Nominated Horse Index

Horse Day Race Number Club
Acting Out 20/01/2021 R7 Waikato RC
Aegon 13/02/2021 R1 Waikato RC
Aegon 06/03/2021 R1 Auckland RC
Alegre 20/01/2021 R2 Waikato RC
Alexandrite 20/01/2021 R4 Waikato RC
Ali Arc 20/01/2021 R11 Waikato RC
Ali Arc 06/03/2021 R1 Auckland RC
Ali Arc 20/03/2021 R1 Wellington RC
Alighieri 06/03/2021 R1 Auckland RC
All Night Long 20/01/2021 R9 Waikato RC
Allbright 20/01/2021 R9 Waikato RC
Alta Bella 20/01/2021 R7 Waikato RC
Amabo 20/01/2021 R2 Waikato RC
Amarelinha 13/02/2021 R1 Waikato RC
Amarelinha 20/03/2021 R1 Wellington RC
Angaria 13/03/2021 R1 Auckland RC
Angela Jones 20/03/2021 R1 Wellington RC
Anhedonia 20/01/2021 R9 Waikato RC
Annexception (AUS) 20/01/2021 R5 Waikato RC
Annie's Song 20/01/2021 R1 Waikato RC
Anthemic 06/03/2021 R1 Auckland RC
Aperitif 20/01/2021 R2 Waikato RC
Aperitif 20/01/2021 R5 Waikato RC
Apostrophe 20/03/2021 R1 Wellington RC
Arabia 20/01/2021 R5 Waikato RC
Arancia 20/03/2021 R1 Wellington RC
Aronov (AUS) 20/01/2021 R2 Waikato RC
Arrivo 20/01/2021 R5 Waikato RC
Astradeel (AUS) 06/03/2021 R1 Auckland RC
Autobahn 20/01/2021 R5 Waikato RC
Autobahn 20/01/2021 R7 Waikato RC
Avantage (AUS) 30/01/2021 R3 Wellington RC
Awesome Al 30/01/2021 R1 Wellington RC
Azareel 20/01/2021 R4 Waikato RC
Azareel 20/01/2021 R8 Waikato RC
Bancomat D'Oro (AUS) 20/01/2021 R5 Waikato RC
Beauden 30/01/2021 R1 Wellington RC
Beauden 13/03/2021 R1 Auckland RC
Beaune (AUS) 20/03/2021 R1 Wellington RC
Beautifulnightmare 06/03/2021 R1 Auckland RC
Beautifulnightmare 20/03/2021 R1 Wellington RC
Bella Button 20/03/2021 R1 Wellington RC
Bendermerry 20/01/2021 R7 Waikato RC
Blood Diamond 20/01/2021 R11 Waikato RC
Blue Moon 20/01/2021 R9 Waikato RC
Blue Moon 20/01/2021 R11 Waikato RC
Bluey's Chance 30/01/2021 R1 Wellington RC
Bo Jackson 06/03/2021 R1 Auckland RC
Bobby Dee 13/02/2021 R1 Waikato RC
Bonham (AUS) 20/03/2021 R1 Wellington RC
Bonny Ezra 13/03/2021 R1 Auckland RC
Brando 13/02/2021 R1 Waikato RC
Brando 06/03/2021 R1 Auckland RC
Brazier 20/01/2021 R11 Waikato RC
Brazier 06/03/2021 R1 Auckland RC
Brookbourne 20/01/2021 R11 Waikato RC
Bubalina 20/03/2021 R1 Wellington RC
Burcha 20/01/2021 R7 Waikato RC
Camarosa 20/03/2021 R1 Wellington RC
Camino Rocoso 13/02/2021 R1 Waikato RC
Campionessa 20/03/2021 R1 Wellington RC
Canuhandleajandal 20/01/2021 R4 Waikato RC
Canuhandleajandal 06/03/2021 R1 Auckland RC
Canuhandleajandal 20/03/2021 R1 Wellington RC
Carolina Reaper 20/01/2021 R11 Waikato RC
Carolina Reaper 20/03/2021 R1 Wellington RC
Cassio 13/03/2021 R1 Auckland RC
Charles Road (AUS) 13/02/2021 R1 Waikato RC
Charles Road (AUS) 13/03/2021 R1 Auckland RC
