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Southland RC | Saturday 12 December RACE DAY

Race Day
Weather: Showery 
Track: Slow 7
Rail: True | 8mm Rain Overnight 
Weather and Track last updated at 6.35am Saturday 12 December
Friday Afternoon 
Weather: Cloudy 
Track: Dead 6
Rail: True | 23mm Rain Last 24hrs | 1mm Rain Since This Morning
Weather and Track last updated at 3.16pm Friday 11 December
Friday Morning
Weather: Showery 
Track: Dead 6
Rail: True | 22mm Rain Overnight
Weather and Track last updated at 7.52am Friday 11 December
Thursday Morning
Weather: Overcast 
Track: Dead 4
Rail: True 
Weather and Track last updated at 9.25am Thursday 10 December
Withdrawal Morning
Weather: Fine
Track: Good 3 
Rail: True | Irrigating Today
Weather and Track last updated at 7.32am Wednesday 9 December
Nomination Morning
Weather: Now Fine
Track: Dead 4 
Rail: True | Irrigating Today
Weather and Track last updated at 11.04am Tuesday 8 December
Nomination Morning
Weather: Cloudy
Track: Dead 4 
Rail: True
Weather and Track last updated at 7:38am Tuesday 8 December
The OPN 1200 has been deleted due to insufficient entries
Apprentice Riders:
Zubair Bholah (a3) 027 597 0985
Yong Chew (a4)- 021 0890 1494
Sanu Toolooa (a3) c/- 027 624 6142
Senior Riders:
Courtney Barnes 027 336 4624
Tina Comignaghi c/- 021 556 712
Racha Cuneen 022 685 8724
BB Hong 021 055 6884
Tanya Jonker 027 774 3327
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Following consultation with the New Zealand Trainers’ Association & Racing Clubs, it has been agreed that entry to the Saddling Enclosures at all thoroughbred racing venues will be restricted to Licensed Trainers & Registered Persons. In conjunction with this directive, the minimum age for staff to enter these areas is 14 years unless a Stipendiary Steward has granted prior approval. In order to enforce this policy, Licensed Trainers and Licensed Persons must display their official NZTR ID card to gain access to the Saddling Enclosure areas on raceday

"Ascot Park Christmas at the Races is an R18 event meaning no minors will be able to attend the event even with parental supervision. The only exception to this rule is any authorised racing industry participants such as jockeys, stablehands, strappers etc. These employees will need to enter the course via the stabling area and call in to the Race Day office to receive a wristband that will identify them as an accepted minor on course. No person under the age of 18 years may be sold or supplied alcohol at this event.
All trainers, owners/syndicate managers with their name listed in the race book will receive a dedicated owner’s wristband at the gate or trainers can pick them up at the race day office. The wristband is your wallet on course and comes pre-loaded with two drinks that can be redeemed in the members bars (Lenny's Bar & the Members Bar on the First Level of the Main Stand). Complimentary race books are available from either the race day office or members bars. The wristbands can be loaded with currency from the members bars that will enable you to buy food & drink on course. Any currency on the wristband at the end of your day can be refunded either by visiting the AWOP kiosk or visiting the AWOP website after the event and supplying your bank account details to receive your refund."
Your owner’s wristband will give you access to the marquee village and main stand which is a ticketed location.