 11/12/2019 R3 Hawke's Bay RI
Jennifer Eccles 11/01/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Jennifer Eccles 14/03/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Jessiegee 07/03/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Jewel Of Patch (AUS) 11/12/2019 R8 Hawke's Bay RI
Jewel Of Patch (AUS) 14/12/2019 R8 Waikato RC
Jim's Gift 14/12/2019 R5 Southland RC
Jimmy James 12/12/2019 R4 Auckland RC
Jimmy James 12/12/2019 R6 Auckland RC
Jimmy James 01/01/2020 R7 Auckland RC
Jip Jip Rock (AUS) 12/12/2019 R5 Auckland RC
Jip Jip Rock (AUS) 15/12/2019 R6 Auckland RC
Jip Jip Rock (AUS) 26/12/2019 R7 Auckland RC
Joe's Legacy 14/12/2019 R6 Waikato RC
Joe's Legacy 01/01/2020 R2 Auckland RC
Joe's Legacy 01/01/2020 R7 Auckland RC
Joe's Legacy 07/03/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Joemar 13/12/2019 R7 Otago RC
Johnny Jones 14/12/2019 R2 Southland RC
Johnny Lincoln 18/01/2020 R3 Wellington RC
Jojo Roxx (AUS) 13/12/2019 R5 Racing Tauranga
Jonny Russ 11/12/2019 R2 Hawke's Bay RI
Juliette 14/12/2019 R8 Southland RC
Julius 14/12/2019 R3 Waikato RC
Julius 01/01/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Just Fabulous 14/12/2019 R7 Manawatu RC
Justa Boy Bullseye 13/12/2019 R2 Racing Tauranga
Justa Boy Bullseye 14/12/2019 R7 Waikato RC
Justamaiz 14/12/2019 R2 Waikato RC
Justamaiz 01/01/2020 R2 Auckland RC
Justamaiz 18/01/2020 R3 Wellington RC
Justamaiz 08/02/2020 R3 Waikato RC
Justamaiz 07/03/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Kaareraway 29/02/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Kabu (AUS) 11/12/2019 R7 Hawke's Bay RI
Kabu (AUS) 12/12/2019 R1 Auckland RC
Kabu (AUS) 14/03/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Kaharau (AUS) 07/03/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Kaipaki Road 15/12/2019 R5 Auckland RC
Kaipaki Road 11/01/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Kaipaki Road 14/03/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Kajino 14/12/2019 R7 Waikato RC
Kajino 01/01/2020 R7 Auckland RC
Kali 01/01/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Kali 11/01/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Kali 18/01/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Kamanda Lincoln 01/01/2020 R2 Auckland RC
Kamanda Lincoln 18/01/2020 R3 Wellington RC
Kamanda Lincoln 07/03/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Kandari 13/12/2019 R2 Otago RC
Kandari 14/12/2019 R4 Southland RC
Kandhu 13/12/2019 R7 Otago RC
Kapalka 13/12/2019 R4 Racing Tauranga
Kapinos 14/12/2019 R8 Manawatu RC
Kapour (IRE) 07/03/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Karalino 11/01/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Karalino 14/03/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Karm 'N' Easy 13/12/2019 R1 Otago RC
Karm 'N' Easy 14/12/2019 R6 Southland RC
Katango 14/12/2019 R8 Southland RC
Katchit 29/02/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Kathies Choice 14/03/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Katie Perrie 14/12/2019 R2 Waikato RC
Katie Perrie 14/12/2019 R6 Waikato RC
Katie Perrie 01/01/2020 R2 Auckland RC
Katie Perrie 07/03/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Katy Power 14/03/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Keep It Savvy 14/12/2019 R5 Manawatu RC
Kellys Inspiration 14/03/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Kentucky Cougar 13/12/2019 R7 Otago RC
Kerany 14/12/2019 R5 Southland RC
Khalfani (AUS) 14/03/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Khorabella 14/12/2019 R8 Waikato RC
Kilowatt 14/12/2019 R3 Southland RC
Kinesis 29/02/2020 R1 Auckland RC
King Of The Dance (AUS) 18/01/2020 R3 Wellington RC
King Of The Dance (AUS) 07/03/2020 R1 Auckland RC
King's Cross 26/12/2019 R7 Auckland RC
Kinshasa 01/01/2020 R7 Auckland RC
Kipchoge 01/01/2020 R7 Auckland RC
Kitty Power 13/12/2019 R4 Otago RC
Kitty Power 14/12/2019 R8 Southland RC
Kiwianna 12/12/2019 R3 Auckland RC
Kiwianna 15/12/2019 R4 Auckland RC
Knutquacker 13/12/2019 R3 Otago RC
Knutquacker 14/12/2019 R7 Southland RC
Krakadeel (AUS) 11/12/2019 R2 Hawke's Bay RI
Kristofferson 29/02/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Kya Khoob Lagti Ho (AUS) 14/12/2019 R6 Waikato RC
Kya Khoob Lagti Ho (AUS) 01/01/2020 R7 Auckland RC
La Bella Rosa 14/12/2019 R4 Manawatu RC
La Favorita 14/03/2020 R1 Wellington RC
La Mia Sirena 11/12/2019 R2 Hawke's Bay RI
La Mia Stella 14/12/2019 R4 Waikato RC
La Mia Stella 18/01/2020 R2 Wellington RC
Lady Azamour 01/01/2020 R7 Auckland RC
Lady Kartel 14/12/2019 R1 Waikato RC
Lady Kartel 18/01/2020 R2 Wellington RC
Lady Lira 15/12/2019 R3 Auckland RC
Lady Rudolph 14/12/2019 R4 Waikato RC
Lady Rudolph 26/12/2019 R7 Auckland RC
Lady Shabeel 14/12/2019 R2 Waikato RC
Lady Shabeel 01/01/2020 R2 Auckland RC
Lady Shabeel 07/03/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Lady Style 13/12/2019 R2 Otago RC
Lagertha 26/12/2019 R7 Auckland RC
Lake Superior 14/12/2019 R6 Waikato RC
Lake Superior 01/01/2020 R7 Auckland RC
Langkawi 13/12/2019 R1 Racing Tauranga
Langkawi 14/12/2019 R4 Waikato RC
Lannister 13/12/2019 R4 Racing Tauranga
Larippa 13/12/2019 R3 Otago RC
Larrikin 13/12/2019 R2 Otago RC
Last Up 29/02/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Laureate 29/02/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Lavaglo 14/03/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Leaderboard (USA) 07/03/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Leading Role 14/12/2019 R7 Manawatu RC
Leaf 14/12/2019 R8 Waikato RC
Let Me Tell Ya 13/12/2019 R5 Racing Tauranga
Let Me Tell Ya 26/12/2019 R7 Auckland RC
Lethal 29/02/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Lilikoi 14/12/2019 R1 Manawatu RC
Lilikoi 11/01/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Lilikoi 14/03/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Lincoln Fury (AUS) 14/12/2019 R7 Manawatu RC
Lincoln King 14/12/2019 R6 Waikato RC
Lincoln King 01/01/2020 R7 Auckland RC
Lincoln Raider 26/12/2019 R7 Auckland RC
Lincoln Raider 18/01/2020 R2 Wellington RC
