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Auntie (NZ) 1992

Foaling date: 17/10/1992
Death: 01/07/2012
Family: 2
DNA Typed: Y
Microchip: None
Life no: None
Left shoulder: WV
Right shoulder: 3 OVER 2
Breeder: Mrs J & P O'Malley
Season DOB Colour Sex Name Sire Breeder
2000---Foal (dead)Varikos (AUS)Mrs J & P O'Malley
2001---(not served)- 
200222/10/02chfillyUnnamedVarikos (AUS)"
200321/11/03bfillyAuntie BallinaLord Ballina (AUS)"
2004---(not served)- 
200509/11/05bcoltUnnamedDanzighill (AUS)"
2006---(not served)- 
200716/11/07bcoltAye AyeAl Akbar (AUS)"
2008---(not served)- 
200914/10/09bcoltA Bob ShortSandtrap (USA)"
2010---(not served)- 
201129/10/11b or brcoltThe ManGallant Guru (AUS)"
2012---Raise The Flag (GB)P & Est late J O'Malley
Covered in '11 by Raise The Flag (GB) but died without further produce.