New concussion protocol to be explained to Jockeys

25 January 2023

New Zealand Thoroughbred Racing is holding an important webinar to explain the new industry protocol for the return to riding after suffering from concussion.

The industry is treating this issue with the upmost importance, and the webinar for Jockeys to be held this Friday is mandatory.

The webinar, which last for 60 minutes, will be led by three acknowledged industry experts, who will explain the new protocol which uses the ImPact Assessment Tool and will discuss its importance and how it works.

The experts include Dr Margaret Parle, Dr Mike England and Elton Bloye.

Dr Parle is a medical practitioner with a long association with racing, including on-course doctor for several race clubs and currently the NZTR’s medical consultant who is responsible for assessing medical clearances for the return to riding for riders.

Dr England is the Clinical Director at Proactive Health and medical lead for its concussion service. He is a specialist in Occupational Medicine with significant posts in UK and Australasian Faculties of Occupational Medicine. He was previously medical director at the Rugby Football Union in UK, and on the World Rugby Medical and Sport Science Committee. More recently he was Medical Advisor to NZ Rugby and led the development of concussion research and management in rugby for 15 years.

Mr Bloye is a Neuropsychologist in Palmerston North and a key consultant for development of the NZTR concussion protocol. He has a significant background in Neuropsychology in New Zealand and South Africa, and has considerable experience managing sports concussion.

“This is an extremely important piece of information for the health and welfare of our riders, so it is essential that they take this seriously and avail themselves of this time on Friday for the webinar,” said NZTR CEO Bruce Sharrock.

Riders can register here.

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