Lincoln Springs (AUS) 29/02/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Lincoln Star 14/12/2019 R7 Manawatu RC
Lincoln Thunder (AUS) 29/02/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Lincoln's Kruz (AUS) 11/01/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Lincoln's Kruz (AUS) 29/02/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Lionize 14/12/2019 R9 Waikato RC
Livin' On A Prayer 14/12/2019 R1 Waikato RC
Livin' On A Prayer 18/01/2020 R2 Wellington RC
Livvy Lass 01/01/2020 R7 Auckland RC
Lochan Ora 14/12/2019 R1 Southland RC
Lochwinnoch 15/12/2019 R7 Auckland RC
Lochwinnoch 29/02/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Loire 11/01/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Loire 29/02/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Loire 14/03/2020 R1 Wellington RC
London Banker 26/12/2019 R7 Auckland RC
London Banker 01/01/2020 R7 Auckland RC
Long Jack (AUS) 29/02/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Look Out 14/12/2019 R4 Manawatu RC
Lookseasy 15/12/2019 R3 Auckland RC
Lord Zacford 14/12/2019 R9 Southland RC
Lorde Have Mercy 14/12/2019 R6 Waikato RC
Lorde Have Mercy 01/01/2020 R7 Auckland RC
Lorde Have Mercy 07/03/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Los Angeles 14/12/2019 R7 Waikato RC
Love To Dream 14/12/2019 R9 Southland RC
Lovebug 13/12/2019 R9 Otago RC
Lucky Century 13/12/2019 R6 Racing Tauranga
Lucky Shark 11/12/2019 R7 Hawke's Bay RI
Lucky Shark 11/01/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Lucky Shark 29/02/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Lugano's Ace 13/12/2019 R7 Otago RC
Lugano's Ace 14/12/2019 R9 Southland RC
Luminous 01/01/2020 R2 Auckland RC
Luminous 01/01/2020 R7 Auckland RC
Luminous 18/01/2020 R3 Wellington RC
Luminous 07/03/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Luvaluva 08/02/2020 R3 Waikato RC
Lyn's Orchid 11/01/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Lyn's Orchid 14/03/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Mac's Express 13/12/2019 R8 Racing Tauranga
Mach One 29/02/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Mach Schnell 29/02/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Macron 13/12/2019 R6 Otago RC
Madam De Soir 13/12/2019 R1 Otago RC
Madam De Soir 14/12/2019 R6 Southland RC
Madam Hass 15/12/2019 R3 Auckland RC
Madame Cherie 14/03/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Major Tom 01/01/2020 R2 Auckland RC
Major Tom 18/01/2020 R3 Wellington RC
Major Tom 07/03/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Makabar 13/12/2019 R3 Racing Tauranga
Makabar 14/12/2019 R8 Manawatu RC
Make Time 11/01/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Make Time 29/02/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Malambo 14/12/2019 R3 Manawatu RC
Malambo 14/12/2019 R5 Waikato RC
Malambo 01/01/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Malambo 18/01/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Malo Bik 14/12/2019 R4 Manawatu RC
Malo Bik 14/12/2019 R5 Waikato RC
Man Oh Man 12/12/2019 R2 Auckland RC
Maracaibo (AUS) 08/02/2020 R3 Waikato RC
Marbuzet 12/12/2019 R3 Auckland RC
Maria Dior 11/12/2019 R3 Hawke's Bay RI
Marmellos 13/12/2019 R4 Racing Tauranga
Marquita Miss 14/12/2019 R7 Southland RC
Marroni 29/02/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Marzemino 01/01/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Marzemino 18/01/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Masarova 12/12/2019 R3 Auckland RC
Mascarpone 11/01/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Mascarpone 18/01/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Mascarpone 29/02/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Maserartie Bay (AUS) 29/02/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Masetto 14/12/2019 R2 Waikato RC
Masetto 01/01/2020 R2 Auckland RC
Masetto 01/01/2020 R7 Auckland RC
Masetto 18/01/2020 R3 Wellington RC
Masetto 07/03/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Masque 26/12/2019 R7 Auckland RC
Master Herb 12/12/2019 R3 Auckland RC
Master Oakleigh 13/12/2019 R4 Racing Tauranga
Master Painton 12/12/2019 R5 Auckland RC
Master Painton 26/12/2019 R7 Auckland RC
Master Park 13/12/2019 R3 Racing Tauranga
Matawhero 14/03/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Matt Cain 11/12/2019 R6 Hawke's Bay RI
Matter Of Fact 15/12/2019 R4 Auckland RC
Mazzuro 14/12/2019 R6 Waikato RC
Mazzuro 01/01/2020 R2 Auckland RC
Mazzuro 01/01/2020 R7 Auckland RC
Mazzuro 18/01/2020 R3 Wellington RC
Mazzuro 07/03/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Meant To Be 12/12/2019 R2 Auckland RC
Media Sensation (AUS) 01/01/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Media Sensation (AUS) 18/01/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Meghan 15/12/2019 R4 Auckland RC
Meghan 14/03/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Mekelle 12/12/2019 R4 Auckland RC
Mekelle 14/12/2019 R8 Waikato RC
Melanite 13/12/2019 R6 Otago RC
Memories Only 11/12/2019 R3 Hawke's Bay RI
Mersey Beat 12/12/2019 R1 Auckland RC
Mersey Beat 12/12/2019 R3 Auckland RC
Mersey Beat 13/12/2019 R7 Racing Tauranga
Mersey Beat 29/02/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Mi Jakky 11/12/2019 R2 Hawke's Bay RI
Mi Jakky 11/12/2019 R5 Hawke's Bay RI
Might 15/12/2019 R5 Auckland RC
Might 11/01/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Might 29/02/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Mighty Aslan 26/12/2019 R7 Auckland RC
Mighty Aslan 07/03/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Mighty Colombo 12/12/2019 R4 Auckland RC
Milano 14/12/2019 R8 Southland RC
Milk Power 14/03/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Mint Julep 13/12/2019 R8 Otago RC
Miss Contessa 14/12/2019 R5 Manawatu RC
Miss Interpreted 07/03/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Miss Maxipark 13/12/2019 R4 Otago RC
Miss Tavi 15/12/2019 R4 Auckland RC
Miss Wrigley 11/12/2019 R5 Hawke's Bay RI
Mister President 29/02/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Mistress Quickly 13/12/2019 R6 Otago RC
