Meeting News

Whangarei 6 January now Rotorua

Given the Covid event crowd restrictions applicable for Northland, and the likelihood of travel delays, the Whangarei Racing Club has decided that the risk to conduct the January 6th race meeting is too great to proceed with the meeting.

NZTR has agreed with that position and to provide greater certainty and opportunities for the public, owners, and industry participants to attend, the meeting will now be held at Rotorua as a Roturua race meeting. This has been approved by TABNZ.

There will be minor distance changes which are shown on-line.

Mike Beazley, Whangarei Racing Club Chairman, stated that “The Club, like many Northland sports clubs and event businesses has been significantly disadvantaged by the Covid restrictions and the decision to cancel its biggest attended meeting of the year was made with major disappointment for our local owners, sponsors, trainers, members and the many holiday makers who include the day as part of their vacations.”