NZTR Covid Update

7 September 2021

As advised in yesterday’s update, NZTR has met with clubs racing over the next two weeks to work through the practicalities of the revised tightened restrictions under Delta Level 2.

Following those discussions and bearing in mind the more robust regulations from government under this new level, NZTR has provided directives to clubs to continue to operate under the NZTR Alert Level 3 protocols under Tuesday, 14 September.

However, the following amendments in procedures have been approved by NZTR:

  • Temperature testing will only be required for jockeys, club staff and officials who work in the areas adjoining the weigh-room and jockeys rooms;
  • Clubs may provide a basic food option on-course;
  • A ban on Inter-Island movements for jockeys, trainers, strappers, float drivers, and officials remains in place until early next week. Otherwise, given the easing of government restrictions on travel in areas excluding Auckland from midnight tonight, participants will be able to travel without constraint within each island.

This freedom to travel also includes Northland trainers who can traverse Auckland, provided they do not stop and carry a transit note.  This paperwork will be provided by NZTR to those trainers with horses nominated for races or trials.

Unless adverse concerns arise in the meantime, inter-island travel is intended to be permitted for race meetings from 15 September onward, subject to the following requirements:

For a jockey to be engaged at a race meeting in the other island from which they have most recently ridden, or for a trainer, strapper, float driver, or official to attend a meeting in the other island from which they are resident:

  • For their first intended inter-island race meeting after the respective regions enter Alert Level 2, the person must obtain a negative COVID test within 48 hours prior to travel;
  • For subsequent inter-island trips under the same Alert Level 2 period, the person must obtain a negative COVID test within 48 hours prior to travel only if there has been a community-case in their region, the region they visited, or if they have had any cold or flu symptoms.

A further consequence of the decision to approach the change in Alert Levels with “an abundance of caution” is that all race or trial meetings up to and including Tuesday, 14 September will be closed-door meetings.  No owners, sponsors, members, or other public will be entitled to attend.

This approach, and the decision to maintain the regulations regarding mask wearing and the requirement of Health declarations, is to protect the health of our participants and will be reviewed next week.

The understanding of our owners, sponsors, members, and the general public is appreciated as the industry works within these new Alert Level requirements.  We also acknowledge the efforts of our clubs and industry participants as they comply with these regulations and, through doing so, allow racing to continue.

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