Nominated Horse Index

Horse Day Race Number Club
Akela Belle 26/05/2019 R7 Egmont RC
All In Stitches 26/05/2019 R8 Egmont RC
Allure 25/05/2019 R7 Wellington RC
Altius 26/05/2019 R8 Egmont RC
Amusedandconfused 26/05/2019 R5 Egmont RC
Aratoka 26/05/2019 R5 Egmont RC
Armaguard 25/05/2019 R6 Wellington RC
Art Deco 25/05/2019 R2 Wellington RC
Astro 26/05/2019 R1 Egmont RC
Bae Corp 25/05/2019 R1 Wellington RC
Beau Jeu 26/05/2019 R7 Egmont RC
Beautiful Man 26/05/2019 R2 Egmont RC
Bella Margarita 25/05/2019 R3 Wellington RC
Bella Margarita 26/05/2019 R8 Egmont RC
Belle Of Georgia 26/05/2019 R4 Egmont RC
Belle Tem 26/05/2019 R2 Egmont RC
Beltoy 25/05/2019 R6 Wellington RC
Beltoy 25/05/2019 R7 Wellington RC
Big Ben 26/05/2019 R2 Egmont RC
Black Anasta 26/05/2019 R6 Egmont RC
Blue Rata Anna 26/05/2019 R6 Egmont RC
Bobby Dawn 26/05/2019 R4 Egmont RC
Bojangles 26/05/2019 R2 Egmont RC
Booty Lara 25/05/2019 R6 Wellington RC
Brahmarahma 26/05/2019 R2 Egmont RC
Brian Boru 26/05/2019 R5 Egmont RC
Bring To The Block 25/05/2019 R2 Wellington RC
Bruno Magile 26/05/2019 R5 Egmont RC
Caballero 26/05/2019 R7 Egmont RC
Cape Du Jeu 25/05/2019 R3 Wellington RC
Cate Blanco 26/05/2019 R4 Egmont RC
Charli Rose 26/05/2019 R8 Egmont RC
Charlie Horse 25/05/2019 R8 Wellington RC
Chartwell 26/05/2019 R2 Egmont RC
Chasing The Crown 26/05/2019 R6 Egmont RC
Che Guevara 26/05/2019 R2 Egmont RC
Claddagh 25/05/2019 R3 Wellington RC
Collinstreet 25/05/2019 R3 Wellington RC
Colorado Miss 26/05/2019 R2 Egmont RC
Comeback 25/05/2019 R2 Wellington RC
Confessional 25/05/2019 R6 Wellington RC
Cover Drive 25/05/2019 R8 Wellington RC
Cover Drive 26/05/2019 R2 Egmont RC
Credit Manager 26/05/2019 R1 Egmont RC
Cristal Bubble (AUS) 26/05/2019 R4 Egmont RC
Da Jin Shan 26/05/2019 R2 Egmont RC
Dal Kilchoan 25/05/2019 R8 Wellington RC
Declarada (AUS) 26/05/2019 R6 Egmont RC
Deejay Mac 26/05/2019 R2 Egmont RC
Deerfield 25/05/2019 R5 Wellington RC
Desert Magic 25/05/2019 R6 Wellington RC
Destiny One 26/05/2019 R2 Egmont RC
Detonate 26/05/2019 R1 Egmont RC
Detonate 26/05/2019 R6 Egmont RC
Deuce Coupe 26/05/2019 R2 Egmont RC
Devi 26/05/2019 R2 Egmont RC
Dez 25/05/2019 R2 Wellington RC
Do Ya 25/05/2019 R7 Wellington RC
Dr Watson 25/05/2019 R4 Wellington RC
Dragon Dancer 26/05/2019 R2 Egmont RC
Duffers Creek 25/05/2019 R4 Wellington RC
Empress Tzu Hsi 26/05/2019 R2 Egmont RC
En Zed Foxy 26/05/2019 R1 Egmont RC
En Zed Foxy 26/05/2019 R4 Egmont RC
English Rose 26/05/2019 R8 Egmont RC
Entreat 26/05/2019 R6 Egmont RC
Estefania 25/05/2019 R7 Wellington RC
Excelleration 25/05/2019 R7 Wellington RC
Explosive Roc 26/05/2019 R1 Egmont RC
Fagiolo Majico 25/05/2019 R1 Wellington RC
Fantasy Flight 25/05/2019 R8 Wellington RC
Fire Lily 25/05/2019 R7 Wellington RC
Florence O'Reilly 26/05/2019 R6 Egmont RC
Foiling 26/05/2019 R7 Egmont RC
Forseeable 26/05/2019 R2 Egmont RC
Francesca Kate 25/05/2019 R1 Wellington RC
Freccia D'Oro (AUS) 26/05/2019 R6 Egmont RC
Full Swing 26/05/2019 R2 Egmont RC
Garment 25/05/2019 R6 Wellington RC
Gimmee Ekstra 26/05/2019 R1 Egmont RC