Charms Star 20/03/2021 R1 Wellington RC
Cheaperthandivorce 20/03/2021 R1 Wellington RC
Ciambella 20/03/2021 R1 Wellington RC
Civil Unrest 20/01/2021 R5 Waikato RC
Civil Unrest 20/01/2021 R7 Waikato RC
Civilised 20/01/2021 R8 Waikato RC
Cleese 06/03/2021 R1 Auckland RC
Clinched (AUS) 06/03/2021 R1 Auckland RC
Collide (GB) 13/03/2021 R1 Auckland RC
Communique 30/01/2021 R3 Wellington RC
Communique 13/02/2021 R1 Waikato RC
Concert Hall 13/03/2021 R1 Auckland RC
Confectionery 20/01/2021 R2 Waikato RC
Contemplation 20/01/2021 R2 Waikato RC
Contemplation 06/03/2021 R1 Auckland RC
Copy Me In 20/01/2021 R11 Waikato RC
Cutting Edge 20/01/2021 R5 Waikato RC
Cutting Edge 20/01/2021 R7 Waikato RC
D'Oro Mexicano (AUS) 20/01/2021 R5 Waikato RC
Da Vinci Girl 20/03/2021 R1 Wellington RC
Dance Card 13/03/2021 R1 Auckland RC
Daqiansweet Junior 20/01/2021 R11 Waikato RC
Daqiansweet Junior 06/03/2021 R1 Auckland RC
Darci Diva 20/01/2021 R7 Waikato RC
Dawn Parade (AUS) 06/03/2021 R1 Auckland RC
Dee And Gee 30/01/2021 R1 Wellington RC
Deels Done 20/01/2021 R4 Waikato RC
Designer Genes 06/03/2021 R1 Auckland RC
Diamond Delight 20/03/2021 R1 Wellington RC
Diamond Riviere (AUS) 20/01/2021 R2 Waikato RC
Dionysus 06/03/2021 R1 Auckland RC
Double Expresso 20/01/2021 R5 Waikato RC
Doves Bay 20/01/2021 R5 Waikato RC
Dr Velocious 30/01/2021 R1 Wellington RC
Dragon Queen 20/03/2021 R1 Wellington RC
Dragon Realm 06/03/2021 R1 Auckland RC
Dragon Storm 30/01/2021 R1 Wellington RC
Dragon Storm 13/03/2021 R1 Auckland RC
Dunhill 06/03/2021 R1 Auckland RC
Duntayar 20/01/2021 R11 Waikato RC
Duntayar 06/03/2021 R1 Auckland RC
Duplicity 30/01/2021 R1 Wellington RC
Edge Of Wonder 13/02/2021 R1 Waikato RC
Edge Of Wonder 06/03/2021 R1 Auckland RC
El Fiesta Girl 20/03/2021 R1 Wellington RC
El Noir 20/01/2021 R5 Waikato RC
El Roseay 20/01/2021 R11 Waikato RC
El Tirador 06/03/2021 R1 Auckland RC
Ember Attack 06/03/2021 R1 Auckland RC
Endean Bay 20/01/2021 R2 Waikato RC
Endean Lass 20/01/2021 R8 Waikato RC
Ernie's Taken 20/01/2021 R2 Waikato RC
Exquisita (AUS) 20/01/2021 R9 Waikato RC
Exquisite Pearl 20/03/2021 R1 Wellington RC
Ezdara 20/01/2021 R11 Waikato RC
Ezdara 20/03/2021 R1 Wellington RC
Felix Faure 20/01/2021 R1 Waikato RC
Finest Wine 20/03/2021 R1 Wellington RC
Firoden 20/01/2021 R4 Waikato RC
Five Princes 30/01/2021 R1 Wellington RC
Five Princes 13/03/2021 R1 Auckland RC
Fleetwood Maca 20/03/2021 R1 Wellington RC
Florentia 20/03/2021 R1 Wellington RC
Flying Star 06/03/2021 R1 Auckland RC
Frontman 06/03/2021 R1 Auckland RC
Gaelic Spirit 20/03/2021 R1 Wellington RC
Gee Vee Kaye 20/01/2021 R7 Waikato RC