Model Aye 01/01/2020 R7 Auckland RC
Molto Veloce 15/12/2019 R6 Auckland RC
Monaco 26/12/2019 R7 Auckland RC
Monaco 18/01/2020 R2 Wellington RC
Money Trail 14/12/2019 R5 Waikato RC
Mongolian Heaven 15/12/2019 R7 Auckland RC
Mongolian Heaven 29/02/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Mongolian Marshal 14/12/2019 R3 Waikato RC
Mongolian Marshal 18/01/2020 R2 Wellington RC
Mongolian Sun 29/02/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Mongolianconqueror 14/12/2019 R4 Waikato RC
Mongolianconqueror 01/01/2020 R2 Auckland RC
Mongolianconqueror 01/01/2020 R7 Auckland RC
Mongolianconqueror 18/01/2020 R3 Wellington RC
Mongolianconqueror 07/03/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Monkey Shoulder 14/12/2019 R7 Manawatu RC
Monlula 11/12/2019 R7 Hawke's Bay RI
Monlula 12/12/2019 R1 Auckland RC
Monlula 29/02/2020 R1 Auckland RC
More Than Enough 13/12/2019 R6 Racing Tauranga
Moss Jazz 14/12/2019 R5 Southland RC
Mossy Creek (AUS) 13/12/2019 R1 Otago RC
Motley Crue 15/12/2019 R2 Auckland RC
Motley Crue 11/01/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Motuman 13/12/2019 R2 Racing Tauranga
Mount Madeira 29/02/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Mowenna 13/12/2019 R3 Otago RC
Mr Fahrenheit 13/12/2019 R6 Otago RC
Mr Intelligence 14/12/2019 R1 Southland RC
Mr Universe 14/12/2019 R3 Manawatu RC
Mr Universe 01/01/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Mr Universe 18/01/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Mussolini 15/12/2019 R3 Auckland RC
Mussolini 26/12/2019 R7 Auckland RC
Mustard 13/12/2019 R8 Otago RC
My Father's Gun 14/12/2019 R5 Manawatu RC
My Father's Gun 26/12/2019 R7 Auckland RC
My Wine 13/12/2019 R8 Racing Tauranga
My World 12/12/2019 R1 Auckland RC
My World 29/02/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Nasha Riva 14/12/2019 R1 Waikato RC
Nasha Riva 14/12/2019 R4 Waikato RC
Nasha Riva 01/01/2020 R7 Auckland RC
Navel Affair 15/12/2019 R4 Auckland RC
Nazare 14/12/2019 R7 Southland RC
Nellie Grey 13/12/2019 R8 Otago RC
Neruda 13/12/2019 R8 Otago RC
Nesta (IRE) 14/12/2019 R4 Southland RC
Nicole Ashley 13/12/2019 R6 Otago RC
Nicole Ashley 13/12/2019 R7 Otago RC
Nightcap 14/12/2019 R5 Southland RC
Nitro Ted 18/01/2020 R3 Wellington RC
No Compromise 29/02/2020 R1 Auckland RC
No Loitering 14/12/2019 R4 Waikato RC
Non Blonde 14/12/2019 R8 Southland RC
Nopele 14/12/2019 R4 Southland RC
Not Ideal 11/12/2019 R6 Hawke's Bay RI
Not Ideal 11/12/2019 R7 Hawke's Bay RI
Not Ideal 12/12/2019 R1 Auckland RC
Not Usual Dream 12/12/2019 R2 Auckland RC
Not Usual Glorious (AUS) 15/12/2019 R7 Auckland RC
Not Usual Glorious (AUS) 29/02/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Not Usual Heaven 11/12/2019 R5 Hawke's Bay RI
Not Usual Heaven 15/12/2019 R4 Auckland RC
Not Usual Litening 11/12/2019 R6 Hawke's Bay RI
Not Usual Litening 11/12/2019 R7 Hawke's Bay RI
Not Usual Litening 12/12/2019 R1 Auckland RC
Nothing Compares 14/03/2020 R1 Wellington RC
O'Canada 14/12/2019 R9 Waikato RC
Oak 13/12/2019 R4 Racing Tauranga
Ocean Billy 14/12/2019 R6 Waikato RC
Oceans Eight 11/12/2019 R6 Hawke's Bay RI
Octave 15/12/2019 R4 Auckland RC
Octave 14/03/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Ofa Orsome 14/12/2019 R8 Manawatu RC
Ohthoserussians 13/12/2019 R2 Racing Tauranga
Okay Pal (AUS) 11/01/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Olaf 14/12/2019 R6 Southland RC
Olivia 13/12/2019 R3 Racing Tauranga
On The Rocks 18/01/2020 R2 Wellington RC
On The Rocks 08/02/2020 R3 Waikato RC
One Prize One Goal 14/12/2019 R5 Manawatu RC
Opal Fire 13/12/2019 R7 Otago RC
Ophelia Rose 13/12/2019 R8 Otago RC
Ophir Gold 13/12/2019 R6 Otago RC
Opio Rose 14/12/2019 R8 Southland RC
Orakei Overlord 01/01/2020 R2 Auckland RC
Orakei Overlord 07/03/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Oratia (AUS) 01/01/2020 R2 Auckland RC
Oratia (AUS) 01/01/2020 R7 Auckland RC
Oratia (AUS) 07/03/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Oriental Bay 14/03/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Origineel 15/12/2019 R1 Auckland RC
Origineel 14/03/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Osaka 11/01/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Osaka 29/02/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Our Beeskees 13/12/2019 R4 Racing Tauranga
Our Boy Baz 13/12/2019 R2 Otago RC
Our Boy Baz 14/12/2019 R7 Southland RC
Our Boy Ritchie 14/12/2019 R6 Southland RC
Our Creed 15/12/2019 R4 Auckland RC
Our Rosette 14/03/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Our Stilettos 14/03/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Our Wonderland 26/12/2019 R7 Auckland RC
Out Of The Park 13/12/2019 R6 Otago RC
Outram 13/12/2019 R2 Otago RC
Ozil (AUS) 14/12/2019 R8 Manawatu RC
Pableau 14/12/2019 R6 Southland RC
Pablo Picasso 13/12/2019 R8 Otago RC
Painless 14/12/2019 R7 Manawatu RC
Paisley Park 01/01/2020 R2 Auckland RC
Paisley Park 01/01/2020 R7 Auckland RC
Paisley Park 08/02/2020 R3 Waikato RC
Parallax (AUS) 29/02/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Pas De Geant 11/12/2019 R4 Hawke's Bay RI
Passito 14/12/2019 R2 Southland RC
Patch Prince (AUS) 11/12/2019 R4 Hawke's Bay RI
Patch Prince (AUS) 15/12/2019 R2 Auckland RC
Peace Train 14/12/2019 R8 Waikato RC
Peloton 15/12/2019 R7 Auckland RC
Peloton 29/02/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Penny Royal 11/12/2019 R3 Hawke's Bay RI
Penteverest 26/12/2019 R7 Auckland RC
Penteverest 01/01/2020 R7 Auckland RC
Penteverest 18/01/2020 R3 Wellington RC
Penteverest 07/03/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Pep Torque 01/01/2020 R2 Auckland RC
Perceive 13/12/2019 R8 Otago RC
Perfecto 14/12/2019 R7 Southland RC
Peso 14/12/2019 R2 Manawatu RC
Peso 08/02/2020 R3 Waikato RC
Peso 07/03/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Petrabella 15/12/2019 R8 Auckland RC
Phyllite 13/12/2019 R8 Otago RC
Picture Me Rollin 14/12/2019 R3 Southland RC
Picture This 13/12/2019 R6 Otago RC
Pierina 14/12/2019 R3 Waikato RC
Pierina 26/12/2019 R7 Auckland RC
