Meeting News

Central Programmes Confirmed for Early September

The Wanganui meeting on Saturday 4 September remains unchanged, while the Taranaki meeting which has been moved from 18 September to 11 September has had two minor changes – the Open 1300m now becomes 1200m and the R74 1600m race will now be run over 1400m. The programme for Woodville on 9 September remains unchanged. The new programme for Egmont on Friday 3 September is:

R74 & Jmprs 2100m        $12,000

R74 1200m                        $12,000

R65 1600m                        $12,000

R65 1200m                        $12,000

Mdn 2100m                       $12,000

Mdn 1600m                       $12,000

Mdn 1400m                       $12,000

Mdn 1200m                       $12,000

Mdn 3YO 1200m              $12,000