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Home to Racing Taupo, the Taupo track is renowned for its ability to provide a consistent galloping surface leading up to major spring racing and, accordingly, attracts many high-profile and well-bred horses which commence their campaigns at the Spring Marquee Meeting.  There are no permanent grandstands at the course but a natural bank running the length of the track provides excellent viewing. Marquees are erected at all meetings to provide shelter from sun or adverse weather conditions.

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30/12/2009 1000m Sandra Dee 58.46
30/12/2007 1100m Rapid Rielle 1.05.41
14/09/2007 1200m Insouciant 1.11.92
30/12/2007 1300m Cotillion 1.18.17
6/10/2011 1400m Banchee 1.24.81
30/12/2009 1750m Volkarrie 1.49.02
9/04/2008 1800m Lightning McQueen 1.51.59
9/04/2008 1950m La Danske 2.01.30

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