Pierina 18/01/2020 R2 Wellington RC
Piggy Malone 12/12/2019 R2 Auckland RC
Piggy Malone 01/01/2020 R7 Auckland RC
Pikey Princess 13/12/2019 R9 Otago RC
Pimlico 29/02/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Pinmedown 14/12/2019 R1 Waikato RC
Pinmedown 01/01/2020 R2 Auckland RC
Pinmedown 08/02/2020 R3 Waikato RC
Piping Hot 11/12/2019 R2 Hawke's Bay RI
Piping Hot 12/12/2019 R2 Auckland RC
Platinum Invador 01/01/2020 R2 Auckland RC
Platinum Invador 07/03/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Platinum Road (AUS) 11/01/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Platinum Road (AUS) 29/02/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Platinum Spirit 14/12/2019 R6 Manawatu RC
Platinum Spirit 29/02/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Platinum Wild Card 14/12/2019 R7 Manawatu RC
Playsameanpinball (AUS) 11/01/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Plowshare 13/12/2019 R4 Otago RC
Plucky Miss (AUS) 15/12/2019 R7 Auckland RC
Plucky Miss (AUS) 14/03/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Plutonium 13/12/2019 R3 Otago RC
Point Break 11/01/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Point Break 29/02/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Point Score 14/12/2019 R9 Southland RC
Poker Face 01/01/2020 R2 Auckland RC
Poker Face 07/03/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Polzeath 14/12/2019 R2 Manawatu RC
Pontiac 13/12/2019 R6 Racing Tauranga
Pop 'n' Rock 14/12/2019 R7 Southland RC
Pop Star Princess 14/12/2019 R5 Waikato RC
Porotene Charm 14/03/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Portland Jimmy 18/01/2020 R2 Wellington RC
Portland Jimmy 08/02/2020 R3 Waikato RC
Power 'n' Passion 14/12/2019 R1 Manawatu RC
Power Punch 13/12/2019 R5 Otago RC
Power Punch 13/12/2019 R6 Otago RC
Power's That Be 11/12/2019 R5 Hawke's Bay RI
Pretty To Sea 14/12/2019 R5 Waikato RC
Pretty To Sea 01/01/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Pretty To Sea 18/01/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Prince Albert 14/12/2019 R7 Waikato RC
Prince Albert 01/01/2020 R7 Auckland RC
Prince Of Brooks 13/12/2019 R4 Otago RC
Prince Turbo 14/12/2019 R6 Manawatu RC
Princess Amelie (AUS) 01/01/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Princess Amelie (AUS) 18/01/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Princess Ani 14/03/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Princess Kereru 01/01/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Princess Kereru 18/01/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Princess Rihanna 01/01/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Princess Rihanna 18/01/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Prise De Fer 26/12/2019 R7 Auckland RC
Prise De Fer 08/02/2020 R3 Waikato RC
Probabeel 11/01/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Probabeel 29/02/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Probabeel 14/03/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Prodigal Son 12/12/2019 R4 Auckland RC
Prodigal Son 12/12/2019 R5 Auckland RC
Proletariat 14/12/2019 R6 Manawatu RC
Pullyoursocksup 15/12/2019 R6 Auckland RC
Pullyoursocksup 26/12/2019 R7 Auckland RC
Puysegur (AUS) 13/12/2019 R3 Racing Tauranga
Puysegur (AUS) 15/12/2019 R3 Auckland RC
Puysegur (AUS) 11/01/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Qashqai 13/12/2019 R4 Otago RC
Qiji Dancer 15/12/2019 R7 Auckland RC
Qiji Dancer 29/02/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Qiji Dancer 14/03/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Qiji Melody (AUS) 11/12/2019 R4 Hawke's Bay RI
Qiji Spirit 29/02/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Quantum 13/12/2019 R3 Racing Tauranga
Queen Kamada 14/12/2019 R1 Manawatu RC
Queen Kamada 11/01/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Queen Kamada 14/03/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Queen Of Diamonds 14/12/2019 R1 Waikato RC
Queen Of Diamonds 18/01/2020 R2 Wellington RC
Queen Of Diamonds 08/02/2020 R3 Waikato RC
Quella Ragazza 13/12/2019 R8 Otago RC
Quick Preview (AUS) 12/12/2019 R4 Auckland RC
Quick Thinker (AUS) 08/02/2020 R3 Waikato RC
Quick Thinker (AUS) 29/02/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Qwerty 13/12/2019 R7 Otago RC
Rail Queen 13/12/2019 R8 Racing Tauranga
Raise Ya Cards 13/12/2019 R5 Otago RC
Rakuten 11/01/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Rakuten 29/02/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Ranger 13/12/2019 R7 Racing Tauranga
Ranger 11/01/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Ranger 29/02/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Rangitata 01/01/2020 R7 Auckland RC
Rapid Recall 14/03/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Rapidz 12/12/2019 R2 Auckland RC
Raposa Rapida (AUS) 26/12/2019 R7 Auckland RC
Ray's In Command 14/12/2019 R6 Southland RC
Ready To Roar 12/12/2019 R3 Auckland RC
Ready To Roar 15/12/2019 R4 Auckland RC
Real Beach 14/12/2019 R5 Manawatu RC
Red Cardinal (IRE) 07/03/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Red Hussar (AUS) 11/12/2019 R7 Hawke's Bay RI
Red Hussar (AUS) 13/12/2019 R4 Racing Tauranga
Red Hussar (AUS) 11/01/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Red Hussar (AUS) 29/02/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Red Red Robin 11/12/2019 R8 Hawke's Bay RI
Red Rufus 29/02/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Red Sky At Night 14/12/2019 R1 Waikato RC
Red Sky At Night 14/12/2019 R4 Waikato RC
Red Sunday 11/12/2019 R5 Hawke's Bay RI
Red Sunday 29/02/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Redcayenne 18/01/2020 R3 Wellington RC
Redcayenne 07/03/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Reggiewood 11/01/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Reggiewood 29/02/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Reiko 11/01/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Reiko 29/02/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Reiko 14/03/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Rekohu Diva 11/12/2019 R8 Hawke's Bay RI
