Ten Questions- Bevan Smith

23 January 2019
A recipient of the 30-week NZTBA Sunline Management Scholarship, Bevan Smith has used his experience to forge a path in the NZ Bloodstock world. After completing the course in 2016 he joined forces with world-renowned Mulcaster Bloodstock as a Bloodstock Consultant and hasn’t looked back. See what Bevan had to share about his life on the buying side and what he’s most looking forward to in 2019.
1.You travel much of the year for various sales around the world. What has been your favourite place to visit and why?
It would have to be on the other side of the world – Saratoga, New York. I had more fun there than a kid has with a Lego. You race during the day, sale at night and everyone is jovial. It is a boutique sale with high quality horses and one of my favourite types we have ever bought was from that sale (he races in Ireland as Yonkers). The trip is worth it just for a Shake Shack burger.
2. As a Sunline Scholarship recipient, you were able to travel to different countries and experience different styles of horsemanship. What would you say was the most important lesson you learned in that time?
I learned a lot about horses and the hands-on side of industry. But the biggest take away for me was the people I met, worked with, and the connections I made. Across the world there are great people in this industry.  I made valuable contacts and close friends everywhere I went.
3. Many young people in the industry have been discussing the need for change in NZ TB horse racing. What do you think is the most taxing issue the industry should focus on?
The Messara report. I am a big advocate for it and firmly believe it needs to be implemented in its entirety without hesitation and delay. I am not saying I agree with 100% of it, but it is the best road map we have for this industry and was produced by one of the greatest racing administrators anywhere in the world. If the younger generation want an industry in the future, the recommendations of this report must be implemtented.
4. What do you and Guy [Mulcaster] look for when searching for the next big horse at each sale?
A fast horse. Purely and simply we try to find a horse that we think will be fast. It sounds simple but at the end of the day we are picking an athlete. While there are many factors that go into it, we want an athlete. Plus, I can’t give away all our secrets or we wouldn’t have a job!
5. If you weren’t working in bloodstock, what would you be doing?
After binge watching 'Suits' I would say I would definitely be a lawyer. Life is just like a TV show and I would win every case, right? Also, there are a lot of similarity between Harvey Spector and me…
6. Did you have any New Year’s Resolutions for 2019?
Rob Wellwood and I are teaming up at Karaka to syndicate a horse (hopefully more than one if we can get the interest). My resolution is to make this a success, no matter what it takes. That means finding owners and finding fast horses. I am confident we can do both.
7. Do you prefer being at the races or the sales and why?
While I love the races, the sales are my forte. I love looking and assessing young horses, picking up on traits of previous good horses, and studying what makes certain horses good. There are great bunch of people that work the sales, be it as buyers, sellers or leaders and we go to several sales a year, get to know each other and I have made great friends through it.
8. Favourite Racecourse in NZ?
Ellerslie. It is the best track and facilities, and the atmosphere created there is outstanding. You can punt confidently, and they know how to throw a party – what more could you want?
9. Favourite raceday in NZ?
The Karaka Million is one of the best racedays I have attended anywhere in the world. It is packed to the rafters with people, the standard of racing is top notch and we get to let our hair down a bit.
10. Favourite Vegetable? 
Vegetables are going to take over the world and kill us all. They are the devil! 

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