Meeting News

Jumping Meetings and Associated Changes - June and July

Due to the loss of the Egmont Jumping meeting on Sunday, and the unavailability of Te Aroha on 25 June and 9 July the following venue and programming changes have been confirmed:

Monday 5 June: Both the Mdn Hurdle 2500m and Mdn Steeplechase 4000m become 0-1 win races at Hawke’s Bay with the stake of each race increasing to $30,000.

Wednesday 21 June: R65 2100m to be added to the ATR meeting at Pukekohe Park - $20,000

Friday 23 June: R60 1340m added to Wanganui - $14,000. R65 2040m Deleted from Wanganui

Saturday 24 June: R65 1200m to be added to Tauranga - $30,000

Sunday 25 June: A replacement meeting for Te Aroha to be added in at Woodville - Jumps/Highweight/Amateur. Open Entry Jumps Races (Hurdle 3000m and Steeplechase 3200m), Mdn 2200m (Amateur), R65 2200m (Amateur), R65 1600m (Highweight).  All flat races $14,000.

Wednesday 28 June: Mdn 2000m to be added to Cambridge Synthetic - $14,000

Saturday 8 July: 0-1 Steeplechase and 0-1 Hurdle to be added to Te Rapa – both races $30,000 (these races cannot be divided)

Sunday 9 July: Te Aroha Removed from Calendar

Wednesday 5 July – Wednesday 19 July: Flat races to be added to Northern meetings as required (only four flat races currently scheduled for the now deleted Te Aroha meeting on 9 July).