Next steps for Racing under Red

24 January 2022

NZTR has met with clubs, the Racing Integrity Board, the Jockeys’ Association, and other stakeholders to determine the next steps for racing under Red in the Covid Traffic Light System.

The key focus has been to ensure our participants, especially our jockeys, are provided every level of protection to allow racing to continue.  It has been agreed with the Jockeys’ Association that for the next 14 days jockeys will remain in the Island in which they normally live to allow separate bubbles to be maintained.

At this stage the Matamata RC and Hawkes Bay Racing Inc meetings on Wednesday and Thursday respectively, will be conducted as closed-door meetings.  Trials will also be conducted behind closed doors.

The Wellington RC meeting will hold its Wellington Cup meeting on Saturday with limited groups spread across the course and well-separated from industry participants.

NZTR will support individual clubs making the decision regarding whether they will cater for groups of 100, or whether they will operate closed door meetings. 

At meetings where groups of 100 can attend protocols will include the following:

  • Vaccination passes will be required.
  • Masks must be worn, and people must remain seated with table service provided.
  • No mingling of groups is permitted.

Updated NZTR Protocols will be published on the website tomorrow and updates provided to clubs and the individual Sector groups.

It is vital that all of us understand to ensure we keep racing going we all need to respect the protocols put in place, as they are there with the best interests of the entire industry.  NZTR is aware there are varying views but on balance, for now, this is the best way forward.   

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