Gitche Gumee 20/01/2021 R9 Waikato RC
Go Bobby 20/01/2021 R4 Waikato RC
Golden Eagle 20/03/2021 R1 Wellington RC
Good Queen Bess 20/03/2021 R1 Wellington RC
Graceful Way 20/01/2021 R2 Waikato RC
Granados 20/01/2021 R2 Waikato RC
Granados 20/01/2021 R11 Waikato RC
Granados 06/03/2021 R1 Auckland RC
Grand Bouquet 30/01/2021 R1 Wellington RC
Grand Bouquet 13/03/2021 R1 Auckland RC
Gregory 06/03/2021 R1 Auckland RC
Grip (AUS) 06/03/2021 R1 Auckland RC
Heart Of A Lion 20/01/2021 R11 Waikato RC
Heart Of A Lion 20/03/2021 R1 Wellington RC
Helena Cristina 20/03/2021 R1 Wellington RC
Helsinki 20/03/2021 R1 Wellington RC
Hetty 20/01/2021 R2 Waikato RC
Honesty 20/01/2021 R8 Waikato RC
Honey Honey 20/01/2021 R7 Waikato RC
Hot Salsa 06/03/2021 R1 Auckland RC
Hurry Cane 13/03/2021 R1 Auckland RC
Iffie Shows 06/03/2021 R1 Auckland RC
Il Affare 06/03/2021 R1 Auckland RC
Il Affare 20/03/2021 R1 Wellington RC
Image Of You 20/03/2021 R1 Wellington RC
In A Twinkling (AUS) 13/03/2021 R1 Auckland RC
In Pursuit 06/03/2021 R1 Auckland RC
Indeem 20/01/2021 R2 Waikato RC
Innocent 20/03/2021 R1 Wellington RC
Invisible Spirit 06/03/2021 R1 Auckland RC
Iridessa 20/01/2021 R4 Waikato RC
Jack Of Hearts 20/01/2021 R7 Waikato RC
Jack Of Hearts 06/03/2021 R1 Auckland RC
Jacksstar 30/01/2021 R1 Wellington RC
Jacksstar 13/03/2021 R1 Auckland RC
Jahzara 20/01/2021 R2 Waikato RC
Jakkalbomb 20/01/2021 R1 Waikato RC
Jason Belltree 06/03/2021 R1 Auckland RC
Jelly Tip 20/01/2021 R9 Waikato RC
Jojakk 20/01/2021 R9 Waikato RC
Just Kroozin 20/01/2021 R5 Waikato RC
Justamaiz 30/01/2021 R1 Wellington RC
Justamaiz 13/03/2021 R1 Auckland RC
Kaluanui 20/03/2021 R1 Wellington RC
Kazaderose 20/03/2021 R1 Wellington RC
Key (AUS) 20/03/2021 R1 Wellington RC
Khan Hunter 06/03/2021 R1 Auckland RC
Khant Catch Her 20/03/2021 R1 Wellington RC
Khant Reid 20/01/2021 R2 Waikato RC
Khant Reid 20/01/2021 R7 Waikato RC
King Of The Dance (AUS) 30/01/2021 R1 Wellington RC
Kirra Lad 20/01/2021 R2 Waikato RC
Kiwianna 20/01/2021 R8 Waikato RC
Korcho (GB) 13/03/2021 R1 Auckland RC
Kwaussie Girl 20/01/2021 R2 Waikato RC
La Mia Sirena 30/01/2021 R1 Wellington RC
La Mia Stella 20/01/2021 R1 Waikato RC
La Rapide 20/01/2021 R11 Waikato RC
La Rapide 20/03/2021 R1 Wellington RC
Lady Azamour 20/01/2021 R4 Waikato RC
Lady Gwendolyn 20/01/2021 R4 Waikato RC
Laurant 20/01/2021 R1 Waikato RC
Legal Lady 20/01/2021 R2 Waikato RC
Les Crayeres 20/01/2021 R1 Waikato RC
Let's Do This 20/01/2021 R2 Waikato RC
Letz'av Bubbles 20/01/2021 R4 Waikato RC
Light Show 20/03/2021 R1 Wellington RC
Like A Boss 20/01/2021 R2 Waikato RC
Lilikoi 20/01/2021 R8 Waikato RC
