COVID-19 Update on NZTR Directives

18 August 2020

Requirement to wear face masks (new clause 2.1(g)(v))

Effective Tuesday 18 August 2020, NZTR have updated the Level 2 and Level 3 Directives to introduce a requirement for the wearing face coverings at race or trial meetings at all times practical in the following areas:

  • Weigh-room;
  • Birdcage; and
  • Starting Gates. 

Riders are permitted to lower the mask during racing (after loading up in barriers and before re-entering the birdcage). 

This change has been brought in in line with updated government advice, and specifically to help protect the wellbeing of jockeys, upon which the ongoing conduct of racing is vitally dependent.  Whilst this requirement comes into force immediately, initial dispensation is provided to jockeys as NZTR is in process of purchasing and distributing a face covering that is secure and suitable for riders.

No attendances at Race or Trial meetings (clause 2.1(a)(v))

Whilst there is provision in the Level 2 Directive for attendance of owners, sponsors or other ticketed guests, provided that this is done in line with government mandated requirements, NZTR has suspended this provision until further notice.  This will be reviewed after the next Government announcement on Alert Levels.  Aligned to this decision, there will be no provision for on-course wagering, except where self-service terminals are already on site.

Jockey Weights (clause 3.1)

There is no provision for additional 1kg or 2kg increase in allocated weights.

Inter-island rider nomination (clause 3.3)

While a dispensation was provided for the Riccarton meeting of 15 August, this provision (3.3) is now in effect.


  • NZTR will email a Health Declaration to all trainers and rider with horses nominated at Race or Trial meetings, and requests that this is completed by all trainers, stablehands and riders on raceday prior to arrival.  Raceday staff and officials should also aim to complete the form prior to arrival.
  • Trainers are required to contact the office of the racing club before 4pm the day prior to the Race or Trial meeting to advise the names of the licenced stable representatives that will be attending.  Only nominated persons will be admitted to the meeting.

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