Members' Council chair Paul Humphries  Photo: Supplied

Update from NZTR Members' Council

Paul Humphries
18 September 2020

Over the past two weeks representatives of the Members’ Council have been part of the NZTR Regional Roadshows providing an overview of its activities.

It has been an opportunity for us to talk about the role the Members’ Council plays in the structure of the industry and to educate those who might not be aware of how we operate.

The Members’ Council is an elected group created under the constitution of NZTR comprised of six regional representatives (which each of the three regions appointing two) and three sector representatives made up of one from the NZ Racehorse Owners’ Federation; one from the NZ Thoroughbred Breeders’ Association; and the third representing the NZ Trainers’ Association and NZ Jockeys’ Association jointly. 

The current representatives are Paul Humphries (chairman), Karyn Fenton-Ellis, Geoff Vazey, Eliott Cooper, Howard Clarke, Jeff McCaull, Bernard Hickey, John Thompson and Nigel Tiley.

The primary purpose of the Members’ Council is to provide a democratically elected, regional voice in the appointment of NZTR’s independent directors.  The Members’ Council was implemented in 2010 to bring the thoroughbred industry into the modern era of Board structure.

This week the Members’ Council meets with the NZTR Board to discuss the Racing Industry Act and the implications of this Act regarding new roles, responsibilities, and functions of NZTR and what a governance model might look like to support that.  It is no secret that Gallop South has put forward a proposal for an alternative structure which will also be discussed.

The Members’ Council is cognisant that there will be a process to worked through regarding any changes to the industry structure and that this process will include significant consultation with the wider industry.

While working around that issue the Members’ Council will also be required to make two new NZTR Board appointments, with the term of those appointments commencing from the NZTR AGM on 17 November 2020.  We would ask the industry to look out for the advertisements for these roles from late September and should they, or anyone they know possess the blend of a passion and/or interest in the industry and the skill sets required, please consider applying.

While it is widely known that the Members’ Council is responsible for the interview process to appoint Board members industry participants are probably less familiar with the fact that they also conduct exit interviews with resigning or retiring Board members.   The Members’ Council also interviews any incumbent Director who is reapplying for a further term.

As a group the Members’ Council has been in active communication throughout the year and it has also been regularly updated by the NZTR Chairman and CEO through consistent updates.

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