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Riccarton Park

Historic Riccarton Park is home to the Canterbury Jockey Club with racing there since 1855.  The course is situated just minutes from the Christchurch city centre and International Airport and offers racing fans a beautiful country setting complemented by modern, elegant facilities. There is also a major training and stabling facility as well as racing opportunities.

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Contact details

Racecourse Road
T: 03 336 0000   
F: 03 342 6114 
E: [email protected]
CEO: Tim Mills

Course Info

Hospitality:  Each suite has a superb vista of racing with the Canterbury Plains and Southern Alps beyond. You can choose from 12 suites, each catering for 10 to 80 people. For more information, please contact Kym Berney via email [email protected] or tel: 03 336 0055)

Distance Time Track Date Horse Weight

800m 0-43.34 *NR New 26-Oct-14 HURUNUI 57.5kg

850m 0-47.47 *NR New 12-Oct-97 ROYAL PASS 51.5kg

900m 0-50.35 *NR New 16-Feb-06 TRA CEE 55kg

1000m 0-54.20 *NR New 11-Nov-06 TICKLISH 57kg

1100m 1-00.44 *NR New 09-Nov-19 WOODCOTE LASS 54.5kg

1200m 1-06.81 Old 16-Nov-96 Kincaple Lad 56kg
            1-07.01 New 29-Feb-08 PUSHY TOO 58.5kg

1250m 1-14.24 New 6-Dec-13 OUR PREMONITION 53kg

1400m 1-20.21 *NR New 27-Jan-07 MR DEXTER 54kg

1500m 1-28.46 *NR New 12-Apr-08 ROUALYN 57kg

1600m 1-32.83 New 12-Nov-08 MUFHASA 54.5kg

1800m 1-47.09 *NR Old 3-Feb-90 Najaba 52.5kg
            1-47.17 New 5-Aug-98 JUST ANYTHING 56kg

2000m 1-59.53 New 16-Apr-01 DEEGAN 50kg

2500m 2-33.04 New 7-Nov-98 TALK SHOW 51.5kg

3200m 3-17.22 Old 10-Nov-90 Soundoration 50.5kg
            3-17.81 New 14-Nov-98 SAPIO 59kg

Hurdle Races

2650m 2-58.54 New 6-Aug-03 BARZULU 63kg

3000m 3-18.71 Old 28-Sep-96 Someplace Else 61kg
          3-18.72 New 5-Aug-98 RHYTHM STAR 62kg

3100m 3-30.90 New 5-Aug-15 SAN PEDRO 68kg

3200m 3-34.57 New 2-Aug-98 MELOMAI 63kg

4200m 4-41.82 Old 11-Aug-93 Woodbine Blue Chip 62.5kg
            4-43.05 New 6-Aug-03 COOL WATER 60.5kg

Steeplechase Races

3200m 3-36.53 New 5-Aug-15 HEZANAKILAD 67.0kg

4250m 4-49.38 New 2-Aug-98 DEECEE SEVEN 67.5kg

5600m 6-33.92 New 9-Aug-98 DEECEE SEVEN 65kg

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