Five ways to Pick a Winner!

Caitlin O'Sullivan/ The Races
17 July 2019
So you’re no form expert? That isn’t to say you can’t still have a little fun picking a winner come raceday! Check out our five ways of picking a winner this racing season…
Play it Safe
A race favourite is the horse bookmakers deem to have the best chance of winning a race. In a betting market, the favourite will have the lowest odds. On average, the favourite horse in a race wins 33% of the time and places 67% of the time. Although it’s unlikely they'll be paying any great odds, backing a favourite is probably your safest bet.
Change is Good
See if any horses have equipment changes (you can find this on (!) There is a range of different gear trainers can choose to be added to a horse to improve their racing performance. Whether a horse is over racing or struggling to focus during its race - there is something to help overcome these issues! The addition of gear, for example blinkers, could be the difference between a horse being competitive or not.
Listen to the Pros
There are plenty of form experts who give their thoughts around horses before they race. These experts spend hours studying horses past performances and analysing how a race will pan out. Have a look online or alternatively check out the comments in your racebook.
Cool, Calm and Collected
A relaxed horse will usually run better than a horse that is playing up before a race. Keep an eye out for horses walking calmly and confidently around the birdcage pre-race. Just like us, horse’s generally don’t put their best foot forward when they’re nervous and agitated!
Take a Stab in the Dark
If all else fails, take a stab in the dark! Is there a particular name you like? Lucky number? Jockey wearing your favourite colour? Sometimes stripping it back to basics can bring you the most luck! 

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