The Apprentices: Fawcett vs Scott

10 May 2019
Each week we’re going to bring you some quickfire questions with New Zealand thoroughbred racing’s jockeys.  We learn what makes them tick on race day, gets them up for pre-dawn starts, and if they have any raceday superstitions.
This week we're back with some of our on the rise apprentices: Jasmine Fawcett and Rebecca Scott.
Who is your favourite horse?
Jasmine: Bizzwinkle 
Rebecca: He's Cavalier
Melody Belle or Danzdanzdance?
Jasmine: Melody Belle
Rebecca: Danzdanzdance
Which jockey do look up to most?
Jasmine: Matt Cameron/Sam Spratt
Rebecca: Jamie Kah
Who is your favourite sire?
Jasmine: Ocean Park
Rebecca: Showcasing
What’s the best racecourse in New Zealand?
Jasmine: Riccarton Park & Pukekohe
Rebecca: Pukekohe
Which sport do you most like to watch?
Jasmine: Rugby World Cup
Rebecca: Equestrian/Rugby
If you weren’t a superstar jockey what would you be doing?
Jasmine: Involved with horses
Rebecca: Veterinarian
What gets you motivated in the morning?
Jasmine: Early text from trainers making sure I am awake
Rebecca: Save to travel/buy a house/good rides
What’s your raceday drink?
Jasmine: Coffee
Rebecca: Ice cold water
After a big raceday what’s your favourite meal?
Jasmine: Ice cream & a bottle of water
Rebecca: Cheese burger/Steak & Veges
Home cooked, or eating out at a restaurant?
Jasmine: Home cooked
Rebecca: Restaurant = Burger Fuel/Mexican or home cooked Brulee
Do you have an superstitions that you follow on raceday?
Jasmine: Stand on new gear and colours
Rebecca: Nil but may put on winning gear

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