Lily's Lady 20/03/2021 R1 Wellington RC
Lincoln King 13/03/2021 R1 Auckland RC
Lionize 06/03/2021 R1 Auckland RC
Listonian 20/01/2021 R9 Waikato RC
Listonian 20/01/2021 R11 Waikato RC
Listonian 06/03/2021 R1 Auckland RC
Llanacord 20/03/2021 R1 Wellington RC
Lord Ardmore 06/03/2021 R1 Auckland RC
Love For All (AUS) 20/03/2021 R1 Wellington RC
Lovettorleaveit 20/03/2021 R1 Wellington RC
Lovingyourwork 20/03/2021 R1 Wellington RC
Luna Vaara 20/01/2021 R2 Waikato RC
Lustful Lady 20/01/2021 R2 Waikato RC
Maasir 20/01/2021 R9 Waikato RC
Maasir 20/01/2021 R11 Waikato RC
Maasir 06/03/2021 R1 Auckland RC
Madame Moet 20/01/2021 R5 Waikato RC
Maktastic 06/03/2021 R1 Auckland RC
Mambo Italiano 20/01/2021 R11 Waikato RC
Marching On Tavi 20/01/2021 R2 Waikato RC
Margaret Jean 20/01/2021 R11 Waikato RC
Margaret Jean 20/03/2021 R1 Wellington RC
Maria Farina 20/03/2021 R1 Wellington RC
Masetto 30/01/2021 R1 Wellington RC
Masetto 13/03/2021 R1 Auckland RC
Master Herb 20/01/2021 R4 Waikato RC
Meg (AUS) 20/03/2021 R1 Wellington RC
Melodious 20/01/2021 R2 Waikato RC
Melody Belle 30/01/2021 R3 Wellington RC
Melody Belle 13/02/2021 R1 Waikato RC
Midsummer 20/01/2021 R2 Waikato RC
Milestone (FR) 13/03/2021 R1 Auckland RC
Milford 06/03/2021 R1 Auckland RC
Milldoon 06/03/2021 R1 Auckland RC
Millie Georgia 20/03/2021 R1 Wellington RC
Miss If Formax 20/03/2021 R1 Wellington RC
Missouri 20/01/2021 R9 Waikato RC
Mister Reliable 06/03/2021 R1 Auckland RC
Mistress Minx 20/03/2021 R1 Wellington RC
Mogador 06/03/2021 R1 Auckland RC
Moiras Town 20/01/2021 R4 Waikato RC
Moiras Town 13/03/2021 R1 Auckland RC
Mongolian Wings 06/03/2021 R1 Auckland RC
Montre Moi 06/03/2021 R1 Auckland RC
More The Better 20/01/2021 R5 Waikato RC
Mount Remarkable 20/01/2021 R2 Waikato RC
Ms Candee Lane 20/01/2021 R5 Waikato RC
Nanny Andy 20/01/2021 R2 Waikato RC
Nasha Riva 13/03/2021 R1 Auckland RC
Needle And Thread (AUS) 20/03/2021 R1 Wellington RC
Nymenche 20/03/2021 R1 Wellington RC
O'Jessica (AUS) 20/01/2021 R5 Waikato RC
O'Susana 20/01/2021 R4 Waikato RC
Oak 13/03/2021 R1 Auckland RC
Ocean Billy 13/03/2021 R1 Auckland RC
Ocean Point 20/03/2021 R1 Wellington RC
Oceana Lad 20/01/2021 R9 Waikato RC
Oh To Be 20/01/2021 R11 Waikato RC
Oh To Be 06/03/2021 R1 Auckland RC
Oh To Be 20/03/2021 R1 Wellington RC
On The Rocks 13/02/2021 R1 Waikato RC
On The Rocks 13/03/2021 R1 Auckland RC
Orlov 06/03/2021 R1 Auckland RC
Outage 20/01/2021 R2 Waikato RC
Paisley Park 30/01/2021 R1 Wellington RC
Paisley Park 13/02/2021 R1 Waikato RC
Paisley Park 13/03/2021 R1 Auckland RC
Pandemic 20/01/2021 R9 Waikato RC
Papenhuyzen (AUS) 20/01/2021 R5 Waikato RC
