Bernard's Briefing - 17 April 2020

Bernard Saundry
17 April 2020

We had hoped to be releasing the draft dates for the remainder of this season and the first part of the new season today.

Yesterday, RITA decided to defer the release of the remaining 2020 calendar until after the Prime Minister’s announcement on Monday.  At that time we will have a clearer idea of whether NZ will move out of alert level 4 and what the next stage will look like.  NZTR’s release of the indicative calendar for August-November has been delayed to coincide with the RITA announcement.

In the interim we have finalised our protocols with the view that subject to government approval, we will be able to return to training, trialling and racing at alert level 3.  We are confident that these protocols, many of which were already in place during the final weekend of racing prior to lockdown, will keep our participants and the wider community safe.

We know that everyone is eager to return to racing and that most of you have been watching racing from across the Tasman and seen how quickly they have adapted to the social distancing rules which are now required.

Having had nearly four weeks to become used to maintaining a two-metre distance from others, regular cleaning of surfaces and non-stop handwashing, introducing these protocols into a race day should be automatic for most of us.  The protocols will have to be adhered to strictly if racing is to be allowed to continue under alert level 3 and we will be relying on all our participants to play their part.

 Stay safe, stay in your bubble and we await Monday’s announcement from the Prime Minister to provide more guidance regarding our planned return to racing.


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