Take Te Reo Māori to the track!

14 September 2021

Koinei te Wiki o te Reo Māori - it is Māori language week! As one of our three national languages, the opportunity to learn Te Reo Māori is a unique and special part of being a New Zealander.

We’ve gathered some simple words so you can show off your Māori language prowess next time you’re on-course!

Horse – Hōiho

Jockey - Tioke

Horse Racing - Rērehi hōiho

Gelding - Hōiho poka

Mare - Hōiho uwha

Foal - Punua hōiho

Stallion - Tāriana

To break in, train horses - Pereki hōiho

Farrier - Kaihaeana hōiho

Race track, racecourse - Papa purei hōiho

Race - Reihi

Kia Kaha Te Reo Māori!

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