Parading 20/01/2021 R2 Waikato RC
Parading 20/03/2021 R1 Wellington RC
Parker Lewis 20/01/2021 R9 Waikato RC
Passione 20/03/2021 R1 Wellington RC
Patch Prince (AUS) 20/01/2021 R5 Waikato RC
Patsys Lass 13/03/2021 R1 Auckland RC
Pearl Hart 20/01/2021 R9 Waikato RC
Peecee Pussycat 06/03/2021 R1 Auckland RC
Pentarch 20/01/2021 R7 Waikato RC
Pentarch 06/03/2021 R1 Auckland RC
Perfect Dimension 20/01/2021 R9 Waikato RC
Perfect Scenario 06/03/2021 R1 Auckland RC
Pierina 30/01/2021 R3 Wellington RC
Pierro Rosso (AUS) 06/03/2021 R1 Auckland RC
Pinmedown 13/02/2021 R1 Waikato RC
Platinum Invador 13/03/2021 R1 Auckland RC
Platinum Road (AUS) 13/03/2021 R1 Auckland RC
Platinum Spirit 30/01/2021 R1 Wellington RC
Please Tell Rosie 20/03/2021 R1 Wellington RC
Plucky Miss (AUS) 20/01/2021 R9 Waikato RC
Plushenko 30/01/2021 R1 Wellington RC
Portofino 20/03/2021 R1 Wellington RC
Primo Stella 20/03/2021 R1 Wellington RC
Prince Of Doon 06/03/2021 R1 Auckland RC
Prise De Fer 30/01/2021 R3 Wellington RC
Prise De Fer 13/02/2021 R1 Waikato RC
Providenceprovides (AUS) 20/01/2021 R11 Waikato RC
Providenceprovides (AUS) 20/03/2021 R1 Wellington RC
Punchline 06/03/2021 R1 Auckland RC
Quell 20/01/2021 R2 Waikato RC
Quick Thinker (AUS) 13/02/2021 R1 Waikato RC
Quiet Michael 20/01/2021 R2 Waikato RC
Quiet Michael 20/01/2021 R11 Waikato RC
Quiet Michael 06/03/2021 R1 Auckland RC
Radiant Rosie (AUS) 20/01/2021 R5 Waikato RC
Radiant Rosie (AUS) 20/01/2021 R7 Waikato RC
Raheen House (IRE) 13/03/2021 R1 Auckland RC
Rail Queen 20/01/2021 R2 Waikato RC
Ranger 20/01/2021 R1 Waikato RC
Ranger 13/03/2021 R1 Auckland RC
Real Slim Tradie 06/03/2021 R1 Auckland RC
Red Hussar (AUS) 20/01/2021 R8 Waikato RC
Redcayenne 13/03/2021 R1 Auckland RC
Reet Petite 20/01/2021 R9 Waikato RC
Reet Petite 20/01/2021 R11 Waikato RC
Reet Petite 20/03/2021 R1 Wellington RC
Remarkable Ruth 20/01/2021 R5 Waikato RC
Rip Us Off 06/03/2021 R1 Auckland RC
Rip Van Gogh 06/03/2021 R1 Auckland RC
Robusto 30/01/2021 R1 Wellington RC
Robusto 13/03/2021 R1 Auckland RC
Rock My Heart 20/01/2021 R9 Waikato RC
Rock On Wood 30/01/2021 R3 Wellington RC
Rock On Wood 13/02/2021 R1 Waikato RC
Rockamo 20/01/2021 R5 Waikato RC
Rocket Spade (AUS) 06/03/2021 R1 Auckland RC
Rockspell 20/01/2021 R2 Waikato RC
Rockspell 06/03/2021 R1 Auckland RC
Roger That 13/03/2021 R1 Auckland RC
Rommel 06/03/2021 R1 Auckland RC
Rosey Posey 20/01/2021 R5 Waikato RC
Royce Roca 06/03/2021 R1 Auckland RC
Royce Roca 20/03/2021 R1 Wellington RC
Ruby Rocks 30/01/2021 R3 Wellington RC
Sacred Armour 20/01/2021 R7 Waikato RC
Sacred Command 20/01/2021 R11 Waikato RC
Sacred Command 06/03/2021 R1 Auckland RC
