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COVID requirements and exercise of horses

To ensure consistency of requirements, please refer to the below requirements in relation to COVID procedures and the exercise of horses.  This has also being sent to all racing club managers and racecourse managers.

Training of Racehorses
Movement to and from stables for general husbandry of horses is permissible, but Trainers and training venues must:

  • require the wearing of masks at all times;
  • minimise the numbers of staff on roster;
  • require the use of Government COVID Tracing QR Codes;
  • require social distancing where possible;
  • encourage frequent use of soap or hand sanitisers; and
  • require workers who have cold or flu symptoms to stay at home and arrange a COVID test.

Horses can be worked for animal welfare purposes if the Trainer considers that it is necessary for the horse’s wellbeing.  As a guide, and with current expectations that racing will resume in most regions, this may legitimately include maintaining race fitness of a horse nominated or planned for entry in races in the next few weeks, or light exercise of other boxed horses. 

Now is not the time for early preparation and education of younger horses, nor club jump-outs or other activities that can be deferred until the relevant region is in Alert Level 3.  Deferring these activities will reduce the periods of time and occasions where staff will interact, which is important in minimising risk of COVID transmission.