Reliable Belle 13/12/2019 R7 Otago RC
Reliable Hunter 11/12/2019 R4 Hawke's Bay RI
Reliable Hunter 11/12/2019 R6 Hawke's Bay RI
Reliable Hunter 13/12/2019 R8 Racing Tauranga
Reliable Hunter 29/02/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Reliable Lady 13/12/2019 R5 Racing Tauranga
Rendition 15/12/2019 R7 Auckland RC
Rendition 29/02/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Rendition 14/03/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Renounce 14/12/2019 R9 Southland RC
Resolution 11/12/2019 R1 Hawke's Bay RI
Resurrect 11/12/2019 R3 Hawke's Bay RI
Rhaegar (AUS) 29/02/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Rhapsody In Blue 14/03/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Richie McHorse 01/01/2020 R2 Auckland RC
Riding The Wave (AUS) 12/12/2019 R5 Auckland RC
Riding The Wave (AUS) 26/12/2019 R7 Auckland RC
Riodini 11/01/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Riodini 29/02/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Rip 'n' Burn 12/12/2019 R2 Auckland RC
Rip Em Up 12/12/2019 R6 Auckland RC
Rip Em Up 15/12/2019 R8 Auckland RC
Ripemgini 11/12/2019 R2 Hawke's Bay RI
Ripped 15/12/2019 R2 Auckland RC
Ripped 29/02/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Ripper Of A Dream 11/12/2019 R5 Hawke's Bay RI
Rippin (AUS) 11/12/2019 R8 Hawke's Bay RI
Rising Ransom 29/02/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Rising Red 08/02/2020 R3 Waikato RC
Ritani 14/12/2019 R4 Waikato RC
River Of Hope 13/12/2019 R7 Racing Tauranga
River Rising 14/03/2020 R1 Wellington RC
River Run 14/12/2019 R8 Waikato RC
River Run 26/12/2019 R7 Auckland RC
Riverfalls 11/12/2019 R6 Hawke's Bay RI
Riverfalls 13/12/2019 R8 Racing Tauranga
Riviera Rock 14/12/2019 R1 Southland RC
Road To Redemption 13/12/2019 R1 Otago RC
Roc Wheeler 01/01/2020 R7 Auckland RC
Rocco Valenti 11/12/2019 R5 Hawke's Bay RI
Rock 'N' Affair 14/12/2019 R3 Manawatu RC
Rock On Wood 18/01/2020 R2 Wellington RC
Rock On Wood 08/02/2020 R3 Waikato RC
Rock With Choux 14/12/2019 R6 Manawatu RC
Rocket Fuel (AUS) 18/01/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Roger That 01/01/2020 R2 Auckland RC
Roger That 07/03/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Romantic Lady 11/01/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Ronchi 01/01/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Roschana 14/12/2019 R6 Manawatu RC
Roschana 14/12/2019 R7 Waikato RC
Roschana 01/01/2020 R7 Auckland RC
Rosie Glow 13/12/2019 R2 Otago RC
Rosie Glow 14/12/2019 R4 Southland RC
Rosie Mae 14/12/2019 R9 Southland RC
Royal Prince (AUS) 12/12/2019 R5 Auckland RC
Royal Prince (AUS) 26/12/2019 R7 Auckland RC
Ruakiwi Blaze 14/12/2019 R6 Southland RC
Ruby Love 15/12/2019 R6 Auckland RC
Ruby Rocks 14/03/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Rukita 14/03/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Run To Perfection (AUS) 11/01/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Rusalka 01/01/2020 R7 Auckland RC
Rusavy 12/12/2019 R4 Auckland RC
Rusavy 14/12/2019 R8 Waikato RC
Rusty Hawk (AUS) 29/02/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Rusty In Rongotea 11/12/2019 R6 Hawke's Bay RI
Sacre Coeur 12/12/2019 R5 Auckland RC
Sacred Day 18/01/2020 R2 Wellington RC
Sacred Day 08/02/2020 R3 Waikato RC
Sacred Day 07/03/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Sacred Lae 29/02/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Sacrosanct 15/12/2019 R5 Auckland RC
Sacrosanct 14/03/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Sagunto 11/12/2019 R1 Hawke's Bay RI
Sai Fah 14/12/2019 R5 Waikato RC
Saignon 13/12/2019 R1 Racing Tauranga
Saignon 15/12/2019 R6 Auckland RC
Saintly Way 14/12/2019 R8 Waikato RC
Saintly Way 15/12/2019 R3 Auckland RC
Saintly Way 26/12/2019 R7 Auckland RC
Salt Bay 13/12/2019 R1 Racing Tauranga
Sampson 18/01/2020 R3 Wellington RC
Sanctify 14/03/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Sandy Cool 14/12/2019 R9 Southland RC
Santa Catarina 01/01/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Santa Catarina 18/01/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Santa Monica 01/01/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Santa Monica 18/01/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Santori 15/12/2019 R1 Auckland RC
Sardonia 12/12/2019 R3 Auckland RC
Sardonia 15/12/2019 R4 Auckland RC
Sasanof's Hero 14/12/2019 R4 Waikato RC
Satriani 15/12/2019 R6 Auckland RC
Satriani 26/12/2019 R7 Auckland RC
Satu Lagi 14/12/2019 R4 Manawatu RC
Saunter Boy (FR) 07/03/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Savannah Gem 14/12/2019 R6 Manawatu RC
Savannah Gem 18/01/2020 R3 Wellington RC
Savapak 14/12/2019 R3 Southland RC
Savappiel 14/03/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Savastep 14/12/2019 R7 Manawatu RC
Savette 26/12/2019 R7 Auckland RC
Savezar 13/12/2019 R7 Racing Tauranga
Savezar 14/03/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Savvy Lad 29/02/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Savvy Oak 08/02/2020 R3 Waikato RC
Savy Yong Blonk 01/01/2020 R2 Auckland RC
Savy Yong Blonk 01/01/2020 R7 Auckland RC
Savy Yong Blonk 18/01/2020 R3 Wellington RC
Savy Yong Blonk 07/03/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Scaglioni (AUS) 14/12/2019 R4 Waikato RC
Scandalous 13/12/2019 R6 Otago RC
Scorpz 15/12/2019 R7 Auckland RC
Scorpz 11/01/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Scorpz 08/02/2020 R3 Waikato RC
Scorpz 29/02/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Scott Base 14/12/2019 R3 Waikato RC
Scott Base 01/01/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Scott Base 18/01/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Scott Base 18/01/2020 R2 Wellington RC
Scott Base 08/02/2020 R3 Waikato RC
Seaaprince 14/12/2019 R5 Manawatu RC
Seafolly 13/12/2019 R6 Racing Tauranga
Seconds Out 13/12/2019 R2 Racing Tauranga
Secret Allure 18/01/2020 R2 Wellington RC
Secret Dreams 14/12/2019 R9 Southland RC
