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Important Notice - MPI Update

NZTR has been communicating with MPI throughout the day to determine how racehorses currently located at trainers’ stables will be handled during the four-week lockdown which comes into effect at midnight on Wednesday, 25 March.

MPI has requested that NZTR, along with all other organisations in the primary sector applying to be considered as essential services during this time, complete an approval application form.  This documentation is expected to be sent to NZTR for completion this evening and we will be submitting it as soon as practical to MPI for consideration.

NZTR, following input from the NZ Trainers’ Association; the Racing Clubs Advisory Group; veterinarians; and track managers, has drawn up stringent protocols around the handling of horses and these have already been forwarded to MPI.

We appreciate that this is not the ideal situation for clubs, track managers and trainers.  Like them we would have preferred an indication as to what MPI’s position was regarding our industry’s status, but we are not the only organisation they are dealing with at present.

At this stage we ask industry participants to bear with us, keep doing what you are doing with your horses and we will bring you a response from MPI tomorrow.