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FastTrack Added Stakes Races

The below comprises the FastTrack Added Races. Please note there is one more to be added for the Central Region.

Each race will have $5,000 added to its original stake.

* Auckland Racing Club- 26 October, Open 1400m

* Counties Racing Club- 23 November, Rating 82 1400m

* Cambridge Jockey Club- 24 November, Rating 65 1200m

* Canterbury Jockey Club- 6 December, Rating 65 1600m

* Matamata Racing Club- 6 December, Rating 72 1600m

* Wellington Racing Club-7 December, Rating 85 2500m

* Manawatu Racing Club- 26 December, Manawatu Standard Summer Cup 1550m

* Racing Taupo- 30 December, Taupo Cup 1950m

* Hawke’s Bay Racing Club- 1 January, Open 1300m

* Manawatu Racing Club, 4 January, Marton Cup 2200m

* Otago Racing Club- 1 February, Dunedin Gold Cup 2400m

* Taranaki Racing-1 February FastTrack Insurance Oaks Prelude 1800m