Secretaria 13/12/2019 R5 Otago RC
Seemax 13/12/2019 R2 Racing Tauranga
Seemax 01/01/2020 R7 Auckland RC
Selenelion 15/12/2019 R4 Auckland RC
Selenelion 14/03/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Senor Moss 13/12/2019 R6 Otago RC
Sensei (AUS) 18/01/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Sentimental Miss 01/01/2020 R2 Auckland RC
Sentimental Miss 18/01/2020 R3 Wellington RC
Sentimental Miss 07/03/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Sesto 13/12/2019 R7 Racing Tauranga
Sesto 14/03/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Seven Aajes 12/12/2019 R3 Auckland RC
Seven Aajes 29/02/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Seven Seas 11/12/2019 R2 Hawke's Bay RI
Seven Seas 14/03/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Shaara 14/12/2019 R2 Southland RC
Shadows Cast 18/01/2020 R2 Wellington RC
Shady Grey 14/12/2019 R7 Manawatu RC
Shakespeare 29/02/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Shakti 14/12/2019 R1 Southland RC
Sham On Toast 15/12/2019 R2 Auckland RC
Shanghar 15/12/2019 R4 Auckland RC
Shantav 14/12/2019 R1 Southland RC
She Is Gold 13/12/2019 R5 Otago RC
She Speeds 29/02/2020 R1 Auckland RC
She Speeds 14/03/2020 R1 Wellington RC
She's A Smash Hit 15/12/2019 R3 Auckland RC
She's Fearless (AUS) 26/12/2019 R7 Auckland RC
She's Fun 14/12/2019 R7 Southland RC
She's Not Bad 14/12/2019 R4 Manawatu RC
Sheer Elegance 11/12/2019 R5 Hawke's Bay RI
Sheezallmine 18/01/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Sheeznoteasy 13/12/2019 R6 Racing Tauranga
Shenanigans 11/01/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Shenanigans 29/02/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Sherwood Forest (AUS) 11/01/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Sherwood Forest (AUS) 08/02/2020 R3 Waikato RC
Sherwood Forest (AUS) 29/02/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Sheza Beach Babe 11/12/2019 R1 Hawke's Bay RI
Shezathinka (AUS) 07/03/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Shibuya Kosaten (AUS) 11/01/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Shirley Maude 14/12/2019 R3 Southland RC
Shocking Penny 12/12/2019 R2 Auckland RC
Short Fuse 14/12/2019 R5 Waikato RC
Short Fuse 01/01/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Short Fuse 18/01/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Shotgun Sally (AUS) 29/02/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Shotgun Sally (AUS) 14/03/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Show Down 14/12/2019 R8 Waikato RC
Showaan 29/02/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Showbeel 14/12/2019 R1 Manawatu RC
Showbeel 14/03/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Showboat 15/12/2019 R6 Auckland RC
Showboat 14/03/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Sig Positano (AUS) 11/01/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Sig Positano (AUS) 29/02/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Sigourney Heights 11/12/2019 R7 Hawke's Bay RI
Sils Maria (AUS) 14/03/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Silver Lake 29/02/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Silver Lake 14/03/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Single Moment 12/12/2019 R6 Auckland RC
Single Moment 15/12/2019 R8 Auckland RC
Sitarist 14/12/2019 R1 Southland RC
Skagerak 29/02/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Skarloey 14/12/2019 R5 Manawatu RC
Skybound 14/03/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Snip 13/12/2019 R6 Racing Tauranga
Snowdeel 13/12/2019 R7 Racing Tauranga
Snowdeel 14/03/2020 R1 Wellington RC
So It Was 14/12/2019 R6 Manawatu RC
So Natural 14/12/2019 R4 Southland RC
So Wicked 26/12/2019 R7 Auckland RC
Socialights (AUS) 12/12/2019 R6 Auckland RC
Socialights (AUS) 15/12/2019 R8 Auckland RC
Socialights (AUS) 26/12/2019 R7 Auckland RC
Soft Hearted 13/12/2019 R4 Racing Tauranga
Soft Hearted 13/12/2019 R5 Racing Tauranga
Soft Hearted 26/12/2019 R7 Auckland RC
Soleseifei 18/01/2020 R3 Wellington RC
Soleseifei 07/03/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Solomon 14/12/2019 R5 Southland RC
Solomon 14/12/2019 R8 Southland RC
Son Of Maher (AUS) 18/01/2020 R2 Wellington RC
Son Of Sasanof 13/12/2019 R4 Racing Tauranga
Son Of Sasanof 13/12/2019 R6 Racing Tauranga
Sorrentina 11/01/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Sorrentina 14/03/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Sound (GER) 07/03/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Sparkling Lady 15/12/2019 R1 Auckland RC
Special Light (AUS) 01/01/2020 R7 Auckland RC
Special Light (AUS) 18/01/2020 R3 Wellington RC
Special Light (AUS) 07/03/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Speed Call 14/12/2019 R6 Manawatu RC
Speedy Meady 01/01/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Speedy Meady 18/01/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Spider Lily 13/12/2019 R1 Otago RC
Spirit Of Galway 11/12/2019 R4 Hawke's Bay RI
Spondulix 14/12/2019 R5 Manawatu RC
Spring Delight 01/01/2020 R2 Auckland RC
Spring Delight 01/01/2020 R7 Auckland RC
Spring Delight 18/01/2020 R3 Wellington RC
Spring Delight 07/03/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Spring Heat (AUS) 01/01/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Spring Heat (AUS) 18/01/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Springsteen 11/01/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Springsteen 29/02/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Stacey Ann 14/12/2019 R5 Waikato RC
Star Ellipse (AUS) 11/12/2019 R7 Hawke's Bay RI
Star Karen (AUS) 01/01/2020 R2 Auckland RC
Star Karen (AUS) 01/01/2020 R7 Auckland RC
Star Karen (AUS) 18/01/2020 R3 Wellington RC
Star Karen (AUS) 07/03/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Star Of Bombay 15/12/2019 R5 Auckland RC
Star Of Bombay 11/01/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Star Of Bombay 14/03/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Starrybeel 08/02/2020 R3 Waikato RC
