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The Otaki-Maori Racing Club, located 70 kilometres (40 miles) north of Wellington, has enjoyed a long, colourful and successful history since its establishment in 1886. It is the sole surviving Maori racing club in New Zealand – others having disappeared prior to the twentieth century.  

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Te Roto Road
General Enquiries:
[email protected]
General Manager: Ben Jamison
[email protected]

Course Info

Parking: Free

Eftpos: Facilities availabe in the raceday office

Catering: There are several bars and an excellent range of food.

Non-raceday events: The property is available for weddings, functions, trade shows etc at very good rates – just an hour from both Wellington and Palmerston North.

Otaki Electronic Track Records – introduced 1998
800m 00:44.7 Mi Jubilee 9/11/2004
1000m 00:57.5 Snapwood 21/12/2000
1100m 01:03.1 Sea Minstrel 14/11/2000
1200m 01:09.1 The Drummer 13/03/2004
1300m 01:15.6 Special Call 18/05/2002
1400m 01:20.3 Surface 24/02/2000
1500m 01:28.4 Ambitious Owner 23/10/2004
1600m 01:32.5 Altered Image 28/11/2008
2000m 02:00.7 Kaapstad Way 24/02/2000
2100m 02:08.4 Peron 15/03/2003
2200m 02:20.9 Take Three 26/05/2005
2300m 02:20.8 Rimu 29/11/2001
2400m 02:40.6 Bitterpiece 25/10/2004
2600m 02:54.3 Famous Flight 27/07/2000

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