Donations for Taiki Yanagida

8 September 2022

NZTR wishes to thank the more than 300 individuals or organisations that in the weeks since his death have provided a condolence donation to NZTR, intended for the close family of Taiki Yanagida.  NZTR has conveyed the substantial aggregate amount to Taiki’s mother Kayano.

Kayano wishes that her message to those that have provided support be conveyed as below:

“It has been a month since Taiki passed away.  I remember the day of the ceremony, when I was at a loss, as if it were yesterday.  I feel as if nothing has changed yet.

We are very grateful and surprised that you support our close family in the form of donations.  I promise to use this donation for the repose of TAIKI's soul and to honour the proof of his honest and strong life.”

Recognising that donations are still being provided, NZTR will continue to convey amounts received to Kayano.  Donations can be made to 01-0517-0063944-07 using the reference ‘Taiki’.

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