Sacred Elixir 30/01/2021 R3 Wellington RC
Sacred Elixir 13/02/2021 R1 Waikato RC
Sacred Option 20/01/2021 R7 Waikato RC
Sagunto 20/01/2021 R8 Waikato RC
Saignon 20/01/2021 R1 Waikato RC
Sainte Elisabeth 20/03/2021 R1 Wellington RC
Samina Bibi 20/03/2021 R1 Wellington RC
Samira (AUS) 20/01/2021 R5 Waikato RC
Sardonia 20/01/2021 R4 Waikato RC
Savy Yong Blonk 13/03/2021 R1 Auckland RC
Screamin Eagle 06/03/2021 R1 Auckland RC
Semprini (AUS) 20/01/2021 R4 Waikato RC
Semprini (AUS) 20/03/2021 R1 Wellington RC
Sergeant Blast 30/01/2021 R1 Wellington RC
Sergeant Blast 13/03/2021 R1 Auckland RC
Shadows Cast 30/01/2021 R3 Wellington RC
Shang Chi (AUS) 06/03/2021 R1 Auckland RC
Shannon's Joy 20/01/2021 R7 Waikato RC
Sherrif 13/03/2021 R1 Auckland RC
Sheza Flyer 20/03/2021 R1 Wellington RC
Shezathinka (AUS) 20/01/2021 R8 Waikato RC
Shockallia 20/01/2021 R11 Waikato RC
Shockallia 06/03/2021 R1 Auckland RC
Shocking Penny 20/01/2021 R4 Waikato RC
Side Eye (AUS) 20/01/2021 R2 Waikato RC
Silent Zone (AUS) 20/01/2021 R2 Waikato RC
Silent Zone (AUS) 20/01/2021 R9 Waikato RC
Silent Zone (AUS) 20/01/2021 R11 Waikato RC
Silverdale Chief 20/01/2021 R7 Waikato RC
Sinarahma 30/01/2021 R3 Wellington RC
Sinarahma 13/02/2021 R1 Waikato RC
Single Moment 20/01/2021 R4 Waikato RC
Skyphyta 30/01/2021 R1 Wellington RC
Slave To Love 20/03/2021 R1 Wellington RC
Solid Contact 20/01/2021 R4 Waikato RC
Song For Anna 20/01/2021 R2 Waikato RC
Sound (GER) 13/03/2021 R1 Auckland RC
Sovereignty 20/01/2021 R7 Waikato RC
Spine Tingle 20/03/2021 R1 Wellington RC
Splash Of Red 20/03/2021 R1 Wellington RC
Star Tsar (AUS) 30/01/2021 R1 Wellington RC
Star Tsar (AUS) 13/03/2021 R1 Auckland RC
Stonehenge 20/01/2021 R2 Waikato RC
Stopalltheclocks (AUS) 20/01/2021 R11 Waikato RC
Stopalltheclocks (AUS) 20/03/2021 R1 Wellington RC
Super Hoof 30/01/2021 R1 Wellington RC
Super Strike 30/01/2021 R3 Wellington RC
Supreme Khan 06/03/2021 R1 Auckland RC
Surprize Me 20/03/2021 R1 Wellington RC
Swansea Bay 06/03/2021 R1 Auckland RC
Sweet Anna 20/03/2021 R1 Wellington RC
Sweet Tui 20/01/2021 R11 Waikato RC
Sweet Tui 20/03/2021 R1 Wellington RC
Swey My Way 20/03/2021 R1 Wellington RC
Sword Of War 06/03/2021 R1 Auckland RC
Swords Drawn (AUS) 30/01/2021 R1 Wellington RC
Swords Drawn (AUS) 13/03/2021 R1 Auckland RC
Tammie Wynette 20/01/2021 R1 Waikato RC
Targhee (AUS) 20/01/2021 R2 Waikato RC
Taupo Missy 20/01/2021 R5 Waikato RC
Taupo Missy 20/01/2021 R7 Waikato RC
Tavi Mac 30/01/2021 R3 Wellington RC
Tavidora 20/01/2021 R7 Waikato RC
Taviluv 20/03/2021 R1 Wellington RC
Te Akau Caliburn (IRE) 30/01/2021 R1 Wellington RC
