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Kaoru Star (AUS) 1965

Foaling date: 01/09/1965
Death: -
Family: 31
DNA Typed: N
Microchip: None
Life no: None
Left shoulder: Unknown
Right shoulder: Unknown
Breeder: Unknown
Bliss (AUS) 1978 from Lady Simone (AUS) 1969
Captured (AUS) 1984 from Fiancee (AUS) 1977
Chorus Star (AUS) 1982 from Century Miss (AUS) 1976
Dublin Desire (AUS) 1978 from Irish Elegance (AUS) 1970
Endless Echo (AUS) 1976 from Gossiper (AUS) 1968
It's A Wonder (AUS) 1979 from New Babylon (AUS) 1970
Joy Love (AUS) 1975 from Humour (AUS) 1962
Kaoru Flight (AUS) 1978 from Moth (GB) 1970
Kate's Myth (AUS) 1985 from Mia Lisa (AUS) 1979
Lady Luskin (AUS) 1978 from Promising (NZ) 1968
Lailee (AUS) 1975 from Dittani (AUS) 1967
Little Joy (AUS) 1974 from Orange Joy (AUS) 1969
Mirage (AUS) 1983 from Ideal Image (AUS) 1971
Moral Star (AUS) 1976 from Sinless (NZ) 1965
Morgaine (AUS) 1985 from Penny Foolish (AUS) 1975
No Finer (AUS) 1979 from Humour (AUS) 1962
Pass The Dice (AUS) 1979 from Perilla Pine (AUS) 1963
Prelude's Pride (AUS) 1983 from Penny Foolish (AUS) 1975
Prom's Star (AUS) 1980 from Promising (NZ) 1968
Revelling (AUS) 1983 from Merimee (AUS) 1967
Rise (AUS) 1980 from Blue Mountain (AUS) 1969
Sanfelin (AUS) 1981 from Showvain (AUS) 1977
Shaharazat (NZ) 1986 from Strong Queen (AUS) 1969
She's Shy (NZ) 1987 from She's Blushing (AUS) 1978
Sierra Star (AUS) 1980 from Sierra Queen (NZ) 1973
Silk Thread (AUS) 1979 from Vaniteux (AUS) 1972
Star Of Milan (AUS) 1976 from Nocturne (GB) 1965
Starmelle (AUS) 1980 from [aus] Le Model (NZ) 1974
Surpassing (AUS) 1979 from Beach Manner (NZ) 1972
True Talent (AUS) 1981 from Lady Kippo (NZ) 1974
Vineleigh Star (AUS) 1983 from Luskin Lace (AUS) 1977
Zasu (AUS) 1971 from Humour (AUS) 1962
    Foaling Date Colour Sex Horse Last Service Date Dam
    Season Mares Covered Foals Living Foals Dead & Slipped Mares Exported No Returns Mares Dead Missed Mares Indeterminate Results Fertility %
    Total 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0.00%

    Fertility Rate: This is worked out as the total number of foals (live, dead or slipped) as a percentage of total mares covered less exported, not returned, dead or indeterminate results.

    Indeterminate Result: This exists where a mare is covered by more than one stallion and the result of these services is unable to be accurately credited to either of the respective stallions.