The best (or worst) racehorse names

The Races - Caitlin O'Sullivan
3 October 2019
Photo images: Racing Desk
When it comes to naming a racehorse, ‘Star’ just won’t cut it. While many name their horses in a clever fashion, other’s take a more light-hearted approach… 
Hoof Hearted - A classic! Said slowly, you may think it refers to the love of the horse. Said quickly and it’s another story - or question rather. 
DoReMiFaSaLaTiDo - An absolute nightmare for commentators - unless of course, they’re a fan of The Sound of Music. 
Ha Ha Ha - These owners clearly had it in for commentators.  Although it seems the joke was on them, with the horse failing to perform in six of his raceday performances. At least they can laugh about it… 
Shesellsseashells - Lucky for commentators, this Kiwi lass had only two starts, in which she finished second to last in both. 
Maythehorsebewithyou - It turns out this horse had a bit of force, running fifth in a Melbourne Cup! 
Sofa Can Fast - Say it quickly… 
George Baker - Seems pretty straightforward. Although when you consider the fact that this horse was trained by Geroge Baker and ridden by - you guessed it - George Baker, you can see how things got a little confusing. 
Passing Wind - Unfortunately for the rest of the field, Passing Wind was victorious on two occasions. With both races being won by over 7 lengths, we wonder if the gelding was living up to his name? 
Irish Wristwatch - Just plain mean. 
Odor in the Court - Racehorse’s are often named after their parents. Melody Belle is out of Meleka Belle, Charles Road is by Myboycharlie and Danzedanzedance is out of Night Danza. Similarly, Odor In The Court was named after his sire, Judge Smells. 
Tina Turban - Her father's “Helmet” and her mother’s “Simply The Best”, Tina Turban was an obvious name for the young filly.

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