Fashion in the Field Insiders Insight: Katie Flett

Caitlin O'Sullivan
6 October 2020

If there’s one person who knows how to put together a winning Fashion in the Field outfit it’s Katie Flett, winner of the Hawaiian Airlines Fashion in the Field competition at Livamol Classic Day last year. We caught up with Katie to get her tips and tricks ahead of this year’s competition next Saturday, 17 October.


How did you first get involved with Fashion in the Field? 

I entered for fun at Te Rapa Racing – I got into the top 10 and was hooked from then on!

Where do you find inspiration for your FITF looks? 

One of two ways; Overseas runways and via social media - lots of scrolling involved!

No great raceday outfit is complete without...? 

The right lip colour.  

What sets apart a winning FITF outfit from the rest? 

Sometimes it comes down to the smallest of details. A winning outfit has a great vibe about it and ticks all the racing fashion boxes, while also remaining modern and on trend.

What trends do you predict will take centre stage this racing season? 

I’ve been loving the 60s-70s inspired prints and styles being seen on the runway at the moment.

Do you have any hair and makeup tricks you can share with us? 

I always take a powder in my purse to pat out any shine throughout the day.

What advice would you give to someone looking to enter a FITF competition?

Start following racing fashion groups. Some of my favourites include NZ Racing Fashion and All About The Sash. I’d also suggest following milliners – Monika Neuhauser Millinery, Claire Hahn Millinery, Belinda Green Millinery and Heyman Millinery are all great.

This will help get you started and give you an idea of what ladies are putting together. It’s also great to support NZ Milliners.


Keen to give Fashion in the Field a go? Enter the Caroline Meo Bayleys Fashion in the Field, held at Livamol Classic Day.  

For more spring racing events, head to LOVERACING.NZ/spring.

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