Great North Road 26/05/2019 R1 Egmont RC
Greystone 25/05/2019 R1 Wellington RC
Grinner 26/05/2019 R8 Egmont RC
Happy Star 25/05/2019 R1 Wellington RC
Happy Tav 26/05/2019 R2 Egmont RC
Hard To Be Humble 25/05/2019 R3 Wellington RC
He No Opilio 26/05/2019 R8 Egmont RC
He's Ric 26/05/2019 R8 Egmont RC
Heat Seeker 26/05/2019 R1 Egmont RC
Heavenly Gold 26/05/2019 R2 Egmont RC
Hi I'm Nikkita 25/05/2019 R8 Wellington RC
High Priority 26/05/2019 R5 Egmont RC
Higher Power 25/05/2019 R8 Wellington RC
Highly Likely 26/05/2019 R8 Egmont RC
Icing On The Cake 26/05/2019 R2 Egmont RC
Ivan Kane 26/05/2019 R2 Egmont RC
Jakkifromthenaki 26/05/2019 R1 Egmont RC
Joshua One Nine 26/05/2019 R1 Egmont RC
Kahu Rock 25/05/2019 R8 Wellington RC
Kangaroo 25/05/2019 R1 Wellington RC
Karima 26/05/2019 R1 Egmont RC
Karima 26/05/2019 R6 Egmont RC
King Cougar 25/05/2019 R5 Wellington RC
King Oberon 25/05/2019 R3 Wellington RC
Kings Kite 26/05/2019 R8 Egmont RC
Kirkenes (AUS) 26/05/2019 R8 Egmont RC
Kotahi 25/05/2019 R6 Wellington RC
La Strata (AUS) 26/05/2019 R4 Egmont RC
Lady Day 26/05/2019 R6 Egmont RC
Lady Rudolph 25/05/2019 R7 Wellington RC
Lady Style 26/05/2019 R8 Egmont RC
Lady Verawood 26/05/2019 R6 Egmont RC
Lady Zeraph 26/05/2019 R8 Egmont RC
Lala Land 26/05/2019 R7 Egmont RC
Later On 25/05/2019 R1 Wellington RC
Lincoln Fury (AUS) 25/05/2019 R8 Wellington RC
Little Shirley 26/05/2019 R4 Egmont RC
Littlemisspunky 26/05/2019 R1 Egmont RC
London Express 25/05/2019 R5 Wellington RC
Look Out 25/05/2019 R3 Wellington RC
Lorde Have Mercy 25/05/2019 R3 Wellington RC
Lorde Have Mercy 26/05/2019 R7 Egmont RC
Love Me Tender 26/05/2019 R6 Egmont RC
Lovetokeephim (AUS) 25/05/2019 R3 Wellington RC
Lucyinrio 25/05/2019 R2 Wellington RC
Luen Yat Miracle (AUS) 25/05/2019 R8 Wellington RC
Magdala 26/05/2019 R6 Egmont RC
Magic Ivan 25/05/2019 R8 Wellington RC
Magico 25/05/2019 R7 Wellington RC
Makoura Lodge 25/05/2019 R1 Wellington RC
Malambo 25/05/2019 R5 Wellington RC
Malibu Magic 25/05/2019 R1 Wellington RC
Malibu Magic 26/05/2019 R6 Egmont RC
Mandalay 26/05/2019 R8 Egmont RC
Manhattan Flame (AUS) 25/05/2019 R6 Wellington RC
Mannie's Power 26/05/2019 R8 Egmont RC
Massachusetts 26/05/2019 R4 Egmont RC
Master Black Jack 26/05/2019 R1 Egmont RC
Master Patrick 26/05/2019 R8 Egmont RC
Master Poet 26/05/2019 R8 Egmont RC
Midnight Shocka 26/05/2019 R4 Egmont RC
Midnight Story (AUS) 25/05/2019 R2 Wellington RC
Midnight Story (AUS) 25/05/2019 R7 Wellington RC
Midnite Invasion 26/05/2019 R4 Egmont RC
Mikjene 26/05/2019 R2 Egmont RC
Miss Lizzie 25/05/2019 R6 Wellington RC
Miss The Mess 26/05/2019 R2 Egmont RC
Mister Geronimo 25/05/2019 R8 Wellington RC
Mister Geronimo 26/05/2019 R7 Egmont RC
Mizzena 26/05/2019 R6 Egmont RC
Mont Ventoux 26/05/2019 R5 Egmont RC
Mozzie 25/05/2019 R1 Wellington RC
Mozzie 26/05/2019 R5 Egmont RC
Mr Ink 25/05/2019 R3 Wellington RC
Mr Jimmy Pocket 26/05/2019 R1 Egmont RC
Nitro Ted 26/05/2019 R7 Egmont RC
Nod 26/05/2019 R1 Egmont RC
Nudge Bar 26/05/2019 R5 Egmont RC
Ofa Orsome 26/05/2019 R2 Egmont RC