Te Akau Caliburn (IRE) 13/03/2021 R1 Auckland RC
Tereine 20/01/2021 R7 Waikato RC
The Chosen One 13/02/2021 R1 Waikato RC
The Gift 20/03/2021 R1 Wellington RC
The Gigolo 20/01/2021 R5 Waikato RC
The Gigolo 20/01/2021 R7 Waikato RC
The Good Fight 30/01/2021 R1 Wellington RC
The Good Fight 13/03/2021 R1 Auckland RC
The Irishman 13/02/2021 R1 Waikato RC
The Irishman 06/03/2021 R1 Auckland RC
The Mitigator (AUS) 30/01/2021 R3 Wellington RC
The Real Test 20/01/2021 R7 Waikato RC
The Rebel Knight 20/01/2021 R1 Waikato RC
The Vegas Man 20/01/2021 R2 Waikato RC
Tia d'Or 20/01/2021 R4 Waikato RC
Tigre Royale 13/03/2021 R1 Auckland RC
Tina Again 20/01/2021 R5 Waikato RC
Tiptronic 13/02/2021 R1 Waikato RC
Tobilicious 30/01/2021 R3 Wellington RC
Tokorangi 06/03/2021 R1 Auckland RC
Tokorangi 20/03/2021 R1 Wellington RC
Tommy Tank 20/01/2021 R9 Waikato RC
Tommy Tank 20/01/2021 R11 Waikato RC
Tony Be (AUS) 06/03/2021 R1 Auckland RC
Tra Cee Ann 20/01/2021 R7 Waikato RC
Travelling Kate 20/01/2021 R11 Waikato RC
Travelling Kate 20/03/2021 R1 Wellington RC
Tribute King 20/01/2021 R2 Waikato RC
Tribute King 06/03/2021 R1 Auckland RC
Tuppence 20/01/2021 R4 Waikato RC
Ulaanbaatar 06/03/2021 R1 Auckland RC
Under Her Spell 20/01/2021 R2 Waikato RC
Under the Pump 20/01/2021 R4 Waikato RC
Vasquez 20/01/2021 R5 Waikato RC
Vasquez 20/01/2021 R7 Waikato RC
Vee Cece (AUS) 30/01/2021 R1 Wellington RC
Vickezznrehab 20/01/2021 R11 Waikato RC
Virtuoso Lad (AUS) 20/01/2021 R8 Waikato RC
Vistock 20/01/2021 R9 Waikato RC
Vitality Fortune 20/01/2021 R2 Waikato RC
Vitality Fortune 20/01/2021 R9 Waikato RC
Vitesse Bo 06/03/2021 R1 Auckland RC
Vitesse Bo 20/03/2021 R1 Wellington RC
Vittachi 20/01/2021 R1 Waikato RC
Viva Nana (AUS) 20/01/2021 R2 Waikato RC
Vulture Street 20/01/2021 R4 Waikato RC
Waimoku Falls 06/03/2021 R1 Auckland RC
Waimoku Falls 20/03/2021 R1 Wellington RC
Waipipi Gal 20/01/2021 R2 Waikato RC
Waisake 30/01/2021 R1 Wellington RC
Wasp 20/01/2021 R9 Waikato RC
Watchmaker 06/03/2021 R1 Auckland RC
Wheao (AUS) 20/01/2021 R4 Waikato RC
Whimsical 20/03/2021 R1 Wellington RC
White Lightning 20/03/2021 R1 Wellington RC
Who Dares Wins 30/01/2021 R1 Wellington RC
Wild Rosie 20/01/2021 R2 Waikato RC
Withallmyheart 20/01/2021 R2 Waikato RC
Yatima 13/03/2021 R1 Auckland RC
Zaaxina 20/01/2021 R2 Waikato RC
Zaaxina 20/03/2021 R1 Wellington RC
Zac Black 20/01/2021 R2 Waikato RC
Zakhan 06/03/2021 R1 Auckland RC
Zee Falls 06/03/2021 R1 Auckland RC
Zee Falls 20/03/2021 R1 Wellington RC
Zendora 20/01/2021 R11 Waikato RC
Zendora 20/03/2021 R1 Wellington RC
Zoltan 20/01/2021 R8 Waikato RC
Zoltan 06/03/2021 R1 Auckland RC