Starrybeel 07/03/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Stella Daze 14/12/2019 R4 Southland RC
Stellacanto 14/12/2019 R7 Southland RC
Steven James 01/01/2020 R7 Auckland RC
Stilton 01/01/2020 R7 Auckland RC
Stradivarius 14/12/2019 R4 Manawatu RC
Stratius 15/12/2019 R4 Auckland RC
Strolling Vagabond 14/12/2019 R2 Waikato RC
Strolling Vagabond 01/01/2020 R2 Auckland RC
Stylish Suggestion 15/12/2019 R6 Auckland RC
Sugar Rush 14/12/2019 R5 Manawatu RC
Suliman 07/03/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Summer Wind 26/12/2019 R7 Auckland RC
Summer Wind 07/03/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Sunburst 14/12/2019 R4 Waikato RC
Supatwista 14/12/2019 R8 Southland RC
Super Hoof 14/12/2019 R4 Waikato RC
Super Sid 11/01/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Super Sid 29/02/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Super Strike 15/12/2019 R5 Auckland RC
Super Strike 29/02/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Supera 18/01/2020 R2 Wellington RC
Supera 08/02/2020 R3 Waikato RC
Supera 07/03/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Superstatic 13/12/2019 R3 Otago RC
Superstition 14/12/2019 R6 Southland RC
Sure Is 13/12/2019 R2 Otago RC
Surrey (AUS) 14/12/2019 R6 Manawatu RC
Surrey (AUS) 01/01/2020 R7 Auckland RC
Sweepstake 14/12/2019 R3 Waikato RC
Sweet Dreams 13/12/2019 R5 Racing Tauranga
Sweet Nineteen 12/12/2019 R4 Auckland RC
Sweet Nineteen 26/12/2019 R7 Auckland RC
Sweet Oak 14/12/2019 R4 Southland RC
Sweetchildofmine 11/12/2019 R2 Hawke's Bay RI
Swing Note (AUS) 01/01/2020 R2 Auckland RC
Swing Note (AUS) 18/01/2020 R3 Wellington RC
Swing Note (AUS) 07/03/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Swisswatch 14/12/2019 R5 Waikato RC
Sword Of Freedom (AUS) 29/02/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Swords Drawn (AUS) 01/01/2020 R2 Auckland RC
Swords Drawn (AUS) 01/01/2020 R7 Auckland RC
Swords Drawn (AUS) 18/01/2020 R3 Wellington RC
Swords Drawn (AUS) 07/03/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Sympathique 15/12/2019 R1 Auckland RC
Tabata 11/01/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Tabata 14/03/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Taieri Gem 13/12/2019 R2 Otago RC
Take It Out 14/12/2019 R7 Waikato RC
Take That 29/02/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Takeitlikeaman 11/12/2019 R8 Hawke's Bay RI
Takeitlikeaman 12/12/2019 R4 Auckland RC
Takeitlikeaman 26/12/2019 R7 Auckland RC
Tamahine 14/03/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Tammie Wynette 26/12/2019 R7 Auckland RC
Tango Love 14/12/2019 R9 Waikato RC
Tap Tap 14/12/2019 R7 Southland RC
Taponisme 14/12/2019 R3 Southland RC
Taponisme 14/12/2019 R4 Southland RC
Tarabeebee 14/12/2019 R8 Manawatu RC
Tavashore 11/12/2019 R7 Hawke's Bay RI
Tavashore 29/02/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Tavattack 29/02/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Tavilon 29/02/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Te Akau Caliburn (IRE) 08/02/2020 R3 Waikato RC
Te Akau Caliburn (IRE) 07/03/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Te Quiera 13/12/2019 R1 Otago RC
Tears Of Jupiter (AUS) 29/02/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Tears Of Jupiter (AUS) 14/03/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Tekeela Charm 11/12/2019 R6 Hawke's Bay RI
Tellmesomethingboy 14/12/2019 R9 Waikato RC
Terra Sancta 07/03/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Terracotta Warrior 14/12/2019 R8 Waikato RC
That's Funny 11/12/2019 R1 Hawke's Bay RI
The Bumper 14/12/2019 R3 Southland RC
The Buzz 14/12/2019 R5 Manawatu RC
The Buzz 26/12/2019 R7 Auckland RC
The Chosen One 08/02/2020 R3 Waikato RC
The Good Fight 01/01/2020 R2 Auckland RC
The Good Fight 01/01/2020 R7 Auckland RC
The Good Fight 18/01/2020 R3 Wellington RC
The Good Fight 07/03/2020 R1 Auckland RC
The Growler 14/12/2019 R4 Southland RC
The Holy One 29/02/2020 R1 Auckland RC
The Midnight Shift 13/12/2019 R2 Racing Tauranga
The Midnight Shift 14/12/2019 R7 Waikato RC
The Midnight Shift 01/01/2020 R7 Auckland RC
The Mitigator (AUS) 18/01/2020 R2 Wellington RC
The Mitigator (AUS) 08/02/2020 R3 Waikato RC
The Precious One 14/12/2019 R4 Southland RC
The Real Beel 14/12/2019 R1 Waikato RC
The Ridla 13/12/2019 R9 Otago RC
The Rippa 14/12/2019 R5 Manawatu RC
The Sparkle 14/12/2019 R4 Southland RC
The Style 13/12/2019 R2 Otago RC
The Twinkling 14/03/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Thistle Do 29/02/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Thought Of That (AUS) 29/02/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Thousandkissesdeep 12/12/2019 R1 Auckland RC
Thousandkissesdeep 15/12/2019 R1 Auckland RC
Threadtheneedle 13/12/2019 R4 Racing Tauranga
Threadtheneedle 13/12/2019 R5 Racing Tauranga
Three Sixty 13/12/2019 R6 Racing Tauranga
Three Sixty 15/12/2019 R2 Auckland RC
Tia Celeste 26/12/2019 R7 Auckland RC
Tibetan 15/12/2019 R7 Auckland RC
Tibetan 29/02/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Tickets On Her 14/12/2019 R5 Southland RC
Timy Tyler 14/12/2019 R1 Southland RC
Tinkalicious 14/12/2019 R3 Waikato RC
Tiptronic 01/01/2020 R2 Auckland RC
Tiptronic 18/01/2020 R2 Wellington RC
Tiptronic 08/02/2020 R3 Waikato RC
To Love You 14/12/2019 R3 Southland RC
To Love You 14/12/2019 R4 Southland RC
To Love You 18/01/2020 R3 Wellington RC
To Sir With Love 13/12/2019 R4 Otago RC
Tobilicious 14/12/2019 R4 Southland RC
Tokorangi 14/12/2019 R9 Waikato RC
Toms 01/01/2020 R2 Auckland RC
Toms 18/01/2020 R3 Wellington RC
Toms 07/03/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Tony Two Chips 13/12/2019 R1 Otago RC
Tony Two Chips 14/12/2019 R6 Southland RC
Top Laurels (AUS) 18/01/2020 R3 Wellington RC
Torque Straight 14/12/2019 R8 Waikato RC
Travelling Light 11/01/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Travelling Light 29/02/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Travelling Light 14/03/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Trekolure 13/12/2019 R7 Otago RC
