Chambord living the life with Chelsea

28 May 2021

Apprentice jockey Chelsea Burdan is no stranger to rehoming thoroughbreds, rehoming 20 over the past few years! Chambord came into Chelsea’s care three years ago and it’s clear he’s left quite the impression.

How did Chambord come into your care?

After he sustained an injury, he was put out to spell then it was decided he would be retired from racing - I was just the lucky person that ended up with him! Think it helped that I had done a bit of thoroughbred rehoming before Chambord.

What was it about him you initially liked?

He has amazing scope and loves jumping. I love a horse that is willing to get stuck in and give 110% and that’s exactly what he does! He’s tough, never lame and he’s got a real cheeky side that keeps me on my toes.

What has he gone on to do since his racing career ended?

He has done a couple seasons of hunting and a few show jumping shows, where he picked up placings.

What is Chambord like around the stable? Does he have any quirks?

He is a pain in the butt! But he is well loved by everyone that has anything to do with him. He’s pretty good to have around the stable, apart from the odd rear or fresh pig root when he works. But as I said earlier, he’s just keeping me on my toes! Chambord has been with me for a little while now and I think he will live with us forever.

You mentioned rehoming a few racehorses before Chambord. What is it about thoroughbreds that you love?

I love that with all horses in general they put up with so much stuff from us humans. I know that I wouldn’t want to be saddled up and kicked around. They want to do anything to please. But the thing I like about the thoroughbreds and rehoming them is seeing them getting great homes where they can achieve just about anything.

I find quite a few of the thoroughbreds I’ve rehomed have clicked on to things pretty quickly. I’ve found that they want to learn new things too. Some do take more time but at the end it’s very rewarding seeing them excel in something different and find new homes. I keep up to date with how they’re getting on and it always seems that both horse and owners are having lots of fun (and success) in just about any discipline.

I have another thoroughbred who is my ‘main boy’ and you can do just about anything with him. He hunts, show jumps, events, and he even helps out with the young horses that need an older horse to guide them around. And I know I’m 100% safe on him.

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