Meeting News

Riverton RC Thursday 6 May – Programme changes

Please note there have been changes to the Riverton RC meeting Thursday 6 May.

NZTR, in conjunction with the Club and Southern Programming Chairman have made the changes, in an attempt for this meeting to proceed with reasonable field sizes.

Both Jumps races scheduled for this day have been deleted.  The next jumps races in the South Island will be held at South Canterbury on Thursday 20th May.  Note, the Amateur race at Riverton below accommodates a run for Jumps horses.

The Amateur Riders race was previously on the R65 1600m, but has been moved to the R74 & Jmps 2147m race. The programme has been confirmed as follows:

Open 1600

R74 & Jmps 2147 (Amateur Riders)

R74 1400

R65 1600

R65 1200

Mdn 1600

Mdn 1400

Mdn 1200