Newly arrived South African jockey Craig Zackey.  Photo: Trish Dunell

60 Seconds With - Craig Zackey

16 November 2022
In just his few weeks since making the move to our shores, South African hoop Craig Zackey has already made a huge impact to the New Zealand Riding ranks, picking up his first win on Saturday at Racing Tauranga which was swiftly followed up by a win in the Gr.2 Gartshore Stakes. 
Get to learn more about Craig and what motivates him in this week's edition of 60 Seconds With - Craig Zackey!

1. If you could invite three people to dinner, living or dead, who would you invite?

Definitely my late Grandfather who wished for me to be a jockey, my late uncle Dimos who was like a second father to me and my cousin Buddy, there’s always a good laugh when he’s around.

2. If you could swap places with someone for a day, who would it be and why?

Probably no one, whether it’s someone successful or not I feel like that would only make you judge yourself more, so I’d rather just see how my life unfolds on its own.

3. What was the first career your dreamed of having as a child?

Definitely a football player, I loved it as a kid.

4. What is your biggest motivation?

My Daughter Sierra Bella Zackey, she gets me to wake up everyday.

5. Who in the racing industry do you look up to?

It's too hard to choose just one, there are so many greats who had their own special recipe and I admire them all.

6. What made you want to become a jockey?

My late grandfather. I was hesitant and unsure, but he pushed me and I gave it a go and love every bit of it now.

7. What is the best piece of advice someone has given you?

You learn more from failure than success.

8. What is your proudest moment in racing?

I have had many but probably finding a filly called Nother Russia who was fostered as a baby. She was a superstar in South Africa and I was fortunate enough to ride her entire career.

9. What made you decide to come to New Zealand, and how have you found the transition to racing here?

I considered a lot, mainly my young family and the fact that I want to learn and experience more with horse racing. The transition is huge, a lot of differences but different is good!

10. What are your goals for your riding career?

Pick up as many winners as I can and just keep improving.

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