Summer Racing: Milano Imai's top raceday fashion tips!

The Races - Caitlin O'Sullivan
15 January 2020
Milano Imai is an Australian fashion blogger, a woman with a .com after her name and a judge for the Queensgate Fashion in the Field competition at Wellington Racing Club this Saturday. We sat down with Milano to get her top fashion in the field tips ahead of the weekend. 
Milano writes: 
1. Your outfit should flow and look effortlessly styled. Try on your full outfit in front of a full-length mirror, is it missing something? Is something out of place or does it look too OTT? Try on different combinations of accessories until it feels just right, and while you're here, practice some poses you can use on stage. 
2. To make it easy for a judge to pick you, ensure you have all the elements in your outfit carefully planned to add those finishing touches. Sometimes it comes down to the minor details. There might be a line up of worthy outfits, but in the end, it could be someone who has a better pair of shoes, clutch or earrings. So when you are planning, consider the little things. The small studded earring might be nice, but is there something better suited to your outfit?
3.When on stage, take your time, smile, hold your number so it is visible at all times, and show off all elements of your outfit- show off the back detail and do a twirl and pose at the end of the catwalk.
4 Getting your hair done really finishes off your look, it complements your millinery and can also play a major role in holding it in place throughout the day. 
5. Don't forget to leave will plenty of time to make it to the track factoring in any unexpected delays from traffic, lines at the gate etc. I've seen too many beautifully dressed women turn up to FOTF after the last heat has gone on stage! 
6. The most important thing to remember is that FOTF is a chance to showcase your personal style and the work you put into your outfit, be proud of what you've created, take a lovely photo, have a drink with friends and enjoy yourself!! 
Time to get those outfits sorted and head along to Wellington’s biggest summer party - Wellington Cup Day 2020!

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