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NZTR Level 2 Protocols for Training and Racing updated

Consequent to easings of restrictions around gatherings and hospitality that government announced with effect from Friday 29 May, NZTR has updated the COVID-19 Emergency Regulations – Alert Level 2 (originally released 2o May 2020). 

This update enables racing clubs to host owners and other patrons at meetings, provided that the venue operator and the persons attending meet the conditions and requirements of the COVID-19 Public Health Response (Alert Level 2) Amendment Order 2020 as described by government guidance provided on 28 May 2020 (see link); and also enables trainers to allow access by owners to stables and trackwork, provided that records are kept for the purposes of contact tracing.

The update comes into effect from Friday 5 June 2020.  The full wording of the Directive can be found here.

As previously expressed NZTR’s expectation is that all industry participants will make themselves familiar with the protocols and adhere to them strictly to ensure our industry is able to operate safely.  It is important that every one of our industry participants continues to play their part in ensuring workplaces are safe for everyone and this includes contact tracing, maintaining social distancing and proper hygiene practices with handwashing etc.  

The protocols, as well as being available on our website, have also been distributed to clubs and recognised industry organisations.

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding the protocols please contact:

[email protected]
M: 0275 110 348