NZTR releases Industry Reshaping Actions

1 April 2021

NZTR has released a significant document today which will shape the future of our industry.

The Industry Reshaping – Our Actions, NZTR Strategic Priorities document outlines seven actions which have been endorsed by the NZTR Board as part of the Industry Reshaping Project.  These seven areas for action set out key focus areas to drive improved industry performance.

With a clear framework and defined timelines, the actions - The Racing Product, Venues, Participants, Clubs, Marketing & PR, Wagering & Content, and The Business of Racing - will be the key focus areas for the NZTR Board and Executive over the next 12-24 months.

Those who have attended any of the recent regional Road Shows will have seen and heard this work referenced and know that industry consultation will be ensured throughout the process.

The document has been circulated to clubs and Recognised Industry Organisations earlier today and is able to be viewed here


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