NZTR adopts Regional Advisor Track model

2 August 2022

NZTR has introduced a new model to address the on-going challenges around the preparation and maintenance of our tracks.

The Regional Track Advisor model, which has been developed in conjunction with strategically positioned clubs will see our most experienced Track Managers working with clubs in their respective regions.   In addition to providing support and advice, the Regional Track Advisors, will also identify any potential issues.

This model will see supported tracks across the regions come under the guidance of Jason Fulford (ATR), Bart Cowan (Waikato RC), Graeme Styles (Matamata RC), Richard Fenwick (HBRI), Alan Chapman (CJC), and Wayne Stevens (Otago RC), with Daniel Amies covering the RACE tracks.

There is an on-going maintenance agreement with Martin Collins which includes quarterly inspections of the synthetic tracks at Cambridge, Awapuni and Riccarton.  These tracks are maintained by their respective clubs, following the instructions provided by Martin Collins.

The National Track Advisor role, which had been in place across the past 15 years, was deemed to have outlived its purpose, given the expectations upon one person to cover the needs of the entire country.  That role has now been disestablished. 

In addition to moving to Regional Track Advisors, NZTR has also broadened the role of the New Zealand Sports Turf Institute (NZSTI).  The NZSTI is currently contracted to provide independent assistance with each track’s annual audit, and will also provide specialist agronomy advice as required, along with additional services which have been outlined to clubs.

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