Amber Ridell salutes the judge aboard Quota following her first winning ride at Waverley.  Photo: Race Images

60 Seconds with - Amber Riddell

23 August 2022
Fresh off the back of her first winning ride aboard Jo Rathbone’s Quota in the Moore/Markham's Amateur Riders race at Waverley, we grabbed 60 seconds with Amber Riddell to learn a little bit about her, her background and her goals for her budding career in the saddle!
1. Describe yourself in 3 words
Shy, kind and determined 
2. Favourite food?
3. Favourite subject in school?
P.E was my favourite subject at school, I am now currently studying a sports science degree at Waikato University. 
4. First purchase if you won lotto?
I would buy a farm so I can have as many horses as I want!
5.What is your biggest motivation?
I think being a competitive person helps motivate me, I love winning. I am always trying my best and looking for ways to improve my riding.
6. What made you pursue a riding career?
When I moved to Cambridge and started riding track work every day before school for Lauren Brennan, I really enjoyed my time working there and knew for certain that I wanted to pursue a career in racing.
7.Earliest racing memory?
My favourite memory from when I was younger was helping my grandad Lochie Marshall with his horses. Spending time with my grandad at the races is a special memory for me. Another one of my earliest memories in racing would be how exciting it was to watch my dad ride Jimmy Choux and win many group 1 races on him.  
8.Who in the racing industry do you look up to?
I look up to both my mum and dad, my mum Trina trained horses for a few years and is a hard worker and is very kind to her horses. My Dad Jonathan is a talented jockey who gives me great advice and I aspire to ride as good as him. They have both taught me so much about racing.
9.What is your favourite part about working in the racing industry?
My favourite part about working in the racing industry is doing what I love every day. I get to work with awesome people and I am very lucky to ride some really nice horses for my boss Ben Foote. 
10.What is one thing you’d like people to know about the racing industry?
I would like people to know that in the racing industry everyone shares the same love of horses. Behind the scenes the horses are always well looked after and cared for to such high standards. It is a great industry to be a part of if you are passionate about horses! 
11.What are your goals for your riding career?
My goal would be to keep on improving my riding in the amateur races and one day I hope to become a professional jockey and win some big races. 

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