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Cambridge J.C.

The Cambridge Jockey Club races twice a year with one meeting in April (Premier Race Day) and the other in November at Te Rapa racecourse in Hamilton. The Club owns a significant training complex at 40 Racecourse Road, Cambridge.  Facilities include a fully irrigated Course with grass for galloping and both left and right handed tracks and a separate hurdle and steeplechase tracks open from 1st March to 31st October.  There’s also a flood lit sand and plough track as well as an equine swimming pool.  Flat trials are held ten months of the year and Jumping Trials during the winter months.

Membership: Membership costs are $28.00 incl GST and entitles the member to two Members Lounge passes.

Admission and Parking Free

Contact details

Cambridge Jockey Club
Box 329, Cambridge 3450
T: 07 827 6004   
F: 07 827 9072
E: [email protected]
Manager: Mrs Gayle Barkla

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