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Riccarton Park-Canterbury JC | Saturday 8 February RACE DAY

Race Day
Weather: Overcast | Now Showery | Now Overcast
Track: Dead 4
Rail: True
Weather and Track Updated at 7.01am Saturday 8 January
Friday Afternoon
Weather: Fine
Track: Dead 4
Rail: True | 3mm Rain Overnight
Weather and Track Updated at 3.55pm Friday 7 February
Friday Morning
Weather: Overcast
Track: Dead 5
Rail: True | 3mm Rain Overnight
Weather and Track Updated at 8.53am Friday 7 February
Withdrawal Morning
Weather: Overcast
Track: Dead 6
Rail: True | 2mm Rain Overnight | 16mm Irrigation Yesterday
Weather and Track Updated at 8.59am Wednesday 5 February
Nomination Morning
Weather: Fine
Track: Good 3
Rail: True | Irrigating Today
Weather and Track Updated at 9am Tuesday 4 February
Apprentice Riders:
Kavish Chowdhoory (a2) 021 992 119
Zubair Bholah (a3) 027 251 9737
Jasmine Fawcett (a1) 027 815 5963
Masa Hashizume (a3) 027 363 4089
Rohan Mudhoo (a2) 027 727 0693
Brett Murray (a2) c/- 027 299 4193
Sanu Toolooa (a3) c/- 027 624 6142
Senior Riders:
Lisa Allpress 06 927 6236 or 021 467 730
Robbie Hannam c/- 021 0257 1931
Krishna Mudhoo  027 727 0691
Doni Prastiyou 027 918 5202
One component of the recent agreement from NZTR to the continuation of Jumps racing in the South is a commitment to run four education sessions for jumpers.  Two of these will be in Southland and two in Canterbury at the following venues and dates. 
• Gore Racecourse Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd February 2020.
• Riccarton Park Racecourse Tuesday 3rd March 2020.
• Gore Racecourse Wednesday 18th March 2020.
• Riccarton Park Racecourse Tuesday 17th March 2020.
The scheduling enables horses to participate outside of their region if needs be and enable riders to be sourced.
The focus of these days will be to offer educational opportunities not only horses but also assist both Riders and Trainers in the education of future jumpers.
Contact Jo Gordon for the Southern sessions and Tim Mills for the Canterbury sessions.  Alan Browne is assisting with the Riccarton Park days and can be contacted on 021 135 3769.
The following conditions have been reached in consultation with the NZ Jockeys Association and apply to use of the Sauna at Riccarton Park Racecourse.
• There MUST always be at least two (2) people in the Sauna/Jockeys Rooms.
• The sauna is NOT to be used by ONE PERSON in the facility on their own.
• All cars are to be parked out on the driveway NOT inside the ‘Arch Gate’.
• The Jockeys Room/Basement area must be locked when leaving.  It is not to be left open under any circumstances.
• Lights and heaters are to be turned off.
• A water cooler is installed to provide drinking water.
• Jockeys using the facilities are responsible for cleaning and tidying the sauna, showers and toilets after use.
Owners’ privileges are detailed in the NZTR ‘Owners Letter’.  Owners are advised that the best parking, in front of the Grand National Stand, is accessed from the Steadman Road entrance.  Trainers please make owners aware of this information.  Owners are invited to lead winners back to scale and retain the presentation lead.
Owners are invited to join the Club and sponsors for a drink before their race in the LOVERACING ‘Owners Pavilion’ situated on the south side of the Parade Ring.
Float Operators and Trainers are reminded that all floats are to enter Riccarton Park through the Steadman Road gate.  The Racecourse Road entrances do not provide access through to the horse float containment area.
All Floats to use the containment area.  Trainers and Float operators are advised that it is a requirement of the Canterbury Jockey Club Horse Containment Policy that all floats unload and load within the confines of the contained Float Park.  Horses are not to be unloaded or loaded anywhere other than within this area.
Trainers and Float operators are reminded that all gates to the stables on Racecourse and Yaldhurst Roads are always to remain closed.  Please ensure that your owners, staff and other contractors are aware of this requirement.  This is a major safety issue as closed gates prevent horses escaping off the property onto the surrounding roads.
To assist security in ensuring that only authorised people are allowed into the raceday stalls area it is essential that all licence-holders and licensed staff wear their licence badges so that they are always clearly visible.
Security do not necessarily know trainers and other licence holders by sight and wearing licence badges so that they are easily seen will prevent any unnecessary embarrassment in accessing the stalls area.
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