On Point 25/05/2019 R5 Wellington RC
One Way Street 26/05/2019 R6 Egmont RC
Our Bandit (AUS) 25/05/2019 R5 Wellington RC
Paddy Bourke 25/05/2019 R6 Wellington RC
Parka's Lady 26/05/2019 R1 Egmont RC
Perry Mason 25/05/2019 R3 Wellington RC
Piriaka 25/05/2019 R6 Wellington RC
Platinum Rapper 25/05/2019 R7 Wellington RC
Priceless Beauty 26/05/2019 R5 Egmont RC
Princess Jenni 26/05/2019 R4 Egmont RC
Punta Mita 26/05/2019 R6 Egmont RC
Pythagoras 26/05/2019 R7 Egmont RC
Qian Gua 26/05/2019 R7 Egmont RC
Quantum 26/05/2019 R2 Egmont RC
Rare Breed 26/05/2019 R4 Egmont RC
Rayas 25/05/2019 R7 Wellington RC
Razors Edge 26/05/2019 R8 Egmont RC
Red Beach 26/05/2019 R7 Egmont RC
Red Cloud 25/05/2019 R3 Wellington RC
Regal Rock 25/05/2019 R3 Wellington RC
Regal Rock 25/05/2019 R4 Wellington RC
Relda 25/05/2019 R1 Wellington RC
Rockoneve 26/05/2019 R2 Egmont RC
Roschana 26/05/2019 R2 Egmont RC
Rosetta 26/05/2019 R7 Egmont RC
Rusty In Rongotea 25/05/2019 R1 Wellington RC
Sabatica 26/05/2019 R6 Egmont RC
Sasanqua 25/05/2019 R8 Wellington RC
Sasanqua 26/05/2019 R2 Egmont RC
Savanah Belle 26/05/2019 R4 Egmont RC
Sensible Princess 25/05/2019 R2 Wellington RC
Shebringsmerubies (AUS) 26/05/2019 R1 Egmont RC
Sheezanicegirl 26/05/2019 R4 Egmont RC
Shez Ekstra 25/05/2019 R8 Wellington RC
Sidebar 26/05/2019 R6 Egmont RC
Smooth Cognac 26/05/2019 R1 Egmont RC
Sontana 26/05/2019 R8 Egmont RC
Strolling Vagabond 25/05/2019 R4 Wellington RC
Stumpy 25/05/2019 R6 Wellington RC
Sylvester 25/05/2019 R4 Wellington RC
Tabard 25/05/2019 R5 Wellington RC
Tarabeebee 26/05/2019 R1 Egmont RC
Teapot 25/05/2019 R1 Wellington RC
That's Funny 25/05/2019 R6 Wellington RC
Thatz Louie 25/05/2019 R6 Wellington RC
The Great Guru 26/05/2019 R7 Egmont RC
The Great Guru 26/05/2019 R8 Egmont RC
Thomas Aquinas 26/05/2019 R5 Egmont RC
Tiger Cafe 25/05/2019 R3 Wellington RC
Time Bomb 26/05/2019 R7 Egmont RC
Tipperary Mary 25/05/2019 R6 Wellington RC
Tipperary Mary 25/05/2019 R8 Wellington RC
Top Ofthe Straight 26/05/2019 R2 Egmont RC
Toro Rosso 26/05/2019 R2 Egmont RC
Torque Time 26/05/2019 R5 Egmont RC
Torre Del Greco 25/05/2019 R7 Wellington RC
Trendy Belt 26/05/2019 R4 Egmont RC
Trisha Lea 25/05/2019 R4 Wellington RC
Tubthumping 26/05/2019 R1 Egmont RC
Tunzagutz 26/05/2019 R7 Egmont RC
Tutta La Classe 25/05/2019 R7 Wellington RC
Uniquebotique 26/05/2019 R5 Egmont RC
Uniquebotique 26/05/2019 R6 Egmont RC
Vencedora 25/05/2019 R3 Wellington RC
Vencedora 26/05/2019 R7 Egmont RC
Verbalizer 26/05/2019 R2 Egmont RC
Very Appealing 25/05/2019 R1 Wellington RC
Welcome Back 25/05/2019 R8 Wellington RC
West Coast 26/05/2019 R5 Egmont RC
What A Smasher 25/05/2019 R5 Wellington RC
Whopper's 26/05/2019 R8 Egmont RC
Whoztheboss 26/05/2019 R2 Egmont RC
Wicked Wench 26/05/2019 R4 Egmont RC
Wynthorpe 26/05/2019 R8 Egmont RC
Xmas Wonder 26/05/2019 R6 Egmont RC
Zareeba 26/05/2019 R4 Egmont RC
Zartan 25/05/2019 R4 Wellington RC
Zedabel Lass 25/05/2019 R6 Wellington RC
Zedeedudadeeko 25/05/2019 R3 Wellington RC
Zeefa Zed 25/05/2019 R8 Wellington RC