Trickle Treat 14/12/2019 R9 Southland RC
Tricky Mickey 13/12/2019 R5 Otago RC
Triomphe 15/12/2019 R8 Auckland RC
Triomphe 01/01/2020 R7 Auckland RC
Triomphe 07/03/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Trip In Time 13/12/2019 R8 Otago RC
Trouble 01/01/2020 R7 Auckland RC
Trouble 07/03/2020 R1 Auckland RC
True Enough 18/01/2020 R2 Wellington RC
True Enough 08/02/2020 R3 Waikato RC
Trueman 14/12/2019 R7 Manawatu RC
Trumpet (AUS) 14/12/2019 R7 Waikato RC
Trumpet (AUS) 01/01/2020 R7 Auckland RC
Truth Beknown 14/03/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Tumbleweed 13/12/2019 R3 Racing Tauranga
Tumbleweed 15/12/2019 R3 Auckland RC
Tuppence 11/12/2019 R4 Hawke's Bay RI
Tuppence 13/12/2019 R8 Racing Tauranga
Tuscan Whistler (AUS) 15/12/2019 R6 Auckland RC
Tussock County 13/12/2019 R9 Otago RC
Two Illicit 14/03/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Tyson 13/12/2019 R8 Racing Tauranga
Unacceptable 14/12/2019 R7 Waikato RC
Unacceptable 01/01/2020 R2 Auckland RC
Unacceptable 01/01/2020 R7 Auckland RC
Unacceptable 07/03/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Uncle Bro 11/12/2019 R1 Hawke's Bay RI
Unionhall (AUS) 11/12/2019 R2 Hawke's Bay RI
Unlaced 14/03/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Uphold 13/12/2019 R8 Otago RC
Upperhand 14/12/2019 R2 Southland RC
Valmur 12/12/2019 R2 Auckland RC
Valmur 01/01/2020 R7 Auckland RC
Van Diamond 12/12/2019 R4 Auckland RC
Van Diamond 13/12/2019 R1 Racing Tauranga
Van Diamond 14/12/2019 R8 Waikato RC
Vanilla Moon 14/12/2019 R4 Southland RC
Vannoss 11/12/2019 R1 Hawke's Bay RI
Vazza's Gift 14/12/2019 R7 Waikato RC
Vencedora 14/12/2019 R6 Waikato RC
Vencedora 01/01/2020 R7 Auckland RC
Vencedora 07/03/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Vent 14/03/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Verbalizer 12/12/2019 R5 Auckland RC
Verdigris 13/12/2019 R7 Otago RC
Verdigris 14/03/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Vermont 14/12/2019 R6 Manawatu RC
Vernanme 18/01/2020 R2 Wellington RC
Vernanme 08/02/2020 R3 Waikato RC
Vichy 26/12/2019 R7 Auckland RC
Vichy 01/01/2020 R2 Auckland RC
Vichy 01/01/2020 R7 Auckland RC
Vichy 18/01/2020 R2 Wellington RC
Vichy 08/02/2020 R3 Waikato RC
Vigor Winner (AUS) 18/01/2020 R2 Wellington RC
Vin De Dance 14/12/2019 R2 Waikato RC
Vin De Dance 01/01/2020 R2 Auckland RC
Vin De Dance 18/01/2020 R3 Wellington RC
Vin De Dance 08/02/2020 R3 Waikato RC
Vin De Dance 07/03/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Vinnie's Volley 11/12/2019 R3 Hawke's Bay RI
Virtuoso Lad (AUS) 15/12/2019 R6 Auckland RC
Virtuoso Lad (AUS) 26/12/2019 R7 Auckland RC
Viscosity 29/02/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Visenya (AUS) 11/12/2019 R5 Hawke's Bay RI
Visenya (AUS) 14/03/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Viva Volare 12/12/2019 R2 Auckland RC
Vladivostok 12/12/2019 R1 Auckland RC
Vladivostok 29/02/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Volitivo 15/12/2019 R1 Auckland RC
Volpe Veloce (AUS) 01/01/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Volpe Veloce (AUS) 18/01/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Voralto 14/03/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Waimate Bill 14/12/2019 R2 Southland RC
Waisake 18/01/2020 R3 Wellington RC
Wall Of Fire (IRE) 07/03/2020 R1 Auckland RC
War Of Words 11/12/2019 R2 Hawke's Bay RI
War Of Words 11/12/2019 R5 Hawke's Bay RI
Wardofthestate 13/12/2019 R6 Otago RC
Warning Bird 13/12/2019 R8 Otago RC
Wasp 11/12/2019 R6 Hawke's Bay RI
Watch This Space 14/12/2019 R3 Waikato RC
Watch This Space 18/01/2020 R2 Wellington RC
Weaponry 13/12/2019 R1 Racing Tauranga
Weaponry 26/12/2019 R7 Auckland RC
Westfield 11/12/2019 R4 Hawke's Bay RI
What A Smasher 14/12/2019 R3 Manawatu RC
What's Up Alf 14/12/2019 R3 Southland RC
Wheao (AUS) 01/01/2020 R2 Auckland RC
Wheao (AUS) 01/01/2020 R7 Auckland RC
Wheao (AUS) 07/03/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Whenharrymetsaddle 18/01/2020 R2 Wellington RC
Where Angels Walk 14/12/2019 R5 Southland RC
White Hibiscus (AUS) 14/03/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Wild Jack 14/12/2019 R3 Southland RC
Wild West 11/01/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Wild West 29/02/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Winklebelle 13/12/2019 R2 Racing Tauranga
Winter Bride (AUS) 01/01/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Winter Bride (AUS) 18/01/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Wonder No More 14/12/2019 R8 Manawatu RC
Woodcote Lass 01/01/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Wordsworth 13/12/2019 R7 Racing Tauranga
Wordsworth 15/12/2019 R4 Auckland RC
Wordsworth 29/02/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Wyndspelle 18/01/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Wyndspelle 18/01/2020 R2 Wellington RC
Wyndspelle 08/02/2020 R3 Waikato RC
Xcuses Xcuses 14/12/2019 R2 Southland RC
Xitlalli 29/02/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Xpression 18/01/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Yatima 01/01/2020 R2 Auckland RC
Yatima 07/03/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Yearn 14/12/2019 R1 Waikato RC
Yearn 18/01/2020 R2 Wellington RC
Yes Boy 14/12/2019 R8 Manawatu RC
Ying Resolute 12/12/2019 R2 Auckland RC
Yogi 07/03/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Yossarian 11/12/2019 R8 Hawke's Bay RI
You're Welcome (AUS) 11/12/2019 R8 Hawke's Bay RI
You're Welcome (AUS) 07/03/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Za Za Gabor (AUS) 01/01/2020 R7 Auckland RC
Za Za Gabor (AUS) 08/02/2020 R3 Waikato RC
Zabay 14/12/2019 R3 Southland RC
Zac Brown 01/01/2020 R7 Auckland RC
Zac Brown 18/01/2020 R3 Wellington RC
Zakalicious 14/03/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Zakunda 29/02/2020 R1 Auckland RC
Zappeur (AUS) 11/12/2019 R8 Hawke's Bay RI
Zawadi 15/12/2019 R4 Auckland RC
Zedaam 13/12/2019 R1 Otago RC
Zipitsweetie (AUS) 14/03/2020 R1 Wellington RC
Zouluminous (AUS) 14/03/2020 R1 Wellington RC