Photo: Sharon Chapman

IFHA and ITBF to work together on breeding matters

3 November 2023

The International Federation of Horseracing Authorities (IFHA) and the International Thoroughbred Breeders’ Federation (ITBF) have announced a new collaboration with an eye toward improving the Thoroughbred industry.

Under a recently signed Memorandum of Agreement between the IFHA and the ITBF, the global leaders for Thoroughbred racing and breeding will work together on matters of mutual interest which impact the breeding industry.

Through a dedicated working party of senior officials that represents members’ interests from around the world, the two federations will meet regularly to discuss ideas, share information, provide expert advice, and develop policy on breeding matters.

“This will prove to be a positive development for the future of Thoroughbred breeding and racing globally,” IFHA Chair Winfried Engelbrecht-Bresges said.

“Breeding and racing are intertwined in every aspect of the equine value chain, and with the importance of welfare at every stage of a Thoroughbred’s life, it is important that we work together in harmony. I look forward to everything that we can achieve together in the years ahead.”

ITBF Chair Kirsten Rausing said, “ITBF warmly welcomes this collaborative foundation stone between our two organisations, upon which we can build further. A fully functioning working relationship between our inextricably connected industries is the basis for ensuring a secure and successful future for the Thoroughbred breed and the sport of horse racing.”

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