Bruce Sharrock’s focus on NZTR Concussion Protocols

12 May 2023

This week New Zealand Thoroughbred Racing announced its new Policy on Concussion Management, Neuropsychology Testing and Protocols for jockeys returning to riding following a concussion. It provides a major step forward towards the long-term health and safety of riders in New Zealand.

With the growing interest and concern about the effects of head injuries, NZTR has implemented the Policy to protect all riders who suffer head injuries, which is thoroughly endorsed by stakeholders.

NZTR CEO Bruce Sharrock talks to Izzy & Kempy of SENZ about the racing industry's new concussion protocols as the governing body continues to prioritise the safety of all riders.

Proper concussion management is crucial for the health and safety of jockeys and for the integrity of the sport. NZTR strongly believe this Policy will assist with preventing serious and long-term effects on an individual’s health and wellbeing.

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