NZTR Enhances Track Preparation Protocols

20 November, 2018
New Zealand Thoroughbred Racing (NZTR) is developing several initiatives following an unsatisfactory number of transferred or abandoned meetings this year.   T

Stakes held pending release of cleared swabs

16 November, 2018
The RIU instruct Swabbing Attendants to collect swabs (preferably urine, otherwise blood) from horses on raceday. The trainer or other stable representative observes the swab collection and signs

Options for reporting bullying and harassment issues

15 November, 2018
Following recent media publicity about the industry’s attitude to women and bullying, NZTR emphasises that there are avenues available for any participants who feel they have been badly tre

First South Island Service Award Recipients

15 November, 2018
Photo courtesy The Digital Birdcage. Dave Hay is to the left.

NZTR Leads Calendar Innovation Project

15 November, 2018
New Zealand Thoroughbred Racing (NZTR) initiated a Calendar Innovation project in April 2018, which is available to view

Net stakes paid to non-GST registered owners increases

12 November, 2018
In a recent judgment made in the High Court of NZ, it has been determined that clubs are entitled to claim the GST input tax deductions for all stakes payments paid to GST registered train

Changing the face of racing coverage in New Zealand

7 November, 2018
Coverage of racing in New Zealand has seen a drastic improvement in recent weeks as NZRB introduces High Definition (HD) for all New Zealand thoroughbred racing.  

First horse ambulance ready for Cup week

6 November, 2018
The New Zealand Horse Ambulance Trust is thrilled to announce that the first horse ambulance will be in use this weekend.   The ambulance has been assigned to the Can

Taranaki stalwarts acknowledged

1 November, 2018
Pictured, from left, Darcy Julian, Carey Hobbs (Taranaki Racing CEO), Kath Julian, James Dunne (NZTR), Steak Goodin, Vaughan Watson (Taranaki Raci

NZTR track adviser appointed

24 October, 2018